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With its beautiful beaches, fascinating history and beautiful natural landscapes, Israel offers its visitors a wide variety of experiences. Before embarking on a trip to Israel opt for Cuddlynest's cost-effective and stress-free vacation rental service for booking an entire house, villa, apartment, condo or cabin of 1-6 beds at $142-$594.

Tourist attractions at Israel:

Let's have a glimpse into the beauty of the country!

Acre - North Israel:

Throughout history a wide range of cultures has had inhabited Acre, including the Crusaders and Ottomans, each leaving its mark on this region. With interesting, culturally-molded buildings, ruins and sights on every corner, Acre is a must in northern Israel. Enjoy a romantic stroll along the harbor, have a meal at one of the local restaurants, or take a stroll through Acre's markets.

Golan Heights:

In the north of the country, you will find the Golan Heights, a mountainous region with breathtaking scenery, beautiful nature reserves, and fascinating historical attractions for the whole family. If you are interested in hiking, the 

Golan region offers a variety of different paths with different levels of difficulty, depending on the time of year. It is particularly impressive in the spring when the flowers are in bloom, and the fields are green. In winter, Hermon Mountain, located on the Golan Heights.


Tourists can enjoy the beautiful harbor and the lively beach, perfect for surfers. Also, they can enjoy the beautiful nature that Haifa has to offer with its unique Bahai garden.


 To visit Jerusalem is like traveling back in time. In the center, you will find the old city surrounded by a large wall; Here, visitors can learn a lot about the religious history of Jerusalem by visiting places such as the Al Aqsa Mosque. 

The crater of Ramon:

Located in Mitzpe Ramon, a city in the Negev desert, is the Ramon crater, or, as we say in Hebrew, Makhtesh Ramon. Visitors can visit the crater by jeep, segway or even helicopter, but hot air balloon flights offer the most spectacular views from above.

Dead Sea:

The lowest point of the earth, more than 430 meters (1,412 feet) from the sea level, is not only pleasant to live in, but also surrounded by 

breathtaking beauty. This endorheic lake is one of the world's saltiest bodies of water, giving it perfect buoyancy. Also, you can cover your body in the healthy mud of the Dead Sea to find pure inner relaxation. Once in the Dead Sea region, there are two other sites not to be missed: Masada, with its archaeological significance and incredible views, and Ein Gedi, an oasis of water in the desert.


After traveling to Israel, taking history, nature, and culture, Eilat is the perfect destination to relax. Equipped with a wide variety of beautiful hotels and resorts, this paradise in southern Israel offers many different activities. Visitors can take diving lessons along the coral reefs and enjoy the Red Sea's beautiful underwater world.
You can also enjoy swimming with dolphins, enjoying good food, or having a quieter day at the pool or beach. During the summer, temperatures can reach levels above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), and average highs of 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in winter.

Hitchhiking in Israel: 

It is easy to hitchhike in Israel, motorists take you easily, and it's a great way to meet and interact with locals. Instead of reaching out, point two fingers at the road. The stop works especially in rural and sparsely populated areas like the Golan Heights, which has little bus service.

Discover Masada: 

Massada is an ancient fortress located in the Judean Desert, on a rocky plateau with cliffs on all sides. The site is close to the Dead Sea. Massada symbolizes the exile of the Jewish people of the Holy Land. During the Jewish rebellion against Rome, a sect of Jews the Zealots take refuge in Masada. After staying there for seven years, the fortress eventually fell to the Roman army in 73 AD, rather than being slain or enslaved, the rebels chose to commit mass suicide.

Visit Nazareth:

Nazareth is better known as the house of Joseph and Mary, and therefore also Jesus, although he was born in Bethlehem. Several Christian holy places in Nazareth are associated with the Annunciation and the childhood of Jesus. You can visit the Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangel Gabriel, the synagogue where the young Jesus taught, and the Franciscan Church of St. Joseph built on a cave identified since the 17th century as Joseph's workshop. Over the last ten years, the historic old town has been completely renovated to highlight the architectural beauty and uniqueness of its narrow streets. Nazareth is located 102 km from Tel Aviv and 130 km from Jerusalem.

The Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth:

 It is the largest church in the Middle East and one of the holiest places in Christianity.  Admission to the basilica is free. Opening hours: M-Sa 8h30-11h45 and 14h-17h50 Sun and holidays 14h00 17h30 Do not miss to take a look at failing to be able to go inside to the Greek Orthodox Church.

The Sea of Galilee:

Galilee is Israel's biggest freshwater lake. The region is best known for being associated with the gospel and the life of Jesus Christ. As such, it is an important destination for pilgrimage. Its beaches are also a popular place among Israelis and foreigners. The area includes many historical and religious sites, including Korazim - a Talmudic town with the remains of a basalt synagogue. -Capharnaüm, where you will see a wonderful Roman synagogue.

Climate and seasons:

The climate is the Mediterranean throughout the country. From April, it's hot: spring seems the ideal season for travel to Israel. Temperatures reach their peak between June and September, especially in remote areas of the sea. During all this time, blue sky and sun, not a drop fall! From December to February, temperatures remain mild, but the climate becomes wetter.

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