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Situated in the Como Province of Italy in the region of Lombardy is the beautiful commune of Campione d'Italia which is a hot tourist destination in the country. The closest town in Italy to this place is Lanzo d'Intelvi that you may reach by travelling almost 14km. Those who are planning to arrive from the route crossing Como need to drive double the distance. According to historical records, the 1st century BC witnessed the establishment of the town of Campilonum in this area of the Lombardy region. The Romans founded this town as a garrison that allowed them to defend the land that they had conquered from the Helvetii who constantly attacked them. In the year 777, this garrison town known as Campilonum was under the authority of a local noble named Toto. He left his inheritance to Milan’s archbishop transferring complete control of the town to the abbey of Sant’Ambrogio. When the struggle for a unified Italy started, Campione requested annexation from Switzerland in 1848 but their petition was rejected. Mussolini was the one who extended the name of this place to Campione d'Italia in the 1930s. He also had an extravagant gate constructed for the town marking it as Italian. Over the course of history, this town has seen its fair share of influence from both the Swiss and the Italian rulers. It shares strong economic ties with Switzerland and the Swiss Franc is used here in addition to the Euro. Moreover, vehicle registration, telecommunication and emergency services are dominated by the Swiss while mail maybe sent via postal codes of both countries. These two nations have developed a good understanding and work for mutual benefit where Campione d'Italia is concerned. For instance, in the matters of healthcare, VAT, gambling laws and security forces both nations seek shared advantages. This kind of environment makes it ideal for tourists from Italy and Switzerland to visit Campione d'Italia but visitors from other countries may also enjoy the unique culture of this town. Those who are interested in exploring old churches will love walking around this town and admiring the religious architecture and interior design. Not to mention the rare and beautiful art work that is found in churches as well as art galleries of Campione d'Italia. There are a number of museums to visit to learn more about local history.

Vacation rentals in Campione d'Italia

Europeans love travelling around these parts of Italy and find it most convenient to select vacation rentals in Campione d'Italia instead of booking hotel rooms. You can also save money and try renting an apartment or house during your stay in the town. The excellent listings available on the website of CuddlyNest are available for everyone and you may use the search filter to save your time on finding the perfect one.  

Tourist attractions in Campione d'Italia

You are guaranteed to have an amazing time in this animated town where history comes alive in museums and the art work speaks to you of the complexities of the human mind. Campione d'Italia is a rare treat for those who like to focus on the religious architecture of various eras within Europe.

Santa Maria dei Ghirli

Originally known as the Church of Santa Maria in the Willari, the gorgeous Baroque Church of Santa Maria dei Ghirli refers to swallows that migrate to these parts of Campione d'Italia in a certain season. The respected Lay Brotherhood of the Scola di Santa Maria has been taking care of this historical building for decades showing their devotion. The beautiful decorations inside narrate religious stories and the church owns precious records of religious documents.    

Civic Gallery

When you visit the lake, make sure to check out the Civic Gallery of Campione d'Italia if you are interested in culture. It is housed in the Church of San Zenone and frequently the heart of cultural events held in this quaint town. The building itself belonged to the affluent Lombards of Totone who were merchants. In the year 777, the family left the structure to the abbots of S. Ambrogio in the city of Milan.

Saint Peter's Oratory

There once stood an old church dedicated to Saint Vittore and Saint Nazaro where the Romanesque Saint Peter’s Oratory is present today. This is why you are still able to see the signature aspects of the architecture that was popular in 1326. The most notable elements here are the pieces of art which decorate the walls including frescos depicting famous events from the Bible delicately painted to show the little details of the each scene.  

Church of San Zenone

There used to be an ancient parish church dating back to 1576 where the lovely Church of San Zenone stands these days designed by the genius Mario Salvadè. Constructed in 1958, this church was consecrated in 1967 and possesses two levels. This building has spectacular silver-bronze decoration by Giannino Castiglioni. Since the church is dedicated to the saint, a grand image of San Zenone can be seen here which was made by Biancini using copper.    

Parish Museum

People who want to know all about the history of Campione d'Italia may visit the fantastic Parish Museum that has information of nearly a thousand years preserved for the future generations. Since the town has always been a coveted territory by various powers, the details of the politics and warfare is saved in the form of documents and relics. The famous 19th century Historical Memories of Campionesi by Parish Priest Rovida is also displayed in this museum.  

Fountain and Entrance Arch

The impressive entrance to the town of Campione d'Italia that was the idea of Mussolini to add Italian character to this territory became a symbol to the residents. There is a beautiful arch spanning over the main gate to Campione d'Italia that is the design of Giovanni Muzio who was a well known architect from Milan. As the years passed by, more additions were made to the entrance in the form of a fountain and garden.    

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