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Popular United States Destinations

Entire House

Wireless Internet, Shared Pool

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Entire House2 Beds

Kitchen, Dishwasher

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5 Beds

Family/Kid Friendly, Refrigerator

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Entire House1 Bed

TV, Microwave Oven

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Entire Apartment

Air Conditioning, Internet

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Entire Apartment8 Beds

Laptop Friendly, Air Conditioning

Entire House

Wireless Internet, Air Conditioning

Entire Apartment5 Beds

Patio or balcony, Microwave Oven

Entire House

Refrigerator, Free Parking

Entire Apartment4 Beds

Kitchen, Iron

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Entire Villa4 Beds

TV, Kitchen

Entire Apartment3 Beds

Refrigerator, Air Conditioning

Entire House

Air Conditioning, Hair Dryer

Entire House

Microwave Oven, Free Parking

Entire House3 Beds

Wireless Internet, Shared Pool

Reduced service fee

About United States

This country is more commonly known as the USA and is the third largest country by area in the world. This Christian country has fifty states and associated territories, with 324 million people calling it home.


The USA is known for its chain restaurants that were founded there and have spread throughout the world for the delicious meals they offer. The nation also has a long, interesting history, comprising a civil war, and a vast Native American heritage. There is a lot to see and do in this great country, and often a couple of weeks simply aren’t enough to even visit the highlights.


There are also many world-class theaters and sporting clubs, plenty of cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, and indoor activities.  Sprawling wilderness is also a remarkable feature of the USA, which is perfect for camping and hiking.


Here are a few highlights of your itinerary:


  • Western US: The western US has some of the most breathtaking scenery, from Mt. St. Helen’s volcano, to the mountains and valleys of Oregon. California has the famous redwood forest, San Francisco, Hollywood, Disneyland, and Los Angeles.
  • Alaska & Hawaii: Alaska and Hawaii are not part of the contiguous US, being set off by Canada, or a vast amount of ocean. Alaska is ideal for dog sledding, skiing, and other snow-bound activities. Hawaii is known for its volcanoes, beaches, and hot weather.
  • Eastern US: New York City is a popular vacation destination for travelers, with a significant amount of history here. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine have some lovely maritime scenery. If you head all the way south, you can visit Disney World, Harry Potter World, and Miami Beach in Florida.
  • Southern US: Arizona is famous for its Grand Canyon, while gambling and the shows of Vegas are popular. Texas is known for being big and outgoing. New Mexico has been the site of nuclear tests and extraterrestrial people. There are some unique museums and attractions here. Atlanta, Georgia is a major city that holds many annual festivals throughout the year.
  • Central States: Chicago, Illinois has an interesting 1920s history, while Kansas has its popularity from the Wizard of Oz film. Colorado is famous for its natural beauty and skiing in the winter. Utah State has an interesting Mormon history. 
  • Great Lakes States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri states all wrap around the Great Lakes. This is the portion of the country where you can enjoy boating activities. Here travelers will learn about the thousands of shipwrecks in the lakes. There are many museums in the towns surrounding this region.
  • Northern States: Montana frames some of the Rocky Mountains. North Dakota has plenty of hills and natural attractions to see.


Even though it appears that the country frames the main attractions of the USA, there are still many exciting things to do and see in the central part of the country too. If you’re visiting one state, chances are you can squeeze in a few sights from the neighboring state too.