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Travel information about Jerusalem District

The Jerusalem district is one of the six administrative districts governed by Israel. Jerusalem is the capital city and the most famous spot in the district. The total land area of the district is around 652 km², in which 65% are Jewish and the rest are Arabs. 

Jerusalem stands out as the most-visited city not only in the district but throughout the country. Approximately 3.5 million tourists from different countries visit the city. Regarding history, the district is said to be one of the oldest human settings in the present world. From Judaism, Christianity, to Islam, the district has hosted all three major Abrahamic religions.

Some of the most famous tourist attractions in the district include Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Abu Ghosh, Tzova, Mevaseret, Zion, Ramat Rachel, Lifta, Neve Ilan, and plenty others. To accommodate both national and international tourists, there are many big and small vacation rentals spread throughout the district. People come here with their family and friends to spend their vacations while exploring the historical, natural, and manmade wonders. 

What to See in Jerusalem District

Jerusalem is said to be the most beautiful city in Israel. Be the three monotheistic faiths, natural attractions, or manmade wonders, there are many things to explore in a single city. It is the place where Jews raided their First Temple just to keep the Ark of the Covenant safe and Jesus was also said to be crucified in this city.

For many visitors, it happens to be a pilgrimage journey to visit Jerusalem while others visit to explore its historical and cultural wonders. So many religious attractions become baffling for those who visit the city for the first time.

There is so much to see in the city and there is nothing that you may skip. However, when you are to spend only a few days in the city, you can go with the most famous tourist attractions that include Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount), Wailing Wall, Jewish Quarter, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Armenian Quarter, Via Dolorosa, Tower of David, Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter, Mounds of Olives, Mount Zion, Old City Walls, Israel Museum, Kidron Valley, Monastery of the Cross, and many others. CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals with all kinds of modern facilities near all these tourist attractions. 

Beit Shemesh is another beautiful city in the district. You can find the city only 30 km west of Jerusalem city. It’s a small place and can easily be explored in a single day. Most importantly, there are not many accommodation options, so you must book a vacation rental in advance via CuddlyNest. You can visit the place along with other neighboring cities. 

Though it's small, it contains a lot of beauty. The city is surrounded by stunning hills, plains, rivers, and historical sites. The beaches and other coastal attractions are also quite near. Be it a rich history, parks, playgrounds, or beautiful landscape, this small city has everything to please you. Some of the top tourist attractions in Beit Shemesh include Twins Cave, Tzora Forest, Flam Winery, The Israel Police Heritage Museum, Nahal Dolev, Tzora Vineyards, Teperberg Winery, and others. 

If you are a food lover, your next destination can be Abu Gosh where the fifteen amazing hummus restaurants offer delicious food of international standards. It’s an Arab-Israel village that is widely famous because of its delicious food and vocal music festival that is held twice a year. 

Other tourist attractions in the district of Jerusalem include:

  • Tzova
  • Ramat Rachel
  • Mevaseret Zion
  • Lifta
  • Neve Ilan
  • Ma’ale HaHamisha

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Jerusalem District

CuddlyNest is a one-stop solution for all your vacation rentals needs in this district. We have direct links with all the local vacation rentals owners in all the tourist places in the Jerusalem district. Through us, you can book all types of vacation rentals including houses, apartments, villas, condos, cabins, and other properties across Israel.

Whether you visit Jerusalem City, Beit Shemesh, Lifta, Tzova, or any other city or village in the district, you can find many big and small vacation rental options at the places. Ready to visit? Book the best vacation rentals in Jerusalem district via CuddlyNest!

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