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About West Hollywood

West Hollywood, also known as ‘WeHo’, for all the fun packed in the small area of California, is an excellent choice for a vacation. Especially for the youngsters. As is obvious from the name of the place itself, West Hollywood was once the remote area in the middle of Los Angeles where filmmakers would run off to, in order to shoot scenes without any chaos. And the affordable vacation rentals make it all better.

Consequently, luxurious apartments, hotels, and building were constructed here, with interesting architecture and magnificent interior. And every film star wanted to spend their days at West Hollywood as they deserved. And the filmmakers obviously wanted a breathtaking environment captured in their movies. The masterpieces of some of the renowned architects are situated here. Such as Spanish Revival and Art Deco apartment building by Leland Bryant, The Schindler House by Rudolf Schindler and 9200 Sunset by Charles Luckman.

The West Hollywood Attraction

This is perhaps what attracts a huge crowd to West Holiday even to this day. People love to visit the places where their favorite actor or actress once lived to shoot the most amazing scene of a blockbuster. What’s more, they get to live like a celebrity! Yes, there is a great probability that the room in a hotel or apartment rental that you book was once rented out by a superstar. Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn, the Gabor sisters, John Wayne, and Howard Hughes have all lived at the Sunset Towers at one time. Other hotels such as Andaz West Hollywood, Chamberlain West Hollywood Hotel, Modrian, Montrose West Hollywood and the Standard famous for the reason.

Apart from the extravagant living, another factor that tempts most of the youngsters to come to West Hollywood for holidays, is zest at nightclubs. West Hollywood is famous for its nightlife and rock clubs, some of them endorsed by celebrities. Many of them have been spotted at the Soho House, Formosa Café, Whisky Bar, Rainbow Bar and Grill, Palm Restaurant, The Abbey Food and Bar and Villa Nightclub.

Exploring Cali

For those of you who are interesting in exploring West Hollywood to its core, can always find interesting places to visit. Some of the most talented musicians and comedians started their career from here. Michael Jackson’s albums, Thriller and Bad, were recorded at the Westlake Recording studios back in the 1980s. Other than that film, television, and music production houses, such as, Samuel Goldwyn Studio (now known as The Lots), Smashbox Studios and Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is also located here.

If you are tired of the architecture and nightclubs are too loud and tiresome for you, yet you want to enjoy your holidays, music venues including House of Blues, Whisky a Go Go, The Troubadour, The Roxy Theatre and Viper Room, are the places for you. Or, you can take a pleasant walk in of the many parks! One of which is the Plummer Park, famous for the history related to it. Moreover, you can travel along The Sunset Strip, almost two miles long distance, starting from the west and culminating in the east of West Hollywood, with a number of shops, restaurants, and clubs along its way. The TV series by the name of 77 Sunset Strip, Dan Raven and film Hardcore were also shot here, adding to its fame.

The Shopping Destination

Vacations are incomplete without shopping something for yourself and your loved ones. For shopping, West Hollywood Gateway Project is the best since it’s the most spacious shopping center in the entire city. A modern art piece presented through the technology of projection is displayed here as well. It is perhaps the largest piece of art showcased to the public in Los Angeles. The only other thing that can beat it at being enormous is the Sierra Towers which is basically a residential building.

The Best Vacation Rentals In West Hollywood

However, for a more comfortable stay while in West Hollywood, you can stay at a house rental. That is if you are a large party that is willing to stay for a longer period of time. With all the facilities and utilities one expects in a house, you can enjoy yourself and feel at home, all in one. But if you are the sort of person who prefers living in a place that keeps you close to nature, you don't need to worry! As there are cottage rentals and condo rentals available for as well.

For a rather small party or even a solo trip, staying in a cottage or condo instead of a guest house or bungalow is a wise decision. It not only costs less but you will be surprised to know that even these places have all the commodities. The average rent for staying a night can be $109 at least. And $200 at the maximum, depending on where you choose to live.

Even the maximum rent you pay is not much, considering the fact that once every year, West Hollywood hosts the Oscars. And the post-award ceremony dinner/party as well, forcing the cream of Hollywood to stay here for a few days. Other than this, The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is held on the 31st of October annually. Attracting a huge crowd, hundreds and thousands in number. The LGBT supporters gather for a pride parade and festival called the Christopher Street West. And arts festival, ‘One City One Pride’ every few months, as the largest gay community resides in West Hollywood. A day-long book fair in the fall has also been in trend since the first time it was held, back in 2001. Avid readers would be in luck while vacationing in West Hollywood. As prominent authors and writers are bound to make an appearance at the fair.

What makes West Hollywood an even more attractive place for spending a vacation is its weather. It is generally warm during the entire year, with few rainfalls. Snow falling is a sight rarely seen here, which is why it is open for tourists all the year round. Exploring the rich architecture and history of the place and enjoying the nightlife and festivals while basking in the sunlight, is the perfect definition of vacations. So, book today with CuddlyNest, and get your hands on the best vacation rentals in West Hollywood, California!                     

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