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Burundi is on a plateau in central Africa, subject to a temperate and mild equatorial climate. It is a country known for its cultural and historical richness, but also its abundant natural vegetation. It is full of many nature reserves where visitors can observe wild animals, African plants, lakes, and falls. Its capital Bujumbura, located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, combines tradition with a bit of modernity. It preserves the main monuments of the country like the Mausoleum of Vugizo, the monument of Unity, the living Museum, Campus Kiriri.

Vacation rental at Burundi:

A destination still unknown, Burundi is a country that has a lot to offer: it's legendary Lake Tanganyika, its beautiful bird lakes, its mountains and valleys, its wild savannah, its enigmatic forests and especially a fabulous welcome from these people. If you are seeking to visit this amazing city, then opt for Cuddlynest's budget-friendly and hassle-free vacation rental service for booking a place to stay there before your departure. You can book an entire apartment, villa, condo, cabin, or house of 4 beds at $202 for making your visit to Burundi with your family stress-free and fun.

The tourist sites of Burundi

Rusizi National Park:

The Rusizi National Park near the capital about 10km, it is covered by antelope, hippopotamus, crocodile and freshwater bird according to the site RAMSAR as the framants pink, dumb, open beaks, dandrocygnes, cormorants, Egyptian geese, ducks, Gambian geese ... The park is part of the Rusizi River Delta that flows into Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest lake after Lake Baikal. 

Pierre Stanley –Livingstone:

Dr. Livingstone, the meeting was held November 25, 1871, in Mugere, about ten km south of the site of the future Bujumbura that was born under the name of Usumbura. A stone was erected on the spot to immortalize the meeting between the famous scientist and the young Stanley went in search of him; the said stone is located 12km from the capital.

Kibira National Park:

Perched on the ridge Congo-Nile with 40 000 hectares of preserved forest, this park is the largest natural region still intact in Burundi, a great wealth of vegetation, the park is home to several families of chimpanzees, Cercopithecus baboons, and black colobus. They run in all directions at the arrival of visitors defying all the laws of balance. The 180km of tracks allow motorized surveillance of the forest and easy access to tourists. You can go down with the park guards in the dark undergrowth to discover from inside the charms of the primary forest, accompanied throughout the walk by the magnificent song of birds. Access to the park is through the huge tea plantations of Teza and Rwegura, which is already a real show.

Ruvubu National Park:

This park, unknown to the general public, is located in eastern Burundi. It occupies an area of ​​about 500km², at altitudes between 1350 and 1836 m. It extends over 62km, and its width varies between 5 and 13 km. More than 44 species of mammals live in the park. The most visible animals are the buffaloes, the unsheltered cobes, the hedgehogs, the oreotragues, the baboons, the vervet monkeys, the tiara ercopithecus, and the many hippos that inhabit the Ruvubu River. Rarer are warthogs, roan antelopes, sitatunga antelopes, jackals, and wild dogs. The biggest predator of the park is the leopard, but it is very difficult to observe. Sometimes a lion can come from nearby Tanzania along the Ruvubu and unwittingly disturb the calm of the region.

The pyramid of Rutovu:

It is located in Province BURURI in TUTOVU Commune Source of the Nile 136 km from the capital. This is the origin of the Nile River at RUTOVU, which runs from RUTOVU to Cairo in Egypt.

Agasumo ka Mwaro:

It is placed in the middle of the country in Mwaro Province just at the capital of the province 112km from the capital of the country. The site was to come to pray for KIRANGA called KIRANGA C'UMWERO; this is where the KUBANDWA system and KWAMBAZA Imana was doing. In 2010 we built Hotel Iteka near AGASUMO to facilitate tourists coming away from the site.

The town of Gitega:

GITEGA (formerly Kitega) is Burundi's second largest city located east of Bujumbura 112Km, one of 17 provinces of the country. There is the National Museum of Burundi with several royal KARYENDA sanctuaries as well as the Ibwami (Royal Courts). Also several historical photos such as kings, princes, and queens of the last century, spears for war, hunting, jewelry and ingoma whose origin of the drum called IGISHORA.

The Bird Lakes:

It is located in Kirundo Province about 178Km from Capital with three lakes namely Cohoha, Kanzigiri, and Rwihinda. Rwihinda Lake is a real sanctuary for migrating birds that come here. Crowned cranes and heroes live. Thanks to the boats put at the disposal of the visitors, it is possible to approach without frightening them of the greatest variety of possible bird.

The Karera Falls and the Nyakazu Fault:

On the Nkoma Massif in the Rutana Province of southeastern Burundi, two exceptional natural features stand out. On the one hand, the falls and Karera cave and on the other hand the Nyakazu forest and fault.

Art and culture in Burundi:

The reputation of Burundi's drums has far exceeded the country's borders. The famous Royal-Drum of Burundi has been performing for over forty years 

and widely promotes this Burundian cultural heritage. The drummers are a group of twenty people who enter the stage with their instruments on their heads. They are arranged in an arc around a central drum that gives the signal. The solo drummer performs a dance that mixes fantasy and gravity, whose warlike gesture is very significant. 

Gastronomic specialties in Burundi:

Vegetable side, there are local eggplants; lenga-lenga, close to spinach in appearance; Sombe, prepared with finely chopped cassava leaves. Burundians drink impeke, a beer. In an intimate circle, it is served in a single pot in which everyone soaks his straw.

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