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Budapest Budapest is the capital city of Hungary holding treasures of historical sites and natural bounties. Due to its enchanting beauty, pleasing weather and refreshing air, this place is also referred as "Paris of the East". The city has two major areas; one is Buda hilly area whereas the other one is pest, flat area. Both these areas are distinctively divided by river Danube and connected by the famous bridge, Arpad. There are more bridges as well connecting the two beautiful sites. These bridges are at a distance from each other. You can find each of them unique and built in a different way. Each bridge has its own history, dedication and real life stories associated with it. Bridges of Budapest includes:

• Rákóczi Bridge
• PetÅ‘fi Bridge
• Liberty Bridge
• Elisabeth Bridge
• Chain Bridge
• Margaret Bridge
• Arpad Bridge


Apart from these fascinating bridges and river views, both the Buda and Pest areas have uncountable attractions for the visitors. You will enjoy staying at the city while visiting sites, shopping, tasting specialties, listening to local people and their music and also appreciating the architectural and art work of the city.

Weather Of Budapest

If you have planned to visit the capital city of Hungary than going through the weather conditions of city is a must before packing your luggage. The average temperature of this place varies from summers to winters. Summers are usually warm and sunny with July being the hottest month having a record temperature 21°C. Whereas winters are comparatively colder as the temperature drops drastically. January is the coldest month with a recorded temperature of -10°C.

Vacation Rentals In Budapest

People travelling to Budapest for vacation usually have different preferences to stay in the capital city. Some prefer balcony apartments while other love to stay in the center of the city. Whatever location you prefer to choose, we have a wide range of comfortable options for you. From single bedroom balcony apartments to multiple room houses and villas, variety of vacation rentals are available along with services. Most of the rentals offer services in less or no fee. So you can enjoy a tremendous vacation at the Budapest in least charges.

Tourist Attractions in Budapest

Buda Castle
On the south of Castle district, castle hill is found which is famous for an enormous royal construction known as Budha Castle or Budha Palace. Buda Castle is a huge complex of a palace and a castle. Both of these ancient master pieces have historic values and are famous for the Hungarian art work done on the interior and exterior side of the castle. The castle was built in 1265 whereas the huge palace now surrounding the place was completed in 1769. In 1987, this beautiful castle was declared as a part of the Budapest World Heritage Site. Now this palace serves as a major tourist attraction with two historical sections, the Hungarian National Gallery and The Budapest History Museum. Along with holding historical art work and knowledge this palace has beautiful monuments in its surrounds. All these structures are worth seeing and capturing with your cam. Some of the beautiful structural monuments at Budha Palace include:


• Matthias Fountain
• Monument of Prince Eugene of Savoy
• Horseherd
• Turulbird
• Fishing Children
• Csongor and Tünde
• Two pair of Lions
• The monumental allegorical bronze statues of War and Peace

Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungarian parliament building is one of the tallest and largest buildings around the Hungary facing River Danube. This place is now a major tourist attraction around the place but still a small section is under use of government. This building has a very interesting history. Almost 100,000 people were involved in the construction of this huge building. The designs and structures used in the making of this castle were picked up after holding a healthy competition among the famous architects and artists. The runners up designs were later used in the making of Ethnographic Museum and the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. Both of these buildings are now present in front of the parliament house. 242 sculptures, statues of Hungarian rulers, coats of arms, the stained glass and glass mosaics work are the few things which holds attention of almost every visitor.

Fisherman's Bastion
Fisherman’s Bastion is a seven towered terrace on the Buda bank of river Danube. It is made in the Gothic and Romanesque style. This terrace is a site seeing point for tourists and visitors. Beautiful panoramic views of the river Danube, Buda hill and surrounding places can be seen easily through the terrace and walking paths.

Caves In Buda Hills
There are two well facilitated and enlightened caves in the Buda hills. SzemlÅ‘hegyi cave and Pál-völgyi–Mátyás-hegyi cave system. Both these caves have wide and narrow passages for adventure seeking people to explore. Professional cavers also visit the city for the sake of these two caves only. There are special services for people with limited strength or disabilities.

Boat Trips and Dinner Cruises
River Danube offers a number of activities along with site seeing. Boating services are available for people to sail through the river watching city and hilly areas while crossing below the bridges. At night, dinner cruises are also found offering wonderful cuisines while sailing in the peaceful water waves.

Famous Baths
This city is full of fascinating bath services available throughout the place. You can find a variety of thermal Baths, public baths and modern baths around the city. These baths offer different services like spa, manicure, pedicure, massage, dry baths, heat therapy and much more. Locker services along with bathrobe and swimming costumes are also provided in least charges. These baths are age restricted and have variable charges so check in the details before planning the visit. The more you explore the more you find interesting about this city. Plan you vacations with CuddlyNest and enjoy the memorable experiences at the city.

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