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Finland is rich in its spectacular and contrasting landscapes. Hikers and skiers enjoy cross-country skiing, try reindeer sleds, cruises on an icebreaker, sledges, snowshoes, and snowmobiles. To relax, there is no more relaxing than a good sauna that starts with a steam bath and ends with a cold shower in the icy water of the Baltic Sea. The towns and villages of Finland are located in the middle of the forests, in peaceful sites. A true corner of tranquility in a pleasant living environment and a preserved environment. Winter and summer, Finland is a perfect destination, located just two hours by plane from Paris and offers, like its Scandinavian counterparts, a wide range of activities.

Vacation rental at Finland:

The curious traveler will be able to discover this Nordic country, where it is good to live and walk, from forests to lakes, before going north, to venture into the frozen world of Lapland and, who knows, maybe, to meet moose, reindeer or even ... Santa Claus! Cuddlynest brings you the vacation rental services with which you can book an entire apartment, house, villa, condo, cabin or villa of 9 beds at $ 314 for your stay with your family at Finland.

Tourist attractions at Finland:

Discover the capital Helsinki and enjoy the many possibilities of beautiful walks available to you. Take the boat to the neighboring archipelago, which houses the most beautiful classical buildings around the Senate Square, and admire the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral and especially the Temppeliaukio Church, carved into the rock. At the crossroads of two great lakes, discover Tampere, recognized by its Sara-Hildén museum and Kaleva church. The small town of Kerimäki is characterized by the largest wooden church in the world. Turku is the oldest city where you can discover its 14th-century medieval castle, its 13th-century cathedral, and its open-air museum.

Warm up in a sauna:

What better, after a long day of tourism, than to experience this typically Finnish place of socialization? In a small wooden hut located next to a lake (ideally!), You will just sit on the benches and enjoy a real steam bath, which will make you sweat and help your skin to clean yourself. If you want to be like locals, whip up vasta (a bundle of small branches of birch) and go diving in the river (jelly) between sessions, it's as iced as it is invigorating!

Admire the aurora borealis:

When winter sets in, the Finnish sky offers the most beautiful spectacle possible: the aurora borealis dancing in the sky. Only visible when all conditions are met, it is an unforgettable memory that these lights are evolving wildly in the polar night, without any order or logic. It is better, however, to rent a car and go to the north of the country to have more chances to see!

Enjoy the Great Lakes Region:

The Great Lakes region is a paradise for nature lovers. What will you choose to do between fishing, hiking, sports activities, bike tours or kayaking and canoeing? From Saimaa to Kuopio via Tampere, everything invites only one thing: enjoy again and again!

Seeking Santa Claus in Lapland:

On the side of Rovaniemi , not far from the Arctic Circle, is a strange little village where lives a funny man, all dressed in red and wearing a beautiful beard: Santa Claus! Even if the Santa Claus Village is a major tourist attraction, do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of childhood and send all your friends some authentic postcards made in Finland!

Discover Helsinki and visit Suomenlinna:

Gateway to the country (because located to the south), Helsinki is a charming capital where life is good at any time of the year. Art, culture, history: everything is there in this city where you never get bored. However, if there were only one place to visit, no doubt it would be the fortress of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accessible by boat from Helsinki (because built on an island), it is an ideal excursion for a day, which will delight young and old!

Lake Inari:

A very sparsely populated area, many hiking possibilities in summer, a large lake where you can swim, snowy in winter.

Finnish Lapland:

Huge wild areas, forests, hills, and groves; Rovaniemi, the city of Santa Claus; midnight sun in summer and permanent night in winter.

Porvoo (Borgå):

City of art and culture attracting painters and writers; small houses of painted wood nestled between hill and river, as in a fairy tale.


The "Finnish Manchester," one of the most interesting cities in Finland: old industrial heritage rehabilitated into museums and entertainment areas.


Its parks, some picturesque wooden houses, a cathedral, interesting museums, a colossal castle, the lively quays of the Aurajoki River.

Turku Archipelago:

Marine landscapes where the earth and water intermingle to the horizon; nearly 20,000 islands and pretty little villages.

Gather barriers and mushrooms in the forest:

To discover the Finnish way of life in all its authenticity and become aware of the intimate relationship that the inhabitants of our country have with nature, you can pick some wild berries or mushrooms in the forest. Blueberries, Arctic blackberries, and lingonberries are well deserving of "superfoods": they are incomparably tasty and loaded with high doses of vitamins and flavonoids after ripening during the "white nights" of the Nordic summer. The best season for berry picking is from late July to September, while mushrooms can be picked from late summer to early snowfall.

Are you ready to stroll on the Esplanade of Helsinki? Sign up for Cuddlynest and Share the ephemeral joys of the Saturday night fever on the boat-bars of the Aurajoki. Watch the reindeer quench their thirst in the Oulankajoki under the midnight sun. Run out of the sauna and dive without thinking into the cold water of Ounasjärvi. Go on an adventure on the infinite Lake Inari. Marvel at the flamboyant colors of the tundra. Rejoice in the supernatural shimmer of the northern lights!

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