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About Tampa

Tampa is a city along Florida’s gulf coast. Tampa is considered a major business center in the area.  It is a great touristic attraction for many tourists.

With its multiple beaches to choose from, Tampa offers a unique beach experience to beach lovers. You can choose from many beach options like Davis Island Beach, Cypress Point South, Ben T. Davis Beach, Picnic Island Park, E.G. Simmons Park, Cypress Point North, Simmons Park, and Mobbly Bayou Preserve. Surely, there are many things to do and enjoy at each one of these beaches.


Tampa also offers all water activities, from jet skiing and sailing to fishing and boat touring. It is an ultimate destination for beach lovers to soak in the warmth of the gulf beach shores and clear waters. Some of the world-famous shores are in the Tampa area likeClearwater Beach. As the name implies, the purest shore water is a great opportunity to enjoy the beach like never before. Plenty of shore activities are available to beach goers along with plenty of tasty dining dishes awaiting you at the end of a long beach day. 

If you want to explore other activities than water soaking and sunbathing, visit the historic Ybor City neighborhood for a great dining and nightlife experience. This is a famous neighborhood that is loaded with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars. This neighborhood was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by cigar-factory workers. You will get a sense of history and fun.

Here is more to know about Tampa:

  • Visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium with your kids. They will love the encounters with dolphins, turtles, and marine mammals.
  • Take a walk on Sunsets at Pierre 60, you will enjoy the walk in the gulf water. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and fun spots to choose from.

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