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Croatia is an Eastern European Country located alongside of the Adriatic Sea. Its charming geographic nature labels it as one of the most unique countries. The Dinaric Alps cross the country, which compasses more than one thousand islands. Its breathtaking beaches, nature, and cuisine make it a top tourist destination to embrace nature and history with no compensations.


Known for its crystal-clear dazzling waters, Croatia’s coastline is one of the most interesting attractions in the country. You will simply be drifted away by the sparkling waters and sunny beaches into a world of beauty and relaxation. You can simply relax in the warmth of the sun on the white sandy beach, and take refreshing water dips into the clear sea water. If you are into a water adventure, you can go kayaking, canoeing, or snorkeling in one of the beautiful rivers, or the breathtaking lakes and waterfalls in Dalmatia.


Solta is one of the most popular islands on the coastal line of Croatia. It is family friendly, and the whole family will enjoy a great trip and memory to cherish for a lifetime.  Family-friendly activities in Solta include sailing, going on a submarine undersea tour that will blow your kids’ minds and watching a Picigin game from the Bacvice Beach. Some of the other activities you can do with your family in Solta, other than water-cetered ones, are attending the Lavender Festival, visiting the Carobni Grad (Magical City), a huge indoor playroom with multiple themes.  Shift your gaze away from the water, and the mountain will loom into your view. It is a charming combination of geographic nature that embraces water and mountains in the same place.


If you are an inland adventure lover, head to the Dinaric Alps for a climbing thrill in the midst of the rock and mountain nature. You will enjoy the scenery of the glittering coastal waters and mountains. It is an astonishing experience you will reminisce of for the rest of your life. Also, a Jeep safari or an ATV adventure is also great day thrilling adventures you can take to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a great experience discovering the beauty Dalmatia’s nature, wildlife and scenery.


As for the gastronomic side, Croatia is famous for its seafood, wine and cuisine. You have a myriad of delicious meals and drinks to revive your taste buds. Peka is a famous dish of lamb or octopus with vegetables. Other famous dishes are crni rizot (black rice With cuttlefish), oysters, salt-marinated anchovies and pickled capers and olives, grilled ligne (squid), and tagliatelle with shrimp or other seafood. To wrap up your meal with a sweet taste, try the famous traditional Rozata (custard pudding), and the marmalade or chocolate sauce filled palacinke. For an authentic Croatian dessert.  


Here are more interesting things to know about Croatia:

  • Croatia is a top tourist destination loaded with history and cultural legacy of all the empires that have passed through the region. As it was dominated for long years by many empires, each has influenced its culture on Croatia comprising a mixture of interesting architecture and history.
  • An attractive Venetian legacy landmark in Croatia is Hvar Town. This was a strategic naval base of the Venetians for centuries. You can walk through the famous fortress and enjoy the historic walls narrating many stories of soldiers standing there and outlooking the sea.

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