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The proximity to the atmospheric hillside village of Labin. Located in Istria, Croatia, the town of Labin is a tourist destination very popular with holidaymakers from all over the world. It enjoys a very pleasant climate and an impressive natural setting. Labin is above all a medieval town, situated on a hill above Rabac. Its particularity is to harmoniously combine architectural richness and historical monuments, all in a green setting remarkable and conducive to hiking. You will get to visit the old town of Labin and discover its soul, its narrow streets, its typical old houses, and its friendly inhabitants. Located only 3km from the sea, Labin has the privilege of enjoying an optimal geographical location. You can swim and enjoy water sports. You can also take a stroll in the city center and go shopping: Labin has many small shops full of beautiful discoveries, souvenirs, and local products. You will have the pleasure of sitting at one of the terraces of its cafes, on the most beautiful squares of the city. So, are you ready for the venture?

Vacation rental at Labin:

All of you who are planning to visit a beautiful and fun city this holiday you can look into the details of Labin. This wonderful and awe-inspiring city invites all the fun and adventurous lovers to explore the beauty and treasures it has to offer. You simply can't resist a trip to this astonishing destinations with your friends and family. You will love its scenic sites and historical treasures, but for enjoying all this and a lot more that are characteristics of this city, you will have to book a place to stay there in advance for the sake of avoiding any complexities and surprising turn of events. The best way to tackle such situations is to stay take preemptive steps to avoid it. Cuddlynest helps you in doing so with its vacation rental service with which you can book an entire house, apartment, condo, cabin or villa of 5 beds at $587. These packages include all the facilities at very low service fee. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and make the best use of your money and time that you have dedicated for this trip.

Tourist attractions at Labin:

What is particularly appreciated in Labin is its cultural and artistic richness, as evidenced by the sculpture park where you can see more than 70 open-air works. You have got to visit this place with your kids.

Ucka Nature Park:

Ucka Nature Park consists of the Ucka mountain range, and part of Cicarija, with a total area of 160 km2 on the east side of the Istrian peninsula.  Ucka massif's highest peak is Vojak (1396 m), on which a tower has been placed that functions as a lookout point and as a souvenir shop. The breathtaking view from the tower looks down on the islands of Krk, Losinj and Cres, Gorski Kotar and the Istrian peninsula. You should try the specialties with chestnuts and asparagus during your trip. Ucka is rich in various flora and fauna, with species such as the Ucka bellflower (Campanula tommasiniana) and the rare griffon vulture(Gyps fulvus). The ancient forests are important, where chestnuts and beeches grow, and many types of plants with healing purposes. Countless man-made findings can be found on the grounds of the park, and the evidence of caves bear witness to ancient settlements. Temporary occupation during the summer months has left its mark; findings of primary structures on the massif were used as hiding places for sheep and temporary shelter for people. This trip will be very informative plus fun for your kids. They are going to cherish it their whole life.

Recreational and adventurous activities:

Various activities are offered for adventurers in the park: many mountain bike trails, rock climbing (the most popular are Vela Draga), paragliding, hiking and horseback riding in the fresh air and beautiful countryside. All these and many other activities are awaiting you. So why the wait?

Cultural, historical and monumental value:

In Labin, you can sniff culture, visit museums, admire beautiful architecture, taste wine, and olive oil, and browse around in the small boutiques and art galleries. There is a museum about Labin's past as a mining town, where you can learn everything about the life that the miners had in the past. You can also visit part of the old mine tunnels. All these beautiful and wondrous sites are waiting for you to explore it and unveil the mesmerizing and mystical value of this city.

Treat for wine lovers:

Wine and olive oil lovers can visit several wineries and olive oil producers in the region for tasting. A popular olive oil producer is the Belic family in Rabac. If you want to visit them, make an appointment in advance. Both in Rabac and Labin you can enjoy a delicious meal, and there is also an abundance of pleasant terraces to enjoy a coffee or cocktail. So, all you are you ready to surprise your taste buds and your mind with the most delicious and strong wine?

Hiking ventures:

From Labin, you can follow even more hiking trails and cycle paths that take you to hill tops with heights of over 500m. You have the choice of paths in different levels of difficulty.


The beaches fill up quickly in the summer. Are you looking for a quieter place to sunbathe and swim, then you can also find enough beaches just outside the center. Most of these are not so easy to reach on foot from Rabac but by car, if you like windsurfing, head to the nearby Ravni beach.

Sea kayaking:

You can also choose to rent a sea kayak or a small motor boat and search through the sea for a nice hidden beach, something I can recommend! If you do not want to go sea kayaking on your initiative , you can also participate in organized kayak excursions

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