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People come from all over the world to get an authentic experience of Italian life at Sorrento. This is a town along the coast of southwest right in front of the Bay of Naples. It is one of the many settlements on the peninsula called Sorrentine from which it gets its name. The marinas of this peninsula are hidden from the town itself due to the cliffs jutting out of the earth in the middle. This fascinating landscape presents excellent opportunities for photography and you get amazing views from higher points of the peninsula. Since the town of Sorrento is close to other major tourist destinations near the Almafi coast, you can easily reach them by the regular ferry routes. This region was settled in ancient times so there are several historical landmarks for visitors to enjoy. The Old Town of Sorrento with its narrow winding alleys and lovely architecture charms everyone. There are cultural hotspots scattered all over the Sorrentine Peninsula the most popular being the famous Piazzo Tasso. The beaches here are not as big as other more popular ones of Italy but sufficient facilities are available. They have a well organized setup that presents an interesting picture with its primary shade color scheme and residential areas rising in the back. The beaches near Sorrento are clean, quiet and convenient with clear waters perfect for swimming or diving.   

Vacation rentals in Sorrento

The best way to enjoy your stay in this town is to become part of the local community. You may choose from the excellent selection of vacation rentals in Sorrento that are displayed on the website of CuddlyNest. Just pick one from the search filter that makes things a lot easier for you. There are beautiful villas by the sea, cozy houses and apartments in Sorrento where you may stay in complete comfort.  

Tourist attractions in Sorrento

In addition to the recreational activities related to historical, cultural and natural interests within the town of Sorrento, there are amazing boating excursions that take you to the surrounding tourist destinations. Have fund exploring the parks, museums, marinas, beaches, coves, mountains and other wonderful places in this region.   

Marina Grande

People who love fishing must not miss the chance to have some fun at the fishing village near the town of Sorrento called Marina Grande. Once you reach there it appears as a charming place that you would want to live in forever. There are little boats lined up in the small harbor that the local fishermen take out to see and come back loaded with their day’s catch. This is a busy spot where people are immersed in untangling and mending their nets. It is a terrific place if you are a fan of watching sunsets over the ocean. There are several little cafés where you may indulge in great beverages and have a light lunch. If you are planning to stay for a longer time there are some highly recommended restaurants for having dinner. 

Sorrento Tasso Square

Feel the true spirit of Sorrentino Peninsula come alive at the Tasso Square situated in the town of Sorrento. This is one place frequented by both tourists and locals especially during the weekends. Whenever people have free time, they come with their friends and family to this square. Here you will find a number of shops that sell various products you may be interested in purchasing. Once the sun sets the crowd becomes bigger as people flood in to have a drink at one of the bars lining Tasso Square. You may bond with the locals and learn more about their culture over a drink. Visit this cultural hub with your family to try one of the great restaurants that serve delicious delicacies. You will be able to taste the freshly caught fish and shellfish by ordering the seafood recipes.  

Path of Gods

Once upon a time there were beautiful temples lining the Path of Gods in Italy but all that exists today is a challenging hiking trail. It is close to the Bomerano village and locally known as Sentiero degli Dei. While there are no grand temples to see now there are still lovely hamlets and gorges along the Path of the Gods. The sights that you will be treated to on this hiking trail will be ingrained in your mind forever because of their beauty. It takes nearly 4hours to cover this 7km hiking trail so wear comfortable shoes and take some water with you. You will be moving from Agerola to Positano with a couple of stops in between. There are restaurants in Nocelle or Montepertuso and enjoy the beaches near Positano before taking the bus back to Sorrento.  

Mount Vesuvius

Don’t forget to visit Mount Vesuvius in Naples while you are at Sorrento. This world famous volcano went down in history as the one that destroyed the city of Pompeii. It would be fantastic to take a guided tour so that you may learn all about the history of this place. You may also climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius and enjoy some breathtaking views of the land below. Europe only has two active volcanoes and this is one of them. Rising to an intimidating 1281m, this volcano rests in a national park in modern times. Make sure to explore the excavated ancient city of Pompeii.  

Park Villa Comunale

Relax your mind and body by walking through the beautiful Villa Comunale that is the biggest public park. The higher points of this place provide enchanting view of the Bay of Naples. When you are tired during a hot day in Sorrento this is a great attraction to enjoy with your friends or family. There is a huge variety of tropical plants thriving here so it’s a treasure for botanists and gardeners. King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies established this park in 1780 as a royal garden and the public was allowed in all year since 1869. Anton Dohrn Aquarium is also here.      

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