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Situated in the northern part of Dalmatia in Croatia lies the city of Biograd na Moru which is famous as the capital city of the Croatian Kingdom during medieval times. If you are planning to visit places along the Adratic Sea, this is a good place to see. You can also see Pašman Island from here standing on the coast. The city is present on a peninsula that is bordered by two small bays. While its fame as the ancient capital raised its importance in the country, the tourism industry of Biograd na Moru really took off in 1920s. The first hotel in the city was actually constructed in 1935 when more locals turned towards tourism-based jobs opening up opportunities for further investment in the region. Biograd na Moru is rich in natural beauty and offers a long history to explore for those interested in how the local culture evolved over time under various rulers here.      

Vacation rentals in Biograd na Moru

Thanks to the flourishing tourism industry of Dalmatia, there are a great number of accommodations available in the city in addition to hotels. Take a look at the great selection of vacation rentals in Biograd na Moru available at the website of CuddlyNest. There are smaller apartments for couples and houses for large families where you can have the latest facilities and home appliances to make your stay more comfortable. 

Tourist attractions in Biograd na Moru

The city is a good tourist destination to visit with your family and friends because it has interesting places for people of all ages. More modern recreational facilities are being planned but there are also beautiful natural locations to admire in Biograd na Moru.

Fun Park Biograd

One of the latest additions to the growing number of recreational spots in the city is Fun Park Biograd. This is best amusement park in the area especially for families with small children. Thanks to the positive reception of the locals and tourists, this amusement park is being upgraded constantly to include more rides to up the fun factor. Most of the rides are suitable for young children so your little ones will not be bored for a single second during their visit. Although the size of the park is not huge it is a clean and secure place for families to roam and enjoy for a few hours. Their rides include the Sky Flyer, Big Blue, Adria Eye and Tornado by Cipi Cips. The park is well planned and constructed to provide maximum convenience to its visitors. Luckily, the prices of the rides and the food are also reasonable. There are places to eat inside Fun Park Biograd where the food is just as delicious as what you would find in other places of the city and the price is the same as well.    



Galešnjak Island

If you are planning a trip to Biograd na Moru as a couple don’t forget to visit the Island of Love known locally as Galešnjak. This island is famous around the world for being shaped like a heart naturally so tourists come from different countries to see it. This shape was officially noted by Napoleon's cartographer in the 19th century. It is situated in the Pašman Canal possessing a surface area of around 0.132km2. There are two peaks on the Island of Love from where the beautiful views of the surroundings may be seen. This is a private island which is not currently inhabited except for animals. Olive and fig trees have been grown in the western part of the island. However, it may have been settled in the past as the evidence has been found in the form of ancient ruins. The lucky owners of the Island of Love allow people to hold small events such as engagements and wedding ceremonies there. If you are interested in a tour, those are organized everyday departing from Tkon.     

Zadar Cathedral

Those who seek to learn more about the religious history of Biograd na Moru may wish to see the Zadar Cathedral which has its origins in the basilica that was constructed there in 4th and 5th centuries whose patron was St. Peter. The church that we can admire today is not the original structure which was destroyed in the siege of Zadar in 1202. The three-nave church was made in the Roman architectural style during the 12th and 13th centuries. The church was consecrated again in 1285 after extensive repairs. Once you enter the building, you will be amazed by the intricacy of the altars, sculptures and paintings all around you. Traces of frescos from medieval times have also been uncovered at Zadar Cathredal. Many artists have their works displayed in this church above and around the multiple altars. If you are a student of art history or have an interest in religious art, you will be delighted by the variety and value of the artworks decorating the interior. Fans of renowned Venetian artist, Vittore Carpaccio, will want to see the Zadar Polyptych showcased here.    

Marina Šangulin 

When you are near Biograd na Moru, you might want to spend an afternoon at the Marina Šangulin which is situated in the heart of the Croatian coast that lies surrounded by Zadar and Split. The marine will enchant you with its sights and sounds as you experience the local culture in all its colorful glory. The marina is open throughout the year and it gets especially crowded here during July and August which is the peak season. Interestingly, this is a natural cove that is sheltered from winds making it ideal to drop anchor here. It is a beautiful sight with nearly 200 berths for high security of vessels. There are a couple of natural parks in the region so this is a great spot to add to your itinerary. Have a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants at the marina to end your day.      


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