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About Waialua

One always wants to choose and spend vacations at a place that would provide him with an ultimate deal of extreme fun, maximum satisfaction and deep relaxation of mind. Waialua is such a place, thus. It is actually a community on the Northern Shore of Waialua District, existing on the Island County of Honolulu, in the Hawaii state of America.

A Short Peek In The History Of City

The history of the district is quite diverse. Being a former sugar mill town and a quiet place, it is very unlike its neighbor districts that are far more commercial. The sugar mill attaches the history dating back to early 20th century when the demands for workers increased with the industry growth and so the workers from China, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Portugal, and Puerto Rico were welcomed into the territory and so the families existing here are a result of the industrial revolution of USA. So, to your tourism delight, here you are to get to meet not only the Americans but the natives (and their descendants) of other parts of the wide world, too, sometimes, of your own country if you are a foreigner visiting Waialua.

Weather Condition You Are Most Likely To Face In The City

Before fast forwarding to talk about the destinations found in Waialua and around/nearby Waialua, we mention some of the interesting weather facts that are going to hastily make up your mind for visiting Waialua in your right next approaching vacations. If you are a person who don’t like to shun the sun, then this place is an ideal spot for you. This place has temperate climate with 268 average sunny warm days per year. Snow fall and rainfall are least expected in this area which means you can pack your luggage easily according to a normal sunny climate in most of the months year round.

Tourist Attractions In The City

CuddlyNest has come up with this small tourist guide about what key Waialua tourist destinations are!

Aweoweo Beach Park It is park at one of the beaches at the northern shore, an absolutely perfect site for sunsets sights. Having a playground, it keeps kids busy playing on the grass, taking a break from water fun. A basketball court can also be found there. Showers and food tables are also there for enjoying a perfect day out with family after a nice waterside fun. Being a least crowded and quaint, it is an ideal picnic point for those always looking for secluded and quiet spots to interact with nature. The sun is always fabulous, water is usually calm and friendly, and most of the time turtles are spotted on the beach relaxing or making holes to lay eggs.


For foodies, Paalaa Kai Bakery, Brew and Foam, Jerry’s Pizza Mill, and Dat Cajun Guy are most satisfying points near the beach.

North Shore Goodies offering yummiest of famously sold peanut butter, this small store is a deserving stop. They also sell locally produced honey, pancake mix, guava butter, lemon butter, jellies, salad dressings, jams, and syrups, and so much more of desert variety, all equally taste buds pleasing to your sweet tooth. Some of the local souvenirs, comparatively inexpensive are also offered at the store.

Mokuleia Beach Park heading out of Waialua to the Waianae Mountain Range through Farrington Highway, this exists at the beach of north shore. Away from the noise and crowd of usual popular beaching spots, this breathtakingly filmish beach is unlikely captivatingly isolated and meditating one. You may be lucky enough to see turtles and whales there as well. The abrupt breeze and crashing sea and its sound in the silent air enhance the atmospheric beauty a little more. The waves at beach are usually rough and not safe for the new swimmers. Professional swimmers and surfers find this beach quite exciting and adventurous due to strong rough tides hitting the beach.


Don’t miss watching out the rocks in the water and make sure to get snacks, drinks etc. before you head to this lovely vacation destination as you are not to spot any nearby eateries or shops to get anything there.
Waialua Farmer’s Market: This is a must visit spot for both locals and tourists due to its diversified range of products. Here you find a wide-ranging variety, from fish, chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits, to jewelry and plants as well, all at cheap and reasonable costs. Even if you are not in the mood or need to shop, just stroll through this place, the happy and welcoming faces of the people there will be enough to brighten up your mood and you will get to meet the day to day life of this Waialua small town.

Water Sports by CU Diving Oahu If you desire to get the best of water sports experiences, this is the adventure you must embrace. This is a water sports Personal experience of Scuba Diving facilitated by two friendly and highly recommended instructors CJ and Paula who are ready to take you to the depths of clear waters and at the heights of ecstatic pleasure with requiring no past experience at all. The standards are safest and hospitable. Their goal to provide incredible experience makes customers come as a guest and leave as friends. See octopuses, turtles, sharks, seals, rays through your excellently spirits rising memorable journey.


Waialua Estate Coffee and Chocolate: it is a local delight and surely worth a stop at for your tourist self and coffee and chocolate fanatics. Here you get free coffee samples and a fifteen minutes free quick tour by a friendly staff or a pro guide as to how coffee and chocolate is made, heavily informative, indeed. Their Peaberry Coffee that is their signature one is a must try, heavenly delicious, totally worth its price. The shop also has coolest of souvenirs from all over Hawaii featuring ukulele songbooks, postcards, soups, lotion and cloths and much more.

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