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About Salford

The City of Salford, normally known as Salford, is a city and metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester, England, spreading towards the west to include the towns of Worsley, Eccles, Swinton, Walkden, Irlam, and Little Hulton. The name Salford has its roots in the word “Sealhford”, which means "ford by the willow trees", probably based on the willows that would grow alongside the banks of the Irwell and where the Victoria Bridge stands at present there was an old ford. Although the borough of the City of Salford was a 20th-century creation, the region has a history of human presence spanning back to the Stone Age. Archeological findings have uncovered Neolithic arrowheads and tools, and other relics from the Bronze Age era. The city is full of historic vestiges, such as in the northerly section of Watling Street, where a Roman road from Manchester (known as Mamucium) through Bury to Ribchester (Bremetennacum, a Roman fort) passes through the city. In 1142, a monastic cell for devotion to St. Leonard was set up in Kersal, sold in 1540 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries while a manor house called Kersal Cell, was constructed on the site in the 16th century. The 12th century hundred of Salford began as Salfordshire in the historic county of Lancashire, and endured until the 19th century, when the first county boroughs in the country replaced it. Salford became a free borough in about 1230, when it was allowed a charter as a free borough. All through the Industrial Revolution, Salford grew because of the expanding textile industry. During the time of the Tudors, Salford’s leading family was the Radclyffs whose seat was Ordsall Hall. It is thought that the family were connected to Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot was planned in one of his visits. The only premodern building in Salford is Ordsall Hall (1350), the primeval seat of the Radcliffe family. The University of Salford was founded as the Royal Technical Institute in 1896 and in due course was granted university status in 1967. It has large departments for engineering and technology. Although it is part of the urban area of Manchester, Salford has plenty of green spaces in it. Perfect for the history buff and the adventurer, Salford is a place not to be missed on your visit to England. Book the ideal apartment or house for your stay with CuddlyNest!

Things to do, things to see

The Lowry

The Lowry is a gallery and theatre complex at Salford Quays in the Greater Manchester area. It is named for L. S. Lowry, the early 20th century painter, who was well known for his paintings of industrial scenes in North West England. Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the complex on 12 October 2000. Designed by Michael Wilford with structural engineer Buro Happold and constructed by Bovis Construction, the complex possesses 2,000 square meters of gallery space, which exhibits the works of L. S. Lowry as well as other collections. The Lowry collection includes about 400 works in oil, watercolors, and pastels from all phases of his career from the 1930s collected by Salford Museum and Art Gallery. The Artworks Creativity Gallery was designed and realized by architects Reich-Petch, who also developed the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., and features multimedia to encourage participation and interaction by visitors with exhibits. An Archive Room holds resources related to the artist such as books, lists of his exhibitions and auctions, tapes of interviews with Lowry and others, photographs, press cuttings and more, which can be seen by an appointment.

Ordsall Hall

Don’t forget to visit the Ordsall Hall! It is a large former manor house in the historic parish of Ordsall, which at present is a part of the City of Salford located in Greater Manchester. It dates back to over 750 years, although it is thought that the oldest remaining parts of the present hall were constructed in the 15th century. David de Hulton is noted to be the owner of the original hall in 1251. The house was bought and taken over by the old Salford Council in 1959, and later in 1972, it was opened to the public as a local history museum and period house. The hall is a Grade I listed building, and entrance is free – a neat perk! Like many ancient buildings, Ordsall Hall has tales of hauntings. There is the White Lady, apparently making presences in the Great Hall or Star Chamber who is believed to be Margaret Radclyffe, who died of a broken heart in 1599 following the death of Alexander, her twin, when he was away at sea.

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Next on the list is the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Located in Peel Park, it was opened to the public in 1850 as the Royal Museum and Public Library. Salford Museum and Art Gallery has masonry pillars and detailed masonry elements on the outside as well on the inside. The overall design of the building has changed over 200 years, with additions and renovations, to produce the ultimate cohesive design you see today. Important architectural displays you should see are the galleries in the north and south wings that are some of the earliest instances of their kind and were built in a Renaissance style. The gallery and museum are dedicated to the history of Salford and Victorian art and architecture, and has interesting displays such as Lark Hill Place, an exhibit on the ground floor. It is a replica of a characteristic Victorian street, and was built from salvaged and restored shop fronts from 1957 when many buildings in central Salford faced demolishment to make way for newer developments and other construction projects. The interiors are decorated with period furniture and other objects along with recorded sounds that provide as close as possible authentic experience of life in Victorian times.

Vacation rentals in Salford, England

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