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About Brighton

 Brighton is a famous city in England that is located on the south coast of the country. Brighton is one of the most famous and well-known seaside resorts in the region. The glorious history and seaside elegance of Brighton make it one of the leading tourist destinations on the English Channel. 


The main attraction of this small resort city is obviously the sea. The beautiful sea with medical properties attracts millions of tourists every year. The nightlife of modern Brighton is worth mentioning. Its music bars are always full of travel lovers and even many artists and celebrities also. 


The vibe of the city is perfect for those who look for a peaceful, creative, vibrant, and colorful place to spend their holidays. The diverse cultural attractions also please tourists to a great extent. Other than that, Brighton has also got many beautiful national parks where you can gather mesmerizing moments with your beloved ones. 


Brighton is also famous for its amazing food. There are many foodie centers in and around the resort that offer both local and international dishes. Whether you are a vegetarian or love seafood, it is the right place for you. To accommodate tourists, Brighton has also got many big and small vacation rentals with all kinds of modern facilities.

Top Attractions in and around Brighton

  • Royal Pavilion and Museums

Located in the heart of Brighton, Royal Pavilion and Museums is one of the wow-factors of the town. The building actually looks like an old Indian structure. This summer palace was designed by a famous architect ‘John Nash’ for the then-Prince of Wales. 


The structure of the building matches the Indian Mogul style. It has Royal Bedrooms with a Banqueting room, music room, and many other attractions. The museum and art galleries are visited by both locals and foreign tourists. 


The notable exhibits in the museums include a pair of breeches that George IV used to wear, a Kinemacolour camera from 1910, the Hove amber cup, an important portrait from the 2nd century, and many other historical items. 


On your visit to this place, you must visit:

  • Royal Pavilion
  • Booth Museum
  • Preston Manor
  • Hove Museum and Art Gallery
  • Brighton Museum and Art Gallery


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  • The Lanes and North Laine

It was once the center old fishing village. Today, these narrow alleyways entertain tourists with lots of antique shops, galleries, boutiques, and cafes. Near the Lanes, there is a village green called ‘the Old Steine' that is now a beautiful square that extends to the Grand Parade. It's a beautiful boulevard that is lined with many flowers and trees.


The North Laine is a unique shopping area that is full of arts-inspired shops and different entertainment venues. There are around 300 shops that sell different antique items, jewelry, clothing, and food. On the Bohemian quarter in the North Laine, you can find everything from African drums to Vegetarian shoes. 


Shopping at the North Laine happens to be a perfect mix of funky, exotic, and ethical items. There are also many stylish studios that sell metalwork, sculpture, glass, ceramics, and plenty of other things related to art and painting. CuddlyNest can provide you highly-facilitated vacation rentals near the Lanes and North Laine.


  • Regency Houses

Strolling through the beautiful Regency Houses is one of the best pastimes here in Brighton. These beautiful terraces and squares are located on the west of the town. The houses have iron balconies and round bay windows that precisely depict a unique architecture in the region. 


Street after street, you can find squares including the Regency Square, Brunswick Square, Brunswick Terrace, Sussex Square, Arundel Terrace, and many others are worth seeing. It’s actually a 19th-century residential development located near the sea. 


The square was a high-class development that was built to attract the elite class. Despite the bad effects of the WWI, Regency Square is still considered one of the best sea-facing squared in Brighton. Most of the houses are now used as vacation rentals that you can book at affordable rates through CuddlyNest.


  • Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a beautiful tourist attraction that is located underneath the train station of the town. The museum has a vast array of unique, vintage, and rare toys from Europe and Britain. The toys include all sorts of dolls, farmyards, cards by Corgi, bears by Steiff, puppets, buses, boats, construction sets, stuffed animals, and many others. 


It’s a must-go tourist attraction especially when you have kids with you. Most of the toys and models are from the mid-twentieth century. The museum was founded back in 1991 and today it has more than 10 thousand toys and models. 


If you go inside from the first arch of the museum, you can find an information point where you can get free maps and brochures of the place. The area of the museum is huge and you can easily spend a whole day buying toys and unique models for your kids. CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals near this Brighton Toy and Model Museum.


Other top attractions to visit in Brighton include:

  • Bluebell Railway
  • Veteran Car Run
  • Brighton Racecourse
  • Palace Pier
  • British Airways i360
  • Brighton Festival

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