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Rome is the historic capital of Italy and is one of the top destinations in Europe. It also has the fourth largest population of the continent. Since Rome has a long and vast history going back almost three thousand years, there are many things to see and do here.


Visitors will also enjoy learning about Italian life. There are many fine churches in the city, and plenty of delicious Italian cuisine to enjoy. Back in 2014, Rome was ranked the “14th most visited attraction in Italy”.


The sights of Rome have an official listing on the World Heritage Site and UNESCO.


You’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing these sights:


  • Palatine Hill: There are many exhibits within this location, but it will afford you an overall look of the region. It’s in the center of the Seven Hills of Rome and is considered the most ancient section of the city.
  • Roman Forum: The Forum is to one side of the Palatine Hill. Within the Forum are over fifteen surviving ancient structures in history. This used to be the center of Roman life and was much like a marketplace of today. Here you’ll find buildings, monuments, and structures. Much of it is in ruins and still being excavated, but there is a lot to see here.
  • Circus Maximus: This can also be accessed from the Hill. This is a long strip of what appears to be a road, with raised bleachers on each side. It used to be where the Romans would hold their chariot races. This was a major form of entertainment during Roman times and used to hold over 150,000 people. Today, the site is a public park for visitors.

  • Trevi Fountain: This fountain still works and is located on the Piazza di Trevi. It was fed water through an aqueduct system and was originally built by Nicola Salvi in 1762. There are vast crowds around the fountain at any given time, but you can wait to get a good picture. The fountain has recently being renovated.
  • Colosseum: This is a popular structure with only one wall remaining. It's where the Romans held their gladiator competitions. It used to be of three tiers. You can book a tour to get a closer look inside.
  • Pantheon: This Roman temple has survived a bit better than many other artifacts in the city. It was originally built around 118 to 125 A.D. It has a dome on top, and beneath the floor are intricate tombs, including that of Raphael.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica: architects including Michelangelo built this church during the late Renaissance. It’s been kept in excellent condition and has breathtaking interior architecture, paintings, and sculptures. It’s one of the largest churches in the world and the heart of the Catholic faith.


Some people call Rome a country within a city. It’ll take more than a day or two to see everything that Rome has to offer. The city is also home to some of the most renowned opera singers, so perhaps you can catch a show at one of the many fine opera houses, such as the Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma.  

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