Popular Holmes Beach Destinations

Refrigerator, Wireless Internet

Entire Villa1 Bed

Free Parking, Air Conditioning

Entire Villa1 Bed

Pets Allowed, Washer

Entire House

Hair Dryer, Dryer

Entire Villa

Shared Pool, Wireless Internet

Entire Villa2 Beds

Hair Dryer, Wireless Internet

Entire House

Hot Tub, Washer

Pets Allowed, Hair Dryer

Entire House

BBQ Grill, Microwave Oven

Entire Villa1 Bed

Pets Allowed, Shared Pool

Entire House

Air Conditioning, Microwave Oven

Entire Villa1 Bed

Dishwasher, Hair Dryer

Entire House

Wireless Internet, Microwave Oven

Reduced service fee

Entire House7 Beds

Dryer, Family/Kid Friendly

Entire House

Hot Tub, TV

Reduced service fee

Entire House7 Beds

BBQ Grill, Internet

Entire House

Refrigerator, Pets Allowed

Entire House

Dishwasher, BBQ Grill

Entire House

Hair Dryer, Washer

Entire House

TV, Free Parking

About Holmes Beach

Vacation Rentals in Holmes Beach, Florida

Is there anyone who doesn’t look forward to a summer getaway? The world is filled with places you could go but it’s not easy especially if you don’t have much experience traveling. Holmes Beach is located in Florida and it is quite a popular place for a summer vacation. If you love the beach and want to spend as much time as possible on it, Holmes Beach is a good option for you.

It is the largest of the three communities on Anna Maria Island and has so much to offer. The beach is great for just about anyone. It’s located right off the Gulf Coast of Florida and most of the year, the weather is quite pleasant.

June and July are the peak months, of course, and you’ll find thousands of people on the beach every day. If you want to spend time on the beach but want it to be a little more relaxing and not crowded, May and August are good months to visit. Although it’s largest of the three island communities, Holmes Beach stretches only 1.91 sq. miles! This means that even if you’re staying just for a few days, you can still see all that Holmes Beach has to offer you and not go back feeling like you didn’t get worth your money.

Holmes Beach Vacation Rentals

Not everybody wants to stay at a hotel or resort. Sometimes, a beach house, oceanfront home rentals and other property rentals are a better choice. This way, you can live a lot more comfortable and have less to worry about when it comes to rules and regulations.

You can easily rent out whole apartments or condos and feel like you’re at home. With a fully functioning kitchen, ample space and perhaps even a pool or patio, you won’t have anything to complain about. Especially when you realize that it’s a lot more cost effective.

The only thing that you do need to be careful about is contacting the right agency to book your vacation rentals on Holmes Beach. After all, you want to get the best of the best for what may be, a once in a lifetime trip.

CuddlyNest is a vacation rentals platform that focuses on providing all of its customers the most comfortable stay at their destination. We want you to relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest! And we ensure that by providing you with the best vacation rentals deals on Holmes Beach and all around the world.

Whether you’re looking for a small beach house, a pool and hot tub, or just a pet-friendly space, we have it all. Book with us today to save hundreds of dollars!

Trip Essentials for Holmes Beach, Florida

Two things: sunscreen and a good book.

You can’t forget sunscreen when you’re going to be spending so much time outdoors especially in the middle of summer. No matter how sensitive your skin is or isn’t, it’s important to make sure you’re protected from the sun at all times. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 4 hours and if you’re peeling or itchy, gently put on some thick moisturizer to protect your skin instead of scratching or touching it.

The next thing is, a good book. Sitting by the beach, bathing in the sun, and reading a good book. There’s no better way to relax and just separate yourself from the chaos around you. We recommend ‘When Life Gives You Lululemons’ by Lauren Weisberger and ‘The Summer Wives’ by Beatriz Williams. If you’re looking for something more self-development related, ‘The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment’ by Eckhart Tolle is worth a read!

Things to Do At Holmes Beach

Now that you know everything about vacation rentals on Holmes Beach and have your essentials packed, here’s all that have to do or see while you’re there!

Water Sports

Of course, if you’re at the beach, you have to participate in some sort of water sports activities. You can look at Paddleboard rentals or Kayak rentals for as low as $25 per hour. The best part is, there are training sessions held as well so if you’re new to water sports, you’ll have someone to teach you exactly how to do it. And if you’re looking for something that’ll give you more of an adrenaline rush, well, you can rent the JetSurf. Although slightly pricier than the paddleboards, it’s well worth it. The motorized waterboard provides an exhilarating tour of the waters and all you need is a half-hour lesson before you’re ready to go out all on your own.

Island Gallery West

Art lovers need to go to the Island Gallery West. Opened over 25 years ago, in the heart of Holmes Beach, the gallery features over 30 artists’ works. They also have jewelry pieces you can admire! Open Monday through Saturday, make sure you visit it between 10 am to 5 pm. And fun fact, if you visit the Island Gallery West in the winter, you get to attend their free art demonstrations as well!

Segway Rentals

If water is not your thing, don’t worry, you can still have fun! There are Segway rentals available on Holmes Beach. So, you can now tour Holmes Beach without tiring yourself too much and having loads of fun! The tour takes you to Bridge Street, Leffis Key Park, Coquina Beach, and several other places. And if you’re lucky enough, you may see a couple of dolphins along the way! It’s an inexpensive activity and great for families!

Now that you know all you need to, pack up your bags and fly on over to Holmes Beach. It’s a trip you won’t regret. To book vacation rentals on Holmes Beach, Florida, www.cuddlynest.com is right here for you!

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