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Travel information about Pays De La Loire

Pays de la Loire is a region, out of total eighteen regions in France. With total area of about 32,082 km2, this region is home to about 4 million inhabitants.  Brittany, Anjou, Maine, Poitou, Perche and Touraine are the major provinces of this region. The economy of the region depends on agriculture and industrialization. Animal husbandry is common profession of many people of the region. Soil is acidic and heavy so much agricultural practices are not common. Food and beverage, shipbuilding, clothing and shoe manufacturing, manufacturing of vehicles and vehicle components, plastics, electronics, robotics and telecommunications are the major industrial products of the region. The costal areas including Les Sables d’Olonne in Vendeee and Cote de Jade are famous tourists’ destination. 

The climate of Pays de la Loire is warm and temperate. Rainfall is significant. Temperature remains moderate mostly. It makes this region the best place for vacation tours and business trips.

What Pays de la Loire offers you?

Pays de la Loire has bays, valleys, forts and museums. Loire Valley is famous for its vineyards. You can visit Chateau de Saumur hilltop medieval fort that contains a city museum and enjoy the antiques displays. The capital of the region Nantes has Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne museum, Gothic Nantes Cathedral, Les Machines de l'Ile and Terra Botanica leisure park. Saumur has Plantagenet monarchs, extensive grounds and Puy du Fou in Les Epesses historical park. 

You can visit Puy du Fou theme park with historical re-enactments, Chateau d' Angers castle, Machines of the Isle of Nantes, Chateau de Saumur fortress, Chateau de Brissac castle, Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud cultural centre, Jardin des plantes de Nantes botanical gardens, Nantes Cathedral, Chateau de Breze, Zoo de la Fleche, Briere Regional Natural Park, Terra Botanica, Sologne and Planete Sauvage. Jules Verne Museum with manuscripts and books is dedicated to the novelist Jules Verne is worth visiting. You can visit Arts Museum of Nantes that is a gallery of historic and modern art. Cathedral of Saint Julian of Le Mans, Chateau du Plessis-Bourre, Parc Oriental de Maulevrier, Le Lieu unique, Maine river, Musee des Blindes, Ocearium Croisic are included in top tourists’ attractions. You can visit this region and enjoy the beauty of the fascinating architecture and medieval buildings. Plan your vacation or business trip to Pays de la Loire and take your fellows and friends with you. Click photos, selfies and share over social media. 

Cuddlynest provides rentals in Pays de la Loire

CuddlyNest is the second name of vacationers' comfort. It is the worldwide system of rental providing services. We have joins with numerous rental proprietors around the top attractions in numerous nations. We gladly state that CuddlyNest is providing the best rentals to its customers at moderate rates and simple terms. CuddlyNest provides small and big rentals in the regions near top tourists’ attractions with optimistic benefits. CuddlyNest is spread in entire France and is serving the voyagers who visit states, towns and urban area. Our motto is to serve our customers with the best managements at moderate expense as designated by need and requirements of customer.

Top attractions at Pays de la Loire

  • Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou is a theme park in western France. Disneyland is the largest theme park in Paris and Puy du Fou is the second largest theme park in France that attracts about 4 million visitors each year. This park hosts many important festivals including The Secret of the Lance, The Vikings, Triumph's Sign, The Phantom Birds Dance , Richelieu's Musketeers, Le Dernier Panache, Les Orgues de Feu, Les Musiciens Traditionels, L'Odyssee du Puy du Fou, Les Automates Musiciens du Bourg, Les Chevaliers de la Table, La Renaissance du Chateau and Les Amoureux de Verdun. This park is an ideal place for children as well as adults. Cuddlynest provides rentals near this amazing theme park.

Jardin des plantes de Nantes

The botanical garden Jardin des plantes de Nantes. It is famous for its flora and medicinal plants. It has more than one thousand plants species including hundred and fifty exotic plants. It has about twelve camellia species, four peony species, 202 chrysanthemum species and a classic rose garden. There is a palm house and many greenhouses too. The garden houses an exceptional collection of epiphytes, including orchids of the African lowlands and Asian mountains correspondingly. Tropical plants are also present. The Orangerie lodges citrus trees during the winter, and the dry greenhouse contains a one of the best cactus collections. You can visit this beautiful garden if you are a nature lover, botanist or researcher. You can experience a new wave of freshness in these gardens. Cuddlynest provides rentals near Jardin des plantes de Nantes gardens.

Arts Museum of Nantes

The art museum is the largest museum of France. It is located at Nantes at Pays de la Loire region. This museum is famous for the statutes of old heroes and personalities, that it houses. It is also known for exhibitions that it holds each year. You can visit this museum and have a look at the ancient history of France. Pay a visit to this enchanting place, click photos of amazing architecture and have fun. Cuddlynest provides rentals near this area.

When you become frustrated of daily routine than vacation is the best way to avoid all further worries. Pays de la Loire is the perfect vacation spot. It has much more to explore. Top destinations include:

  • Museum of the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Castle Goulaine
  • Abbey Maillezais
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Angers
  • Castle of Serrant
  • Castle Talmont
  • Castle Tiffauges
  • Escal'Atlantic
  • Museum of Tesse
  • Plantagenet City
  • Sevre Nantaise
  • Island of Versailles
  • Penotte Island
  • Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery
  • Bioparc of Doue-la-Fontaine
  • Rochemenier Village Troglodytique
  • Logis La Chabotterie
  • Circuit of Sarthe
  • Atlantic Toboggan
  • Island of Nantes

Plan your vacation to this beautiful city and book your rentals with Cuddlynest. The best thing about booking with us is that all rentals are located near top tourists’ attractions. We promise you a journey full of comfort with maximum facilities at affordable rates.

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