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Quick facts about Cyprus


Travel information about Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most famous island countries in the Mediterranean. It’s located near many famous countries such as Turkey Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Greece. The history of this particular country dates back to the 10th millennium BC. The rich history and culture make the country a perfect tourist destination in the Mediterranean. 

Tourism plays a key role in the economy of Cyprus. In fact, the revenue and arrival numbers have significantly increased during some recent years. The thousands of years of history and civilization attract tourists from all parts of the world. The artistic significance of the Byzantine monuments is also high. Since Cyprus is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, the country has got many big and small vacation rentals with modern facilities. 

What Cyprus Offers You

With its grand history and cultures, Cyprus has been a famous holiday island in the region. It was also the center of many empires that rose in the Eastern Mediterranean. Fertile valleys and tall mountains of the country allow you to spend holidays with your beloved ones in an ideal environment. 

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Cyprus

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Here at CuddlyNest, we come to offer highly-facilitated vacation rentals at affordable rates because we have direct links with local hosts of all the countries where we offer our service. Whether the United States, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, or any other country, we prove to be the best house-rental platform in all. 

Top Cities to Visit in Cyprus

  • Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital and largest city in Cyprus. Located near the center of the plain of Mesaoria, the city attracts tourists from different countries throughout the year. With its 4500 years of history, Nicosia also stands out as one of the oldest cities in the region.

Being the central hub of the country, Nicosia has all kinds of official buildings and educational institutions. On your visit to this city, you’ll also be seeing many foreign workers and international students learning and working in the city. The best tourist attractions of the city are in and around its Old City. 

Nicosia is considered the heartbeat of the country. The stunning beaches, vibrant street life, and beautiful architecture precisely develop an interest in travel lovers. The people of the city are also vibrant and entertaining. Across the city, you can find many mosques, churches, and colonial era-buildings that wait for travelers to tell their interesting stories.

Top attractions in Nicosia include:

  • Cyprus Museum
  • Venetian Fortifications
  • Büyük Han
  • The Byzantine Museum
  • Selimiye Mosque
  • Leventis Museum
  • Old Town
  • Mesaoria Region
  • Bellapais
  • Kyrenia
  • And many more

CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals near all these attractions in Nicosia.


  • Limassol

After Nicosia, Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus. When it comes to tourism or quality of life, Limassol comes with the world’s leading cities. Being a global city in the 4th category, it offers an outstanding experience of unique Mediterranean life. The city is famous worldwide for its stunning sandy beaches, huge mountains, and fabulous local wine.  

Whether museums, landmarks, kid-friendly places, or local cuisines, all are famous here in Limassol. The Waterpark of Limassol is also a wow-factor in the city. If you have kids with you, you must visit this waterpark that is full of swimming pools and exciting slides. The park has also got a wave pool, a fish spa, and even a tattoo studio.

On your visit to the city, you also get a chance to see more than 300 animals in the Limassol Zoo. From the low fences, you can see lions, crocodiles, zebras, and monkeys, and different species of local birds and reptiles. 

Top attractions to visit in Limassol include:

  • Limassol Castle
  • Limassol Zoo
  • Promenade
  • Ayia Napa Cathedral
  • City of Dreams Mediterranean
  • Cyprus Motor Museum
  • Katholiki
  • Limassol Archaeological Museum
  • Municipal Zoo
  • And many more



  • Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus. Located on the southern coast, it’s a beautiful city that is known for its palm-tree seafront. Being a premier seaside resort in Cyprus, the city succeeds in attracting tourists from different cities and countries. 

You would love to take pictures of yourself with the background of its seafront promenade. With its 6000 years of history, Larnaca is considered as the oldest city in the country. Today’s city is divided into the old city center and modern vacation rentals and restaurants to please both foreign and local tourists who come here to spend holidays with their friends and family. 

The seaside position of the city increases its immense beauty. While staying here, you’ll love both the morning coffee and evening beer with your beloved ones. During the summers, the city gets a flood of holidaymakers and all its vacation rentals, restaurants, cafes, and bars remain full of visitors throughout the season. 

Top attractions to visit in Larnaca include:

  • Church of Saint Lazarus
  • Larnaca Salt Lake
  • Kamares Aqueduct
  • Larnaca Castle
  • MS Zenobia
  • Ancient Kition
  • Larnaca Marina
  • Pierides Museum - Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
  • Kastela Beach
  • Larnaca Salt Lake Trail
  • And many more

Most-Visited Tourist Destinations in Cyprus

  • Kykkos Monastery
  • Nissi Beach
  • Tombs of the Kings
  • Ayios Lazaros (The Church of Saint Lazarus)
  • Kato Paphos Archaeological Park
  • Paphos Castle
  • Mount Olympus
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Hala Sultan Tekke
  • Fig Tree Bay
  • Fasouri Watermania
  • Cyprus Museum
  • And many more

Ready to visit Cyprus? Book the best vacation rentals in Cyprus from CuddlyNest, prior to your arrival in this beautiful island country!


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