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Popular Fort Myers Beach Destinations

Entire House5 Beds

Air Conditioning, Kitchen

Entire House4 Beds

Microwave Oven, Washer

Entire House6 Beds

Air Conditioning, Kitchen

Entire House6 Beds

Air Conditioning, Kitchen

Entire House5 Beds

Internet, Iron

Entire House5 Beds

Refrigerator, Hair Dryer

Entire House4 Beds

Air Conditioning, Shared Pool

Entire House10 Beds

Refrigerator, Air Conditioning

Entire House7 Beds

Hair Dryer, Iron

Entire House8 Beds

Shared Pool, Iron

Entire House4 Beds

Dishwasher, Hair Dryer

Entire Apartment3 Beds

Microwave Oven, Wireless Internet

Entire House3 Beds

Wireless Internet, Washer

Entire House4 Beds

Free Parking, Wireless Internet

Entire House7 Beds

Pets Allowed, Kitchen

Entire House4 Beds

Air Conditioning, Refrigerator

Entire House6 Beds

Hair Dryer, Dishwasher

Entire House6 Beds

Kitchen, Air Conditioning

Entire House4 Beds

Refrigerator, Pets Allowed

Entire House5 Beds

Hair Dryer, Patio or balcony

About Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is one of the most iconic places in the USA. Whether you’re American or not, you’ve probably heard of Fort Myers. And for good reason! It is a beautiful beach with clear blue-green water and a long beach pier it’s most popular for. In the evenings, the sunset adds even more to the beauty and makes it the perfect place for romantic walks by the beach. And vacation rentals in Fort Myers Beach are lush yet reasonably priced.

Fort Myers in Florida is not just for couples and newlyweds, but for everyone who wants to feel a little closer to themselves emotionally and wind down after a tough year. Photographers and videographers are also often found trying to capture the beauty. What more? Visitors interested in watersports and adventure are also present at the beach. And the best part is, vacation rentals in Fort Myers Beach, are located right at the center so you don't miss out on any action.

You should be able to tell by now that it’s a place that’s got a little bit of everything. And if you’re in the middle of planning a trip to Fort Myers, CuddlyNest has the best guide for you! Here are the top 6 things you can’t miss out on at Fort Myers.

Wildlife Cruise

If you enjoy watching wild animals thrive in their natural habitat, the wildlife cruise at Fort Myers is definitely something to try out while you’re there. It’s usually a 90-minute boat tour where you get to see magnificent animals like dolphins, seabirds, manatees etc. and cruise past mangrove and rookery islands. The certified tour guide also provides commentary so you’re not just looking at the animals but also learning about them and having a fully educational experience.

Fishing at the Pier

Fishing is one of the most relaxing things to do on vacation. The gorgeous Fort Myers makes you bound to enjoy your time. If you’re just looking for a little bit of silence and time away from your normal face-paced life, fishing at the Fort Myers pier can bring you a whole lot of satisfaction. It’s an activity that can help you calm yourself and reconnect with nature. And of course, let’s not forget the satisfaction and adrenaline rush when you finally catch something after hours of trying!

Bowditch Point Park

The white sand beach stretches 17 acres and is yet another relaxing spot to spend your time in. It’s the ultimate place for picnics, bird watching, sun bathing and swimming. Since it’s not a very crowded place, you really get to unwind and enjoy every moment with your buddies. The park does have tables and snack stands along with restrooms so you can spend quite a bit of time there. And if you’re looking at activities such as kayaking, you’ll find those too!


If you happen to have a bucket list, parasailing is probably on there. Also known as parakiting, it’s perhaps the closest you can get to flying. If you love the ocean breeze and don’t mind a little bit of height, parasailing is not an activity to pass on. You can parasail alone or in pairs, whatever floats your boat! The activity is quite simple. A person is attached to a special parachute and is towed behind a boat to rise up like a kite. It’s quite thrilling! Being hundreds of feet above the ground, watching the gorgeous blue water of Fort Myers!

Beach Baptist Farmers Market

Open every Wednesday from 9:00 to 14:00, the Beach Baptist Farmers Market has fresh produce from local farmers. The market is directly across the beach so it’s extremely easy to visit. The prices are much lower than in general stores. You can get an awesome deal on everything from flowers, fruits and vegetables, and pastries to art, essential oils and even used books! The market has a ton of sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and organic items too. If there’s something you can’t find in the city, it may be worth a shot to give the Beach Baptist Farmers Market a look.

The Goodz

For ice cream lover, The Goodz is the parlor to go. Serving homemade ice cream and waffle cones, The Goodz has a very homey flavor that is best for chilly nights at the beach. What could be better than a waffle cone of your favorite creamy ice cream and walking by the feet as the waves come crashing at your feet? The store is popular for holding trip essentials and souvenirs too!

Rudy’s Treasure Chest

And that brings us to souvenirs. A little item that you can always have with you to remind you of all the beautiful memories you made at Fort Myers. If you have a little bit more time and really want the most unique souvenirs, Rudy’s Treasure Chest is where you should go before your trip ends. Dolphins, palm trees, oceans or the pier, whatever you want to take home, you’ll find it all! They also have fishing rods and fishing supplies, refreshments, and gifts.

Vacation Rentals in Fort Myers Beach

If you’re worried about vacation rentals in Fort Myers Beach, CuddlyNest has got you covered. Being a leading vacation rentals website in the USA and around the world, we offer the best deals of vacation rentals in Fort Myers Beach. No matter what your budget is, you’ll find a place that suits your exact needs on your platform. Our vacation rentals help you create unforgettable trips!

If you’re a first-time traveler, it’s good to have a book on hand to guide you through your trip. Our favorite is the ‘100 Things to Do in Fort Myers & Sanibel Before You Die’ by Nancy Hamilton. The book gives you plenty of things to do before you’re anywhere close to getting bored or feeling lost! It covers everything such as watersports, relaxing renowned beaches, history and culture, and so much more!