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About Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a good-sized town in Buckinghamshire, England, located about 50 miles northwest of London. With its name simply shortened to MK, it is the main settlement of the Milton Keynes Borough. The River Great Ouse makes up its boundary towards the north, while one of its tributaries –the River Ouzel– wanders through its linear green spaces and complementary lakes. In the region, about 25% of the urban area is either parkland or woodland. In the prehistoric ages before the existence of England, this area was located at the bottom of a primeval sea, from which many fossils have been found. The most prominent of the fossils revealed is that of an ichthyosaur from Caldecotte, now on exhibit in the central library.

Human settlement dates back in this area to around 2000 BCE, mostly in the valleys of the rivers Ouse and Ouzel and their tributaries namely Bradwell Brook and Shenley Brook. Archaeological excavations exposed several burial sites dating from 2000 BCE to 1500 BCE. Evidence for the earliest habitation was uncovered at Blue Bridge. Before the Roman takeover of Britain in 43 CE, the Catuvellauni were a British Iron Age tribe that controlled this area. The area thrived under Roman occupation, due to good trading roads. The foundations of a large Romano-British villa were excavated at Bancroft Park. The foundations were complete with a mosaic floor, which also had the facilities of under-floor heating. Further excavations revealed that this area that overlooks the fertile valley of the Bradwell Brook, was continuously occupied for 2000 years, from the Late Bronze Age to the beginning of the Saxon period. Other Romano-British settlements have been found at Stantonbury, Wymbush, and Woughton. The village of Milton Keynes, which the city was named after, was once owned by a Norman family “de Cahaines”, from whom it is possible the Keynes may have descended. Milton Keynes is relatively new by city status standards. Compared to other older cities, only half a century has passed since it gained the status of a "new city" – although from a technical standpoint, it is, of course, a town, and it is one of the fastest growing settlements in Britain and was built in the 1960s with the aim of easing London’s housing congestion. As it is located between London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge, visitors can enjoy what it has to offer and make tours to the neighboring areas as well to make the most of their time.

Things to see, things to do

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park served as the chief site for British codebreakers for the duration of World War II. Bletchley Park has a truly fascinating history, and it also at one time housed the Government Code and Cypher School. It played a noteworthy role in World War II, with codebreakers working on deciphering Italian, Japanese, and German naval codes, along with collecting intelligence essential for the Allies’ land battles. The present day Bletchley Park plays host to a variety of different exhibitions and events, with many free to attend. There is an eclectic itinerary to browse and choose from, whether you fancy trying out a swing dance competition or learning about cyber security. The Park is also known for the 1940s-themed Christmas Grotto, which is held in Bletchley Park’s library each December.

Caldecotte Lake

Caldecotte Lake is quite like a sanctuary for wildlife in Milton Keynes, and it is famous thanks to the discovery of a fossilized dinosaur skeleton found during an excavation here, which is thought to be 150 million years old.  Whether you are in the mood for a picnic near the lakeside or a robust lunch at The Caldecotte pub close by, this park provides ample scenery and an escape from the bustle of urban life. The ‘MK Festival of Nature’ is also held here, with many different monthly events such as guided walks. Do head over to Milton Keynes Central Library later to get a glimpse of the dinosaur!

Milton Keynes Food Festival

Food lover unite! The MK Food Fest came into being when three passionate Milton Keynes-based food makers collected to support and promote locally made artisan fare. Every September MKFoodFest provides a chance for local farmers market stall holders, caterers, craft food and drink creators and chefs to have a good time and celebrate the local cuisine scene. The festival is generally organized within the flourishing grounds of Linford Manor Park and is not for profit with no admission fee. Why not bring the whole family and enjoy a hearty day out? You will encourage local food producers and get a decent lunch all in one go!

Woburn Safari Park

On Woburn Abbey’s enormous grounds is a 360-acre animal park with many of the inhabitants living in enormous enclosures. A visit begins with a Road Safari, in which you can drive through the Northern Plains featuring animals like bison, zebra, and wild horses;  followed by the Savannah Grasslands with antelopes, ostriches and more; then Kingdom of the Carnivores next; Giraffe Junction and lastly, the African Forest, which is home to monkeys and the endangered mountain bongo. Next you can go on the Road Safari alongside a Foot Safari to catch a glimpse of smaller animals like meerkats, ring tailed lemurs, Asian short clawed otters and much more. The safari park is a wealth of knowledge as well – be sure to take a look at their timetable. You might be able to fit in any of their regular talks and demonstrations with all the fun, which give information on animal-related topics ranging from cockatoos to Asian elephants and Humboldt penguins.

Vacation rentals at Milton Keynes, England

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