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Canada comprises one of three countries in North America, with Ottawa as its capital city, ten provinces, and three territories. Canada is comprised of many diverse peoples, and you’ll learn plenty during a vacation here about its historical heritage, aboriginal people, and the immigrants who call Canada home. Canada has two official languages: English and French. Most of the country speaks English, while many people in Quebec only speak French.

Canada can experience a wide range of climates and seasons throughout the year. Often in many regions, such as Vancouver, you can go swimming in the oceans, then ski up in the mountains, all only a short drive away.

The largest city is Toronto, with other major cities being Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Quebec City.

Here are some essential sights to get the most of our trip:

  • Western Canada: Vancouver is one of the most popular destinations in BC. Here is one of the largest parks in the country, Stan-ley Park, with the Vancouver Aquarium. Just across the water is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and the SkyRide to Grouse Mountain. A ferry ride will take you to historic Victoria, named after Queen Victoria.
  • Central Canada: When visiting Calgary, check out the Calgary Tower. The Prairies spread over parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Expect flat farmlands, beautiful scenery, and a serene environment for camping and hiking.
  • Eastern Canada: Eastern Canada comprises the maritime provinces. Many of these have their main industry in fishing and manufacture. There are some beautiful historic mansions and museums here, such as Anne of Green Gables’ home on PEI.
  • Northern Canada: It’s cold in northern Canada, but Yukon city was the heart of the gold rush. Yellowknife city is full of history. If you decide to head to the other towns, expect plenty of fun with dog sledding, skiing, hiking, and sitting around a bonfire.
  • Historical Provinces: Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City date back to the founding of Canada, and where the first European travelers settled. There are some beautiful buildings to see. You can even have a tour of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Montreal and Quebec City have old historical towns situated right on the St. Lawrence River. The French lost to the British in The Plains of Abraham. Old Montreal and Old Quebec are largely unspoiled. Trying crepes for at least one meal is essential.


Other Activities: Canada has thousands of shopping centers and restaurants with cuisine from around the world. There are also many amusement parks, such as the Playland in Vancouver, and Canada Wonderland in Vaughn. There are also plenty of museums, sporting arenas, theaters, and festivals. There are activities and events for every age group here.


When visiting Canada, you can rent a car and drive from province to province, or hop on the Canadian Train. There are also buses and ferries linking the cities. During your trip to Canada, you’ll want to plan your trip carefully, so you don’t miss out on your favorite activities.  

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