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San Gimignano is a hill town in Italy that is famous for its amazing medieval architecture. There are dozens of tower houses, encircling walls, and beautiful hilltop settings that attract tourists from all over the world to this town. Moreover, its historic center of San Gimignano is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The history of this town goes back to the 3rd century BC. Also, in the era of Renaissance, this town was used by Catholic pilgrims as a stopping point. They used this place as a stopping point on their way to Vatican and Rome. With the passage of time, the town got more importance because of the trade of different agricultural products.

Today, its saffron is famous all over the world. Since it’s also one of the top tourist destinations in Italy, the town has also got many vacation rentals to facilitate both local and foreign tourists.

What San Gimignano Offers You

Located on the ridge of a hill, the town offers some great attractions for tourists. It has got everything that you may think of having on a trip with your friends or family. Moreover, it can be a perfect point to spend your vacations in soul-refreshing settings.

The town is famous for its Piazzas, Towers, Churches, and civic buildings. The main square of the town is ‘Piazza della Cristerna’ that you’ll see just after making your entry in the town. While being on its towers, you can have a wonderful view of the surrounding valley. There were around 72 towers that were built by the famous San Gimignano’s patrician families. However, only 14 of them have survived but they are enough to take you back to the medieval era.

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in San Gimignano

Since San Gimignano has become one of the famous tourist spots in Italy, the town has also got so many vacation rentals to allow both locals and foreigners spend their vacations with their friends and family in a peaceful and awe-inspiring manner. Being the epitome of Tuscan, it’s called as the glamour girl of the region because of its stunning beauty.

In case you have also decided to spend your holidays in this particular town of Italy, CuddlyNest can provide you highly facilitated vacation rentals located at the best locations in the town. Moreover, you can book all your vacation rentals even prior to your arrival in this town.

CuddlyNest is a professionally operated company that facilitates tourists by providing them rentals houses, apartments, villas, condos, cabins, and other rental properties not only in Italy, but in France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and different other countries. The vacation rentals we’ll provide you in San Gimignano are located near all the top attractions of the town.

Top Attractions in and around San Gimignano

From enriched walls from the 13th century to huge towers, the town has lots of things to add in your itinerary. Some of the top-most attractions in and around San Gimignano include:

Palazzo Comunale

Also famous as ‘People’s Palace’, this has been the most famous tourist spot in San Gimignano for so many years. There isn’t any tourist who comes to this town and leaves without visiting Palazzo Comunale. It's actually a series of buildings that were made for different purposes back in medieval times. Today, the buildings are adjoined to an older core and are open to the public.

In the 13th century, the residency of the Elders was also here. The Elders were actually the highest magistrates of the municipality government of that time. It was then renovated in the 15th century and the clock of the tower of Accursio was also placed at that time of renovation and enlargement. Today, you can visit the following buildings here:

  • Sala d'Ercole (Hall of Hercules)
  • Sala Rossa (Red Hall)
  • Sala Regia poi Farnese (Management Hall then Farnese)
  • Sala Borsa (Stock Exchange Hall)
  • Collezioni Comunali d'Arte (Civic Museum of Municipal Art Collections)
  • And different other buildings.

In short, you can have a wonderful experience by visiting its museums, halls, and galleries with your friends or family. CuddlyNest can provide you a perfect vacation rental near this place.

Torre Grossa

Torre Grossa is also one of the main attractions here in San Gimignano. Having around 54 m height, it is considered the tallest tower of the town. After spending a wonderful night in a highly facilitated vacation rental provided by CuddlyNest, you can leave for a perfect excursion to Torre Grossa and the famous Collegiate Church of San Gimignano.

Other towers you can visit in San Gimignano include:

  • Casa-torre Pesciolini
  • Torre Rognosa
  • Torre Ficherelli or Ficarelli
  • Torre Chigi
  • Torre di Palazzo Pellari
  • Torre dei Cugnanesi
  • Torri dei Salvucci
  • Torre Campatelli
  • Torre Pettini
  • Campanile della Collegiata
  • Torri degli Ardinghelli
  • Torre dei Becci


Sant'Agostino Church

It is one of the famous churches in San Gimignano that constantly receives tourists every single day. Moreover, after the collegiate, it is the second largest church of the town. Owned by the Order of Saint Augustine, it holds great importance not only in this town but in plenty of other neighboring towns as well.

The altar of this church was painted by Benozzo Gozzoli who was the famous Italian Renaissance painter. The whole interior of the church depicts the fresco cycle of the seventeen panels. The other churches you can visit in and around San Gimignano include:

  • Chiesa Madonna dei Lumi
  • Chiesa San Jacopo
  • Chiesa San Lorenzo in Ponte
  • Church of San Pietro
  • Comune di San Gimignano

Don't waste this chance to visit this town that was also mentioned E.M Foster's ‘Where Angles Fear to Tread’. It can be a perfect trip with your friends or family if you spend your vacations here in this town.

So, pack your bags now and pay a visit to this beautiful medieval town and most importantly, don’t forget to book its vacation rentals through CuddlyNest!

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