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The region of Lazio in Italy is home to Proceno which is a municipality in the Viterbo Province. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations situated 68miles away from Rome travelling northwest. If you are coming to Proceno from Viterbo, you will travel 28miles in the same direction. There are a number of municipalities surrounding it including Piancastagnaio and Acquapendente. Historians have carried out studies and excavations in the region of Lazio that have points to its Etruscan origin. Close to the town, you will come across ancient burial grounds belonging to the Etruscans. According to historical discoveries, it was established in the 6th century BC by Porsenna. In the 10th century, Proceno was a territory that was counted in the Marquisate of Tuscany. During the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was taken over by the Church when the Matilde di Canossa passed away in 1115. In the 14th century, Proceno became part of the Commune of Siena and after some time, the Sforza and the Cecchini took control of the town. The castle there still belongs to them and you may visit it today to enjoy the architecture. There are a number of wonderful churches in Proceno where you may go to find tranquility and view the gorgeous art work displayed there. During the Medieval Ages, the Church of Sant'Agnese and the Church of Santa Maria del Giglio were built. Although these structures were renovated over time, they still retain their original foundations. There are several pieces of art that are present here including frescoes dating back to the 16th century. The Church of San Martino in Proceno was not rebuilt as much as the other churches in the town. The old parts of the town have beautiful buildings that you may explore including fortifications and grand villas. There are wonderful examples of Renaissance architecture and art work among these structures. Visit the palaces with amazing interiors and priceless paintings reflecting the culture of Lazio in those days. This region of Italy is well known for its rich soil that promotes local agriculture. The residents grow crops such as cereals and have fruit orchards that produce fresh food used in the delicacies of Proceno. In particular, there is a certain kind of red garlic that is native to Lazio. This place is also famous for its vineyards which are attached to wineries. Winemaking is an old tradition in Italy which is a prominent feature especially in the countryside. Livestock rearing is a common practice for the farmers in Proceno and they raise various breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs.                 

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There are amazing historical buildings that you may visit in and around Proceno. The position of this municipality is such as that it is easy to travel to other significant tourist hot spots. You may go to Rome and enjoy the fascinating sights left over from the ancient eras of Italy. The beautiful countryside has sprawling vineyards and gorgeous mountains where you may spend many happy hours.


Located in the heart of Rome, the Colosseum presents a fantastic view in an oval shape. This amphitheatre has been estimated to hold up to 80, 000 people in the golden days of the city. It has the unique honor of being the biggest amphitheatre in the entire world. Constructed out of materials including travertine and concrete, it was established close to the Roman Forum towards the east between 72 AD to 80AD. It was renovated under the Domitian emperors during the Flavian Dynasty.    

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was constructed in the shape of a rectangle and it is surrounded by ancient remains. These used to be significant government institutions in the old days that played integral roles in the running of the city. The Roman Forum was originally a market which was important for the residents in their community life. Venture between the Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill of the city to see this hub of commercial, community and political activity in Ancient Rome.     


Originally, the Pantheon was an ancient temple dedicated to the pagan gods of the Ancient Romans. However, over time it was converted into a church as Christianity became the dominant religion in the country. It was made under the orders of Marcus Agrippa while Augustus ruled the Roman Empire and it was finished under the supervision of Emperor Hadrian. The shape of the structure is cylindrical and is it known by its famed Corinthian columns. The dome in the middle is open to the sky and it remains the biggest of its kind in the world.    

Trevi Fountain

Every tourist who visits Italy wants to check out the famous Trevi Fountain which is one of the landmarks of the city of Rome. It was envisioned by the architect Nicola Salvi and was finished by others including Giuseppe Pannini. It is 86ft at its highest point and stretches more than 160ft wide where three roads of the city meet. Based on a depiction on the fountain itself, a source of pure water was found by the engineers in 19BC with the aid of a virgin.     

Castel Sant'Angelo

One of the most popular places in Italy, the Castel Sant'Angelo, it is known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian. This tall structure is shaped like a cylinder and was built in Parco Adriano. In his lifetime, the Emperor Hadrian commissioned its construction as a resting place for himself and his family. The Popes treated it like a fortress and it is currently an interesting museum.     


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