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Situated in the municipality of Minturno, the quaint village of Pulcherini is a quiet tourist destination in the Latina Province in Lazio, Italy. Latina is one of the 5 provinces that combine to form the historic Lazio region. It is famous for its historical urban centers and charming small towns. While you are visiting the Latina Province you have the choice of travelling to its neighboring province of Frosinone and the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital. Also present in the limits of Lazio are the Pontine Islands that have been used as holiday resorts for centuries. They are particularly loved for their serene beaches with golden sand and blue waves crashing against the shore. The Pontine Islands are situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea and you may take boating tours around them. The stunning Italian countryside in Lazio is highly recommended by tourists. Despite the cities being nearby, the air is fresh and free from pollution. There are wide green fields as far as the eye can see and gorgeous orchards that supply ripe fruit to the surrounding areas. The residents of Pulcherini also rear livestock so you will see pastures all around you with grazing cattle. Those who are interested in the natural wonders of the region of Lazio should definitely visit the Circeo National Park that provides shelter to a large number of native species of flora and fauna. It is particularly well known for its precious wetlands and sprawling forests. Hike through the mountains in the province of Latina and take your camera along to capture the fantastic views from high above. There are clear flowing rivers that are used to irrigate the nearby fields and offer picnic spots on lovely sunny days. Depending on where you are staying there are several parks that you may wish to visit in the region of Lazio. Gaeta is a historic city in Italy where you will find the Urban Park of Monte Orlando. Those who cannot get enough of hiking and biking may want to check out the trails at the Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains. Moreover, the Suburban Park of Gianola provides a peaceful retreat not too far from the urban centers of Latina Province. This region is renowned for its spectacular lakes that offer several recreational activities. Historians and archaeologists have been working actively in these parts to uncover the mysteries of Lazio’s heritage and you may view the artifacts discovered at the museums here.         

Vacation rentals in Pulcherini

Get packing for your trip to the beautiful province of Latina in Italy where CuddlyNest can find you the best houses in Pulcherini. Use the user-friendly search filter on our website to narrow down your options and locate the ultimate apartment in Pulcherini. Every listing has its own set of features that promise comfort and convenience during your stay in the village.   

Tourist attractions in Pulcherini

This gorgeous region is filled with stunning lakes and rivers where you may have delicious picnics and engage in outdoor sports. Visit the spectacular beaches in the Latina Province to enjoy the benefits of sunbathing, swimming, and scuba diving and water sports. There are many historical buildings to check out and cultural events to attend in the region of Lazio all year round.

Lake Fogliano

Among the lovely mountains and plains of Latina Province is Lake Fogliano which is close to the coastline in the region of Lazio. If you want to make a day of visiting the beach it’s worth it to spend some time at Lake Fogliano. In the old days, there were huge marshlands that existed in the southern part of Rome. Previously, the Pontine Marshes were not considered that significant and the rich nobles came here to hunt. After failed reclamation schemes, the Facist government finally succeeded in the 1930s. Today this artificial landscape supports thriving towns and the Circeo National Park preserves the remaining swamp.   

Circeo National Park

Established in 1934, the Circeo National Park was born out of a land reclamation project to turn the Pontine Marshes into developed land in the 1930s. Spanning a considerable area, this natural park protects the native swamp species that used to be hunted by the nobles in the old days. The highest elevation of this park is around 1775ft above sea level offering stunning views of its surroundings. It is accessible from cities lying only 62miles away from Rome and a slice of peace among the busy urban centers of Lazio.    

Ponza Island

Among the Pontine Islands, the Ponza Island is the most popular among tourists with its mixture of rocky and sandy beaches against the deep blue waves. Stretching almost 3.1 square miles, it offers a romantic getaway for couples with gorgeous green hills and small restaurants at the beach. There are a number of small harbors and pretty coves in the Pontine Islands and boating tours are available too. The quaint settlement on Ponza Island is filled with colorful houses near the beach and cottages among the serene hills.

Temple of Jupiter Anxur

Dating back to the 4th century BC, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur is located above Terracina in Lazio. It is well preserved despite its age and presents a breathtaking view against the shoreline. Since Monte Sant'Angelo blocke the Via Appia, the sanctuary was designed to serve as a military base owing to its strategic position. The architecture consisted of arches and towers that looked beautiful and provided critical vantage points to the guards posted here. The medieval monastery built over the temple later was dedicated to Saint Michael.     

Garden of Ninfa

Those who are fans of landscaping may wish to visit the Garden of Ninfa in the Cisterna di Latina that spans around 260acres. This park is considered a natural monument of Italy with the landscape garden that stretches nearly 20acres. You will also come across mysterious medieval ruins resting amidst the oaks, poplars and cypresses. Not only does sit contain native plant species but also exotic blooms from around the world.    


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