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Quick facts about Ecuador


Travel information about Ecuador

Ecuador is a country on the northwestern side of South America. It has its borders joined to Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. The country of Ecuador has the capital Quito, and it is also the largest city in Ecuador.


Ecuador is a country with a strong history. The history here reflects the Spanish rule. The culture in Ecuador is also very diversified. Whereas, most tourists are attracted to Ecuador because of natural wealth. Ecuador is rich in natural attractions, along with that the cultural attractions are also a plus point.


Attractions in Ecuador

Every city and the country are famous because of the famous places it has. If any country is full of a touristy place, more tourist will visit it and explore more about it. Ecuador is a country with some amazing places to visit. Ecuador is full of places that are rich in history. You can also visit the parks and spend some relaxing time while watching the sunset. You can also visit the museum and explore more about the country, along with that, there is so picturesque landscape location. These lovely places in Ecuador will make your vacation even better and you will not want to come back home.


The revitalizing and the energizing places and the attractions here will help you clear off all the work stress. The calming and enriching vacations in Ecuador will leave you will all the positive vibe, that will help you work better in the workspace when you go back to the normal routine.


Some of the major locations and the attractions of Ecuador are as follows.

·         Cotopaxi

·         Quilotoa

·         Baltra Island

·         Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

·         Bartolomé Island

·         Floreana Island

·         Chimborazo

·         North Seymour Island

·         Charles Darwin Research Station

·         Fernandina Island

·         Tortuga Bay

·         Parque Nacional Galápagos

·         Cotopaxi National Park

·         El Cajas National Park

·         South Plaza Island

·         Genovesa Island

·         Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

·         Sierra Negra

·         Cayambe

·         Pichincha

·         Cuicocha

·         Rábida Island

·         TeleferiQo

·         El Panecillo

·         Isla de la Plata

·         Basílica del Voto Nacional

·         Machalilla National Park

·         Tungurahua

·         Illiniza

·         Antisana

·         Compañía de Jesús, Quito

·         Malecón 2000

·         Plaza de la Independencia

·         Darwin Island

·         Riobamba

·         Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco, Quito

·         Sangay

·         Sangay National Park

·         Pasochoa

·         Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve

·         Roca León Dormido

·         Imbabura Volcano

·         El Altar

·         Historic Center of Quito

·         Wolf Island

·         Las Peñas

·         Parque La Carolina

·         New Cathedral of Cuenca

·         La Capilla del Hombre

·         Parque Seminario


Restaurant in Ecuador

Food is the life and the best part of any vacation. While on a vacation, if you have the same, old, repeated, and boring food everyday, it will not be exciting.

If you are in a new place or part in Ecuador, every day, try out the local foods of Ecuador. You will be able to explore and experience the new food options in that area of Ecuador. Tasting and exploring food is the heavenly part of any vacation. At times, you will have the food that is different, yet tasty. And sometimes you will get the food which you had never tried, and which is unacceptable for your taste buds. This way you will have a wider knowledge about the food of Ecuador and you might also find some of your new favourite foods from the country of Ecuador.


Ecuador is full of restaurants, that provide authentic, tasty food. Here is a list of restaurants in Ecuador, which you should visit and enjoy the meal there.


The list of restaurants in Ecuador are as follows.

·         Mestizart Ecuadorian Restaurant

·         El Mesón del Tren

·         Martinica

·         Zazu

·         La Petite Mariscal

·         URKO Cocina Local

·         Mucki's

·         UkuPacha

·         Raymipampa Restaurant

·         Mama Clorinda

·         Tiesto's Cafe Restaurant

·         Achiote

·         Lo Nuestro

·         Theatrum

·         Fried Bananas

·         Casa Hood

·         Vista Hermosa

·         De La Llama

·         Pim's

·         Miskay


Nightlife of Ecuador

Most people on a vacation, miss out to experience the nightlife of the city. In this case, you have to the whole country, where you can enjoy and experience the night. Ecuador is a country in South America, with a dazzling nightlife. You will not want to miss such lit nightlife of the country. To make the vacation easier for you, we have listed down all the nightclubs and bars where you can go and enjoy the time of your life.


The famous nightclubs and bars of Ecuador are as follows.

·         Lost Beach Club

·         Finn McCool's

·         Leprechaun Bar

·         Jazz Society Café

·         Zarza Brewing Co.

·         Discoteca Nidia Fuzzion Party

·         Salsoteca Lavoe

·         ANDALUZ Internacional

·         París Bar & Lounge

·         Strawberry Fields Bar

·         Pipas Bar

·         Bandido Brewing

·         El Quijote Bar De Vinos

·         Dirty Sanchez Cafe Bar Galeria

·         Cava Caran

·         Bungalow 6

·         La Piramide Nightclub

·         bongo bar

·         Bullcay Del Carmen

·         Beto's Beach Bar


Accommodations in Ecuador

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