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Quick facts about Dominican Republic


Travel information about Dominican Republic

 The Dominican Republic is one of the most famous Caribbean countries. With stunning mountain scenery and glorious beaches, the country attracts travel lovers from all parts of the world. The colonial structure and desert scrublands of the Dominican Republic are also amazing. People come here to spend their holidays and to forget all their day-to-day woes.  

A Perfect Coastal Country

The country has got a coastline of hundreds of kilometers. The palm trees, rocky cliffs, mangrove lagoons, and wind-swept dunes beautiful shade the white-sand beaches of the country. There are many fishing villages where you can enjoy live seafood with your beloved ones. The aquamarine waters also succeed in getting the attention of tourists. 

People and Culture

Whether Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata, people of all cities in this country are vibrant and welcoming. They celebrate every day with heart and soul and please foreign tourists with lots of interesting activities. The local shops and cafes are always filled with people from different cities and countries. The people of the Dominican Republic know how to party. You can observe unique cultures in all its towns in different Carnival celebrations. The local hosts that offer vacation rentals are also welcoming and friendly.

Tourism in the Dominican Republic

The tourism industry of the country plays a great role in its economy. Tourism is an important source of the economy because more than 6 million tourists head to this country each year. Being the most famous Caribbean destination among tourists, the country attracts visitors from all over the world. The country also ranks with the top 5 tourist destinations in the Americas. 

What makes the country a perfect tourist destination? Well, from an ideal tropical climate to beautiful beaches, rich history to diverse cultures and huge mountains to amazing nightlife, the country has got everything that a tourist looks for in a country. 

The Dominican Republic is also the home of some of the largest Caribbean mountains and lakes. ‘Pico Duarte' is considered the tallest mountain peak in all Caribbean countries. On the other hand, ‘Lake Enriquillo' stands out as the largest lake in the region. The Americas first cathedral, fortress, monastery, and castle are also present in the Dominican Republic. 

The top 10 countries the Dominican Republic receives tourists from include:

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. Russia
  5. France
  6. Argentina
  7. Spain
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Puerto Rico
  10. Venezuela


5 Things to Know Before Travelling to This Country

1.  Dominican Peso


Dominican Peso is the official currency of the country that you can’t import or export. However, you can easily get it after landing in the country. Whether you bring the US dollars (the most preferred foreign currency here in the Dominican Republic) or some other currencies, you can easily have them exchanged with Dominican Peso. You can find some vacation rentals that also accept US dollars.



   2. Music and Merengue


Music and Merengue is actually the heart and soul of the country. Merengue is a unique style of dance and music that widely famous among Dominicans. Being the native to the country, the dance happens to be the main attraction of all parties and gatherings. In fact, the unique music brings people onto the dance floor in a few minutes.



3.  Amber and Larimar


The two semi-precious stones of the Dominican Republic are quite famous. You can find fine and transparent ambers on the northern coastline. Other than that, you can also purchase raw ambers from the mines in the La Cumbre Hills. The raw ambers can be polished to make a piece of beautiful jewelry. The blue amber is known as ‘Larimar' is only found in this country.



   4. Mamajuana


The native Taino Indians in the Dominican Republic makes a unique herbal drink called ‘Mamajuana'. It's widely believed here that Christopher Columbus invented the drink in 1492 by mixing alcohol with herbal beverages. Today's drink contains 10% honey, 40% red wine, and 50% rum.



    5. The Tap Water


The tap water in the Dominican Republic isn’t recommended for foreign tourists. However, bottled water is widely available across the country. In case you have a sensitive stomach, you should use bottled water for brushing your teeth also. Vacation rentals in the country also keep bottled water for their guests.



 Top Cities to Visit in the Dominican Republic

  • Santo Domingo
  • Punta Cana
  • Puerto Plata
  • La Romana
  • Ciudad Colonial 
  • Santiago De Los Caballeros
  • Cabarete
  • Samana
  • Las Terranas
  • Higuey
  • Jarabacoa
  • And others

CuddlyNest can provide you highly-facilitated vacation rentals at affordable rates in all these cities.

Most-Visited Tourist Destinations in the Dominican Republic

  • Bávaro (A beautiful area with beach resorts)
  • Los Haitises National Park (Mangrove forests)
  • Altos de Chavón (Historic Mediterranean village replica)
  • Columbus Lighthouse (Lighthouse monument)
  • Ocean World Adventure Park, Puerto Plata
  • Fortaleza Ozama (Riverside castle from the 16th century    )
  • Cocotal Golf and Country Club (27-hole course in tropical surrounds)
  • Dolphin Explorer (Interactive park with marine animals)
  • Parque Colon (City square with Columbus statue)
  • Dr. Rafael Ma. Moscoso National Botanical Garden
  • Basílica Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia
  • And many more

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