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Popular Jersey City Destinations

Entire Apartment

Wireless Internet, Air Conditioning

Entire Apartment

BBQ Grill, Laptop Friendly

Entire Apartment

Washer, Laptop Friendly

Entire Apartment

Wireless Internet, Iron

Entire Apartment

TV, Microwave Oven

Entire Apartment

Smoke Detector, Laptop Friendly

Entire Apartment

Refrigerator, Microwave Oven

Entire Apartment

Dishwasher, Air Conditioning

Entire Apartment

Family/Kid Friendly, Smoke Detector

Entire Apartment

Laptop Friendly, Microwave Oven

Entire Apartment

Wheelchair Accessible, Internet

Entire Apartment

Dryer, Laptop Friendly

Entire Apartment

Washer, Dishwasher

Entire Apartment

Smoke Detector, Family/Kid Friendly

Entire Apartment

Microwave Oven, BBQ Grill

Entire Apartment

BBQ Grill, Laptop Friendly

Entire Apartment3 Beds

Washer, Internet

Entire Apartment

TV, Laptop Friendly

Entire Apartment

Laptop Friendly, Internet

Entire Apartment2 Beds

Washer, Pets Allowed

About Jersey City

Jersey City is one of the most beautiful cities of the United States. It is the second most populous city of the United States. In the 2010 census, it was ranked as the seventy-fifth most populous city in the nation. It is also the second largest city of Hudson County, New Jersey.

Journal Square and Newport are its neighbors, so it’s pretty easy to move from one place to another in a small amount of time. The climate of Jersey City is normally moderate and mostly hot and humid in summers and cold in winters. The average of temperature is normally 23 degree Celsius in the summer and can go down to -1 degree Celsius in the winter

Prominent Landmarks of New Jersey

There is a long list of landmarks in Jersey City, New Jersey. And a few of these are as follows:

·        Liberty Science Center: Known as a science center because of its science museum and is also a learning center.

·        Statue of Liberty National Monument:  A copper sculpture on Liberty Island. It was the gift from the people of France.

·        Colgate Clock: A promotion campaign from Colgate Palmolive. Its height is about 50 meter and is 2200 pounds heavy.

·        White Eagle Hall: A popular dining venue and theatre. It’s commonly used for, concerts, dance, sports, and art exhibitions and performance.

·        Loew’s Jersey Theatre: Also known as the Loew’s wonder theatre, there are a large number of live performances conducted.

The Museums

Jersey City is also known for its libraries and museums. Museums are not just for fun but are definitely places you should visit to understand about the history and culture of Jersey City. The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, Liberty Science Center, Afro-Americans Historical and Cultural Society, The Museum of Russian Arts and Jersey City Museum are all known as the best museums and libraries of Jersey City. These are the top five picks for the museums and libraries you need to visit if history and culture play a big part in your trip. You’re bound to love these and you can always explore further if you wish to.

Things to Do

If you ever want to book a vacation rental in Jersey City, the ideal location is the Liberty State Park. It is opposite to the Ellis Island and Liberty Island and the main part of the park is surrounded by water which makes it look incredibly beautiful. The second most beautiful place in Jersey City is Liberty Island. That’s definitely because of the Statue of Liberty as it is quite a famous place that almost everyone in New Jersey and New York wish to see.

The third most attractive place in Jersey City is Battery View Senior Citizen Housing. It is, well, a senior community at affordable prices with a lot of accommodations. They also offer planned trips, social clubs and much more. There are a lot of amenities available too, such as a library, computer room and internet access, picnic area, 24 hours emergency maintenance and security, shuffleboard and pool table. It might feel a little odd to visit a senior citizen housing unit but for lovers of history, there’s a lot you can learn from Jersey City’s senior community.

Another beauty of New Jersey is the Central Railroad of New Jersey. It is also known as the Jersey Central Lines. And the most fun part is the names of the passenger trains! Bullet, mermaid, blue comet, Interstate express, queen of the valley, Wall Street and Williamsport are some of them.

Take Some Memories Home

Going back home? Jersey City is a place where you can do tons of shopping for your friends, family and yourself. In Jersey City, the Newport Centre is the place where you shop at conveniently and even take back some souvenirs with you. That way, you’ll always have something to remember the beautiful city by. From Newport Centre, you can get a lot of things and in different varieties like, antiques, paintings, and shopping goods like clothes, shoe bags etc.

So, now pack your bags and book a vacation rental in Jersey City, New Jersey with your friends and family! Make some good memories that you won’t ever forget!

The Best Vacation Rentals in Jersey City

The best thing about vacation rentals in Jersey City, New Jersey is that you can make an online booking for yourself and your family. That way, you don’t have to worry about any sort of problems about finding a hotel room, or anything else!

And the best way to go about it is through an online platform. Not only can you save money but also time when you book a vacation rental online. Whether you’re looking for a condo, apartment or house rental, you can easily find options to accommodate all your friends and family affordably.

CuddlyNest is a leading vacation rentals platform that offers thousands of property listings from all around the world. If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted platform, you know who to trust. With the best deals and seasonal offers, you can get your hands on the most budget-friendly and luxurious properties.

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