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The Holy city of Jerusalem is located in the middle eastern region. You cannot ignore its religious value and how much people treat it as a respectable and holy place. The city of Jerusalem is between the Mediterranean Sea and the dead sea. There are three different religions prevailing, that are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Jerusalem is a highly esteemed place among all the major religions of the world.


Two different countries claimed that is Israel and Palestine as their capital. Jerusalem has always been under great tension. Different nations attacked Jerusalem 52 times. Some nations destroyed it too. It happened two times.

The history of Jerusalem is not only long, but it also has some very remarkable incidents. It surely has an interesting history. This city is a world heritage site. UNESCO gave it this status in 1981.


Time to visit Jerusalem

Jerusalem is in the Egypt region and it is in the middle eastern region. The weather here is much warmer. If you are willing to visit the city, you should visit here in the month of April, May, and June. Their weather in these months can reach the highest at 28 degrees Celsius and the lowest can be 12-degree Celsius.

Being in the middle eastern region and in between on dead sea, it is humid here.


The religious significance of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is not like any ordinary city. It is famous and respected for the religious significance it has. The people belonging to the religion of Islam, Judaism, and Christians consider it an important city. This city also has a lot of precious places to visit.


The temple mount

It is a place for the worshipers of Judaism. It is a holy place which Jews respect a lot and love to pay a visit.


The Al-Aqsa Mosque

This mosque is very important for Muslims. The worship here. It is not only important, but it has a great history, which has also been discussed in the Holy Book of Muslims, which is the Holy Qur’an.

The church of Holy Sepulchre

This place holds significance for Christians.


Attractions in Jerusalem

The city which has a great history surely has plenty of attractions too. This place is popular for religious influences. And people visit here a lot to pay a visit to their holy places. This city has been in trouble. Several attacks happened here. The place where,  which are worth visiting are as follows. You will love to visit here. And increase your knowledge about the history of the place.

These sacred sites here and the grand history are a fascinator.


Temple Mount

It is the most famous place in Jerusalem. Haram-al-Sharif is the other name for this place.

It is in the old city. You can step in here from the western wall plaza. It has great importance. This holy place has many incidents related to it. The first incident, when the Prophet Ibrahim presented his son to God, as a sacrifice. This is the same place where the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ascended. The Journey to the heaven of


Prophet Muhammad started from here. It happened in the early day of the preaching of Islam.

In the southern side of it, you will see Mosque Al-Aqsa. It is one of the oldest and the most historic mosque. It, itself has a great history associated with it.


The Wailing Wall

The wailing wall is the name of the western wall. It is a very holy place for Jews. People visit here and complete their religious deeds. It is also one of the oldest sites. It is the remaining of the holy site for Jews, after the destruction, this place is a respectable place for Jews. In the war happened in 1948, between Israel and Arabs. A lot of destruction happened in that war.


Armenian Quarter

Most people visit Jerusalem for pilgrimage. If you have seen all the holy places, you can now visit the Armenian Quarter. It was the Americans headquarters. Americans have a history associated with this place. You can visit this cool place. You will not see many visitors here. It is a calm place for you to have some time for yourself. Close to it, you will find, St. James Cathedral and St. Mark's Chapel.


If you want to see the best view of the old city, you will need to climb to the top of the Citadel. It is a tower. People know it like the tower of David. It has no history connected with it. Nonetheless, Turks rebuilt it, in the 14th century after some attack destroyed it.


Muslim Quarter

This quarter of the city is for only the Muslims. Here you will see the old architecture which is so graceful and full of history. You can also shop here. It is a souk shopping area. It starts from the Damascus Gate and follow the area in the northeast of the old city.


Old City Walls

The old city walls are the memory of the Ottoman empire. It has 9 different gates, out of which the Damascus Gate is the most famous. You can enter the old city using these gates. It will all lead you to different destinations. All these gigantic gates are along the wall.


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You can also fill yourself with peace by visiting all the holy places.

The great history of Jerusalem will guide you more. It is surely a place worth visiting.

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