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Are you ready to visit Ireland? So here are the most beautiful places to discover on the island of Éire! Far from the beaten path, Ireland is a destination a little away. The Eire, his small Irish name, is a beautiful country that is full of wonders and beautiful cities to discover during a trip. For a long time under the yoke of England, the Republic of Ireland is now independent and covers a large part of the island of the same name. Indeed, Northern Ireland still belongs to the United Kingdom, of which it is one of the four constituent parts. If the climate can discourage some travelers, it is wrong: the country has lush vegetation, sprawled with medieval castles, in the heart of historic counties.

Vacation rental at Ireland:

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Tourist attractions at Ireland:

Wondering what to do in Ireland? Know that you will not be bored during your stay on this fabulous island, there are so many places to discover! So to help you prepare for your Irish adventure, we have prepared a list of the 16 most beautiful places to visit in Ireland!

Visit Dublin:

To visit Ireland means to discover its capital! This historic city is a testament to the Irish past. Thus, the city has many museums, such as the National Museum, the writers' museum, but also great buildings to discover during your stays such as Christ Church Cathedral and its crypt, St. Patrick's Cathedral or Trinity College. Above all, enjoy your visit to Dublin to stroll through the streets and paved streets of the center, to browse the markets and taste the delicious local beers in the various pubs of the capital. Because to visit Ireland, it is also to taste its beers! Known for its cultural excitement and festive atmosphere, the Temple Bar area is especially recommended for your stay in Dublin. If you like to enjoy this drink, you can visit the Guinness Storehouse!

Visit Galway:

In the West of Ireland, Galway is a vibrant and charming city, a cultural center of the island, where many artists have left their joyful footprints. In town, you can visit the Collegiate Church Of St Nicholas, the legendary residence Lynch's Castle or discover the Spanish Arch, memories of the Middle Ages. Note that in summer, many festivals and art events take place in Galway!

Visit The Connemara:

Not far from Galway is the Connemara National Park, a must if you plan to visit Ireland! This true terrestrial paradise, untamed by the man, extends on more than 2000 hectares. Three circuits, with varying difficulties and lengths, will allow you to discover the beautiful fauna and flora of the park, in an impressive setting. Because from the imposing mountains, you will enjoy an incredible panorama on the rolling plains, forests and gigantic lakes, peat bogs and red heaths of Connemara!

Visit The Giants Causeway:

Located in Northern Ireland, the Giant's Causeway, or "Clochán na bhFómharach" in Gaelic, is a formidable geological formation consisting of more than 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns, some of which reach up to 12 meters high!There are several sites to visit, so do not hesitate to call a guide to find out more about this iconic place in Ireland!

Visit Belfast:

On your way to Giant's Causeway, Belfast is a must stop. This historic city of the island was the scene of the war between unionists and nationalists, whose traces are still visible on the walls of Belfast. Despite its tragic past not so far, the city deserves you to linger. During your walks, you can admire the beautiful Victorian architecture of the city, as well as the Grand Opera House, the University of Queens and also the Botanic Garden!

Visit County Kerry:

Impossible to visit Ireland without discovering County Kerry! The Ring of Kerry is one of the most beautiful roads in Ireland. The tour will allow you to admire the mountains, the Irish coast and especially the beautiful Cliffs of Kerry. Breathtaking panoramas await you along this 180-kilometer long course! You will find your happiness between roads, mountain trails or walks in the countryside.

Visit The Dingle Peninsula:

North of County Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula is a must see! Taking its name from the city of Dingle, the peninsula exists thanks to the presence of a mountain range, the Sliabh Mish, which advances in the sea! Mount Brandon, one of the largest in Ireland with its 951 meters of altitude, will offer you a sublime view of the region. Wild and with a mild climate, between ocean and mountains, the Dingle Peninsula is a unique place to discover when visiting Ireland! Also, to discover a typical Irish city, you should linger in Dingle. Belonging to the Gaeltacht region, where Irish is still spoken, it is home to small pubs and quaint restaurants where you can listen to Irish music.

Visit Skellig Michael:

Off Kerry, the Skellig Islands rise steeply 218 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. Isolated, the Skellig Michael sheltered in the Middle Ages a small Christian monastery. Protected and known for its archaeological sites, it has gained new fame lately thanks to the episodes VII and VIII of Star Wars. Indeed, the island served as a filming location for the two films of the saga!

Visit Glenveagh National Park:

The County of Donegal has many surprises ... It is about twenty kilometers from Letterkenny that you can discover this park of 16,000 hectares and its castle and gardens. Between the mountains of Derryveagh and the Lough Veagh and Poisoned Glen valleys, Glenveagh National Park offers breathtaking views and a wonderful stroll. The sportier (and more courageous), will be tempted by a surf session: a sport popular in the area, it must be said that the wave is usually at the rendezvous!

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