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Zadar is one of the most attractive regions in Croatia. With tons of attractions and things to do, you will have an experience that will refresh and energize you. Zadar is the most popular city in the county, and its loaded with things to do.


One of the most popular attractions of Zadar is Sea Organ. Sea Organs consists of steps descending into the sea. The design is made in a creative way in which the movement of the waves of the sea is transformed into music. Next to Sea Organ is another popular attraction, Greeting to the Sun. This is a circular plate installation of photo- sensitive of glass plates that transform day light into an astounding light show at night.


If you are looking forward to experiencing water activities, you will have to choose from many options to enjoy the crystal waters and sun bathing.  Speed Boating, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, and fishing are some of the water activities you can experience. If you are looking for a more tranquilly side of vacationing, dip yourself in the clear water and relax on one of the white sandy popular beaches in Zadar.


Zadar is also a rich city with monuments, churches, and cultural activities. Many great historic landmarks are Church of Sv. Donat (Saint Donat), the  which is a wonderful Romanesque building, the Church of Sv. Krsevan (Saint Chrysogonus) Cathedral of Sv. Stosija (Saint Anastasia), and the Church of Sv. Marija (Saint Mary) which is famous for its bell-tower.


Many cultural events also take place in the famous town of music and art, Zadar. Some of these events are the Musical Evenings in the Church of Saint Donat, international exhibitions and photographic presentations of famous themes.


Here are a few more things to know about Zadar:

  • If you are heading to Zadar with your family, a perfect family activity would be visiting the Velebit Nature Park for a full day wagon ride. Your kids will love being cowboys!
  • Enjoy the authentic meals of Zadar on food tours, or sip the delicious wine on wine tasting tours in Zadar.

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