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The quaint village of Limenaria is situated on the southwest end of Thassos Island which is part of the northern territory of Greece. This place has become a hot tourist destination in recent decades because of its natural beauty like the gorgeous Stelakis Beach that stretches 1.2km along the coast of Greece. There are a number of pebble beaches in this region as well as lovely isolated coves where you may enjoy the peaceful waves and serene atmosphere. From the villages on the island of Thassos you are able to catch breathtaking sights of the Holy Site of Mount Athos. If you stand on the high points of Thassos Island you are treated to incredible views of the surrounding coast and the blue Aegean Sea. The village of Limenaria is economically significant for its harbor where you will see all kinds of fishing and pleasure boats available for tours. This charming village is open for tourism throughout the years because the weather here is so mild. People love coming to the island to spend their summer and winter holidays. It is also the perfect place for a romantic getaway or sweet honeymoon in a traditional coastal village of Greece. While you are touring the historically important urban centers of the country you might want to spend a couple of days learning about the local traditions in the island communities of Greece. This unique experience is not available anywhere in the cities because every island has its own practices that have been preserved by the residents for centuries. Food is very important in Greek culture serving to bring people close together and there are special delicacies prepared for various celebrations. You may find the most popular dishes at the restaurants and cafés scattered around the village of Limenaria. There are taverns and bars where you may try the local brews in their authentic serving style. Meet the locals selling their wares and fresh produce at the markets of the villages all over the world. Looking trough the history of Thassos Island you will notice that they still adhere to the old ways of life for the most part. Mining used to be a major industry here in the 20th century especially for cadmium and zinc. You might wish to explore the old mines that are close to the head office of the dominating mining company of modern day Limenaria. Check the calendar of the Folklore Museum to make plans to enjoy theatre or musical events.        

Vacation rentals in Limenaria Thassos

Despite the quaint setting, you will be able to avail modern facilities in the studios of Limenaria since the tourism industry boomed here in the 1960s. CuddlyNest has a selection of fully furnished apartments in Limenaria for you. Many visitors prefer to stay with friends and family here by using the search filter to find the most suitable houses in Limenaria during their trip as well.

Tourist attractions in Limenaria Thassos

There is a trend of renting villas in Limenaria to have a luxurious experience while living close to the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Thassos. You may visit the galleries and museums to study the exhibitions of art and history related to this region. The coast along the Aegean Sea near Thassos Island is filled with beautiful sand and pebble beaches. Located in the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace in Greece, Limenaria provides amazing places to shop for souvenirs and local merchandise.

Fos Gallery

The talented local artists of this region are well represented at Fos Gallery on Thassos Island. Most of the exhibitions being presented in this art gallery are centered on contemporary art forms. The Fos Gallery has been established in the old house of Athina and Hermes while the name of this gallery refers to the word light in Greek. Walk around the displays of brilliant paintings and inspiring sculptures by the artists of Thassos Island and others. In addition, there are exhibitions by the trendiest local fashion designers for clothes and accessories. You may purchase handmade crafts and jewelry that represents the culture of the island perfectly.    

Iris Gold Jewelry Factory

People who are fans of accessories and adore gold jewelry will love visiting the Iris Gold Jewelry Factory in the village of Limenaria. The handmade items are priced according to the stones, gold variety and techniques used in making them. While they may seem a bit overpriced establishments such as these support the economy of Thassos Island particularly through the tourists who are curious about locally made accessories. People particularly recommend this store for buying gold rings and resizing rings. If you happened to damage a precious piece of jewelry on your tip around Greece this is the best place to get it fixed for a reasonable charge.  

Palace in Limenaria of Thassos

Many people know the Palace of Limenaria in Thassos Island as the “Haunted House”. This is a cool place for teenagers and young visitors who seek thrill and excitement on the island. Situated on a high point, the building offers incredible views of the settlements and coast. This is an abandoned house that may be reached by climbing up the steps leading to that place. Alternatively, you could choose to drive to it by crossing the bridge. Plans were announced to restore this old building but a decade later, it remains in a state of disrepair.

Rosogremos Beach

Any time of the year you will be able to have a blast on the Rosogremos Beach on Thassos Island thanks to the mild climate of this region. Since this is a sandy beach it is ideal for outdoor games like beach volleyball and it is suitable for children who want to play in the sand too. It is highly recommended for those who enjoy snorkeling because there are underwater cliffs here to explore. Plan an amazing fishing trip with buddies or enjoy boating tours to this beach. Nearby there is plenty of shade for peaceful sunbathing.

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