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Ever heard of Kuta? It is one of Bali’s most famous tourist spot. It is one of those places which became the earliest tourist spots and is very well known among the tourists.

A beautiful island in Bali, Indonesia, is Kuta, which people love to visit. It has a huge tourist turn out. This is a beautiful beach and a luxury resort which is on the island of Bali in the beautiful country of Indonesia.

You know, how exciting experience is surfing. If you want to surf in the gushing Indian ocean, Kuta is a place for you. You can find professional surfers there, who can teach you how to surf. So, you can gain experience of surfing in the grand Indian Ocean.

Kuta beach is a destination you always dreamt of having your vacations on. It is also easier for tourists to reach here, no big hassles, no traveling for hours after reaching the city. It is at a few minutes distance from the international airport of Ngurah Rai on Tuban.

From being a small, simple and old-school village to a modernized tourism spot. Kuta beach has seen it all. Kuta evolved over time, because of being the heavy tourist hub. It went from the countryside fishing area to “you want to be there” vacation spot.

Peak season

There are a few months when Kuta is fully booked and has absolutely no space to place a bare foot. This is the time of the year, the peak season, starting from June and extends to August. It is one of the busiest time of the year in Kuta as a vacation spot.

People also like to visit here in the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. It is another peak session in Kuta. And once you decide to go there in the peak season, sort yourself by booking the place to live, prior to the visit.

Weather In Kuta

If you decide to visit Kuta from June to September. It is the perfect time for a vacation there. The weather during this month is hot, but perfect to give you the summery vibes. You can also enjoy the monsoon rains and the beach is also very fussy.

Glimpse of Kuta

If you have finally decided to visit Kuta, you need to get your research done. Let's take you to a small tour, Kuta. So you know where to visit and where to eat. We have got you!

Kuta is a perfect vacation spot for you and your family and it is filled with all you would want. You will not incur many sightseeing opportunities, but this place is full of activities and tourist would love. You can either surf or do the very exciting Vertical bungee jumping.

It has charming nightlife, shopping malls where you will spend your most money and food you will forever remember. I'm sure this vacation will not cost you a lot. If you are on a budget, Kuta in Bali is the place for you.

Shopping In Kuta

We know you cannot go back without shopping. For a shopping spree, we have made it easier for you. You don’t have to do your research, we have done it for you. Kuta, Bali is a place to test your skills of how good you are at bargaining. You will all the local and international stuff in the markets of Kuta. Here we list the best shopping spots for you, so you shop and splurge!

· Kuta beach walking the street
· Kuta art market
· Kuta beach walk
· Mal Bali Galeria
· Lippo mall Kuta
· Discovery shopping mall
· Merta Nadi art market
· Garlic lane shopping
· Bali Brasco

There are many other places you can go to, and shop but these are a few very famous markets of Kuta.

Nightlife and Kuta

When on a vacation, all you want to do outgoing and enjoying the most of it. The nightlife of Kuta will outshine itself and grab you in all the glitters and fun.

Who wouldn’t enjoy an amazing Dj concert with the sparkling lights and the loud music mix? You will surely love the crazy dance floors.

Here is a list of some of the best clubs you will want to go to. · Sky garden rooftop lounge
· Bounty Discotheque
· Paddy’s pub
· VH Bali
· Hard rock café Bali
· Pyramid club
· Engine room
· Star beer garden

These just a few clubs we have mentioned, there is a lot more club you can explore. The night at Bali never sleeps, you will see many other clubs with super amazing dance floors and music which will stun you.

Restaurants and Kuta

The love for food never ends, it is an eternal relation which stays forever. This Kuta beach is also famous for food. It has plenty of restaurants which you can not find anywhere else on the Bali island.

You will find food from the street food level to the scrumptious fine dining. You can enjoy it all. Here are a few restaurants which you should definitely visit.

· Ma Joly Restaurant and town
· Risso Vivo at Kuta Seaview hotel
· Feast at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort
· Papa’s Limoncello Bali Ristorante
· Ketupat Restaurant

There are many other restaurants, who serve excellent quality food and the service along with the ambience is remarkable.

You need to explore most of Kuta, Bali. It is one of the best places for vacations.

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