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The ancient roots of the city of Tel Aviv in Israel lie in the port city of Yafo which is also called Jaffa. It is present in the southern part of the present day Tel Aviv blending the old and new in a fascinating balance. One of the most popular activities here is browsing the local street markets that sell all kinds of wares. These ancient markets have evolved over the centuries to cater to the tourists that throng the port at all times of the year. The architecture and vibe of the old city of Yafo is an interesting contrast to modern Tel Aviv capturing the interest of those interested in art and architecture. Religious myths suggest that the port of Yafo is the very same that the Prophet Jonah departed from the story of the whale. Its strategic importance is evident from the fact that the port of Yafo has been the main entrance to Israel for ages. When large numbers of Jews started to return to Israel in the 19th century they settled in Yafo at first. This led to overcrowding resulting in more Jewish settlements right outside Yafo. Today, the Development Organization is responsible for restorations of Yafo and 2011 saw the opening of the Old Jaffa Visitors Center. People come here to watch multimedia exhibitions showing the history of the ancient city as well as self-guided tours through the city that is present now.     

Vacation rentals in Tel Aviv Yafo

The ancient history of Yafo has an important role in the history of the region and is religiously significant leading to thriving tourism. However, hotels can be expensive and inconvenient so visitors often prefer vacation rentals in Tel Aviv Yafo. There are apartments and houses that you may choose from the listings on CuddlyNest’s website.

Tourist attractions in Tel Aviv Yafo

Everyone visits Tel Aviv Yafo with their personal objectives and a list of places that they must see. It all depends on your reasons for visiting since many come here for a pilgrimage of sorts due to the religious sites here. Those who visit otherwise may wish to explore the beautiful beaches, historical sites, museums, street art and market culture.

Natural beaches

The port of Tel Aviv Yafo is busy but there is much to do there. Check out the incredible views of the beaches with a special visit to the promenade. This is situated towards the western corner of the city. It is best to walk or cycle in pleasant weather and get some exercise while enjoying the coastal beauty. Grab a bite to eat at one of the excellent restaurants and cafés near the promenade. The exciting nightlife of Tel Aviv Yafo involves partying all night long at the fun-filled discos, clubs and bars. There are street performers on the promenade as well so there’s not a single dull moment in the city. The beaches in this area are ideal for families with something for everyone to enjoy. Children can spend hours in the playground while the adults sunbathe or swim. Places like Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach and Banana Beach provide terrific facilities for tourists.    

Saint Peter’s Monastery

It is said that Saint Peter resurrected Tabitha, the disciple of Jesus, in the spot where Saint Peter’s Monastery stands today in Tel Aviv Yafo. There used to be a Crusader citadel here named St. Louis' citadel but all that is left of it now are two rooms. Historians suggest that Napoleon stayed here in 1799 while trying to conquer Egypt and Syria. The Saint Peter’s Monastery was constructed by Fredrick I in 1654 only to be destroyed repeatedly. Restoration was carried out by Louis IX of France and the late 18th century saw its ruin. The present day church was built by the Spanish between 1888 and 1894. The most recent renovations took place in 1903. When pilgrims were heading towards the port of Yafo they could see Saint Peter’s Monastery from afar due to its position on a hilltop. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior with stained glass, marble walls and a high vaulted ceiling.          

Carmel Market

Locals and tourists both flock to the Carmel Market regularly and it has a long history of serving the residents and traders who came into the port of Yafo since 1920. In the old days, they would buy spices, cloths and other wares. Nowadays, the people sell electronics as well. You can find literally anything here and it is a shopper’s Paradise. Food is of course one of main attractions where and the locals always come here to buy fresh produce for their family meals. This is particularly true for special occasions since it is very convenient to buy all food items from one place. If you are a tourist there is a great variety of yummy aromatic dishes you can try. People spend hours browsing the foods stalls tasting savory recipes and desserts. The delicacies filled with spices invite you to have a feast right there in Carmel Market.  

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Dive into the fascinating world of art in Israel that is showcased in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. There are many departments each with its own specialty such as photography, architecture, Israeli art, contemporary art and more. Amazing exhibitions are held both permanent and temporary giving you a peek into the local art scene and evolution of art in this region. The building that originally housed it was actually the residence of the first mayor of the city, Meir Dizengoff, who founded the museum in 1932. The museum was shifted to its current location from Rothschild Boulevard later. It now comprises of three buildings namely the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Main Building on Shaul Hamelech Boulevard and Herta and Paul Amir Building. The Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Art Education Center has been offering educational programs since 1988. The two gardens of the museum are wonderful for strolling and admiring sculptures.

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