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Quick facts about Corsica


Travel information about Corsica

 Corsica is a famous island in France that is located in the southeast of the country’s mainland. The geographical location of this particular island is amazing, so it succeeds in attracting thousands of tourists throughout the world. The vibrant coastal cities, glittering bays, and fantabulous beaches are enough to make your tour perfect. You’ll surely enjoy vacations here at Corsica with your friends and family. 

Though Corsica is a part of France for centuries, both language and customs are different from the mainland of France. The character of the people of Corsica is also distinguished and they love to be called as Corsican. Since it’s one of the famous tourist destinations in France, there are many big and small vacation rentals that you can book at affordable rates through CuddlyNest. 

What Corsica Offers You

 Located in the Mediterranean Sea and the west of Italy, the island offers endless beautiful attractions for travel lovers. From beautiful natural landscapes to historical sites, Corsica proves to be a one-stop solution for tourists with different moods and tastes. The huge mountains that surround that island attract hikers while the waters prove to be excellent for watersports. Other than divers and climbers, normal tourists also enjoy seeing the natural beauty of the place. 

The cities that you must see on this island include Ajaccio, Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, Cargese, Corte, Saint-Florest, and Port-Vecchio. The seaside scenery, pristine forests, and snowcapped mountains have precisely helped Corsica become the ‘Island of Beauty’ of France. It’ll be a nice experience for you to see the picturesque villages, hillsides, and port towns of Corsica. CuddlyNest can provide you highly-facilitated vacation rentals at affordable rates. 

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Corsica

CuddlyNest is one of the leading short-term accommodation online booking platforms. With a professional team of travel experts, we come to offer luxury vacation rentals at reasonable rates. When it comes to tourists attractions, there is no shortage of anything here at this island. With its approximately 1000kilometer shoreline, this island is said to be one of the most inspiring landscapes in Europe. We proudly offer the best rental properties near all its attractions. 

Here at CuddlyNest, we provide vacation rentals in more than 100 countries of the world including France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Florida, Argentina, Switzerland, and many others. In all these countries, we have direct links with local hosts who provide better facilities to our guests at lower rates.

Top Attractions in and around Corsica

  • Ajaccio

Ajaccio is a quite famous city because the world-famous leader, Napoleon Bonaparte was born here. While wandering in the streets of this town, you’ll enjoy endless spectacular seaside views. The things that you must see here include the equestrian statue of Napoleon, the grand square, and the Place de Gaulle. The birthplace of Napoleon, the Maison Bonaparte is also one of the most visited places here in Ajaccio. 

While enjoying your holidays here in this city, you must also visit the old town of Ajaccio. The narrow old streets and the maze of winding will provide you great historic charm. The most famous place in the old town is the Cathédrale d'Ajaccio. It is the place where Napoleon was baptized back in 1771. 

Other attractions in Ajaccio include:

  • Archipel des Sanguinaires
  • Fesch Museum
  • Plage de Grand Capo Di Feno
  • Torra di a Parata
  • Sentier des Crétes



  • Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a beautiful fortified town here in Corsica. The city is famous for its historic settings. It's is considered as a jumble of medieval lanes and a perfect ambiance of the old world. Near Bonifacio, you can also see the largest nature reserve of Corsica, ‘Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio’ along with seaside grottos, limestone cliffs, and the Lavezzi Islands. 

There are many stunning beaches also that surround Bonifacio. Through this town, you can also reach the Sardini’s port of Santa Teresa di Gallura through just a one-house ferry ride. Bonifacio is also said to be the Corsica’s largest commune. 

Many people also say that Bonifacio is the best-kept-secret in France. However, tourists are increasing with every year passed and this isn't a secret anyone. The best attractions of the town include:

  • Beach Rondinara
  • Cavallo
  • Plage du petit Sperone
  • King of Aragon staircase
  • Lighthouse Pertusato
  • Beach Paraguan
  • Bonifacio cemetery

CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals near all these attractions. 


  • Calvi

Surrounded by snowcapped mountains, Calvi is a beautiful city in Corsica. The incredible Mediterranean setting of the city attracts many tourists from different countries. The city entertains both French and Non-French visitors through its beautiful beaches and sun-drenched marina. You can enjoy here swimming and sunbathing and can spend a perfect time with your beloved ones at its outdoor cafes. 

The historic buildings, narrow lanes, and the cobblestone streets in Corsica are worth watching for any visitors who are looking forward to making memories in France. In fact, you would love to visit the city of Christopher Columbus. Things that you must do here in Calvi include:

  • Visit the Citadel
  • Boat ride to the Scandola Nature Reserve
  • Scuba Dive via B17 Bomber
  • Bay Watersports
  • Travel in the train to Algajola village and the town of L’Ile Rousse

CuddlyNest can provide you the best vacation rentals in Calvi.


  • Bastia

If you really want to visit the real Corsica, you must visit the city Bastia. It’s a beautiful seaside city with a picturesque harbor and historical old town. The tightly packed houses and the narrow lanes of the city give it a unique beauty that you won’t find anywhere else in France. 

This French commune is located in the north-east of Corsica. It is also one of the highest populated communes in France. However, more than 10% of its population are immigrants who have come here to spend peaceful days near this beautiful natural attraction. 

So, book vacation rentals in Corsica from CuddlyNest and explore all these stunning attractions with your beloved ones.

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