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Travel information about Andorra

 Andorra is a small state located in Europe. This mountainous state is bounded by France from south and east and by Spain from south to west. The capita of Andorra is Andorra la Vella. This mini state is headed by Catholic Bishop of Urqell in Spain and the president of France.

Andorra has great affinity with North Spain and its official language is basically Catalan, originated from Catalonia, Spain. French and Spanish are also spoken there. All offices and institutions obey in Catalonian law, and a large number of the Spanish immigrants are inhibited in Andorra. Euro is used as currency and University of Andorra is one of the most renowned universities of the area. Andorra is a landscape with mountain valleys whose streams the Madriu and the Perafita unite to form Valira River. This river occupies the one-tenth of the total land area of the state and contains steep valleys open pastures and 2004, this valley was listed in UNESCO Heritage site.  Andorra is now becoming an important international center of retail trade that attractes millions of customers from all over Europe with its duty-free imported consumer goods, including alcoholic beverages, electronic devices, tobacco, and clothing. Andorra is well-known as a winter destination in Europe for its superb ski hills, while interesting things to do in summer include hiking and mountain biking.

What Andorra offers you?

Tourism is one of Andorra’s leading industries, and the area has outstanding openings for winter sports. The construction industry is flourishing day by day in response to the growth in tourism sector. Andorra is a best place to enjoy vacations with your family, friends and loved ones. Ski schools at Andorra are best in whole Europe.

There are many shrines, Romanesque churches and old houses located in in Ordino, Encamp, Sant Julia de Loria, Les Escalades, Santa Coloma, and other villages of the state. The key attraction of tourist are the shrines, thousands of tourists visit them to pay homage to the holy spirits residing there. The best among them is the shrine of Lady of Merixtell. Many other attractions include the shine of Andorra’s patroness located between the Canillio and Encamp. On September 8th every year, people come from Spain, France and other regions of the world to celebrate the festival day of Andorra’s patroness and to watch the unique dance known as sardana, called as the national dance of the mini state of Andorra. Grand Valira ski resort is the best place for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

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CuddlyNest has links with the local rental owners in the state of Andorra They provide excellent and affordable rentals to the clients. You can book big or small rental according to your need and affordability before your arrival. We also provide best and most comfortable packages for you to make your stay more peaceful and comfortable. These packages are facilitated with maximum services so you can enjoy the vacation inn any part of the world with a warm feeling of home.
CuddlyNest is a platform with global existence and it allows you to book vacation rentals online in many countries including China, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Europe and wherever there is tourism. We have a professional team of travel experts who make sure that each of our clients is provided maximum facilities at affordable rates. The best thing about our vacation rentals is that they are located near the best attractions of the territory. 


Top Attractions in Andorra

Andorra la Vella -The Capital City

The major attraction for tourists is the main and capital city of  Andorra la Vella. It’s a small city to be explored on foot journey and has many shopping and dining opportunities, along with old fashioned churches. Present at the altitude of about 1029 meter, it is included in the list of world’s highest capitals.

Gran Valira river and Pic d'Enclar mountain of this city are the main tourist points. Casa de la Vell built in 1580, Plaça del Poble, a public square on the rooftop of the city's organizational complex, which offers great views of the nearby scenery, and the twelve century Saint Esteve Church, with its fine carved woodwork are the most  crowded places that are listed among the most visited places by tourists in the state. CuddlyNest provides you the best rentals in the city Andorra la Vella and near the attractions with affordable rates.


The winter sport place Pyrenees Vallnord is most popular among ski divers. Vallnord has three unique ski resorts in one Arcalis, Pal, and Arinsal. Vallnord is famous for family vacations and allows you to enjoy ski diving, boarding and many other activities such as sledding paintball, laser tag, speed riding that is a mixture of skiing and hang-gliding, heli-skiing and ski-biking.

At the onset of warm weather the Vallnord Park is opened to visit it has an extensive network of biking trails that is wonderful spot for adventure seekers. CuddlyNest, in Vallnord is well known when it comes to accommodations, and offers a variety of rental options from budget hostels to luxury hotels.

Encamp and the National Automobile Museum

Encamp is a town located in the center of Andorra is a  downtown and one of the prettiest town due to the Valira d'Orient river running through it, and its fine old buildings now serve as shops, teashops, and restaurants. It's also a great place to get on hiking and biking adventures.

National Automobile Museum with its numerous displays of classic vintage cars including a steam-driven machine dating from 1885 along with antique motorcycles and bicycles all in perfect condition is the best tourist attraction to enjoy and take pictures to make memories. CuddlyNest provides the best rentals near the National Automobile Museum for making your trip comfortable.

Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley is UNESCO World Heritage Site is the beautiful and distinct place. It’s the spiritual heart of Andorra. It is decorated by nature with mountain pastures, rugged cliffs, and thickly-forested valleys. The valley is only accessible by walking trails, resulting in an astonishingly peaceful and relaxing hiking experience. It is main tourist attraction with some of the surviving mountainside huts that now serve as lodgings for hikers.

So, get ready! Pack your bag and plan your visit to Andorra with CuddlyNest rentals.

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