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Bibione is located on the Veneto coast and is a nice holiday destination for families with children and young people. The white beaches in combination with the beautiful sea and the view over the water make this resort a perfect place for beach lovers. Nature is beautiful, and in the area, there is always something to do. It is home to the second busiest beach in Italy. But Bibione is above all an island surrounded by the Tagliamento River, the Lugugnana Canal, the Venetian coast and the Adriatic Sea. North of Bibione, you will discover one of the treasures of its natural heritage: the Val Grande Nature Park, which is also an important fish breeding area. The natural wealth of Bibione is diverse and contrasted.

Vacation rental at Bibione:

Bibione is a popular seaside tourist destination. For children for parents, Bibione ​​is a destination rich in sensations and discoveries. Ideal for a family holiday, Bibione is a city full of charm in a striking natural setting. You can spend the most memorable holidays with your family in this promising city. For the sake of making the trip worth the time and money, you need to make sure that you book a place to stay there before you set on the journey to Bibione. Wondering how to make an online reservation? Well, Cuddlynest brings you the best of vacation rental packages for meeting all your unique needs concerning your stay in the city. No matter what is the size of your family, you will be accommodated by the wide-range of options that this service is offering. You can book an entire condo, villa, house, apartment or cabin of 2-8 beds at $49-$115. Isn't it wonderfully facilitating? Plus you will be enjoying all the facilities that you are desirous of. It is pledged that you are going to enjoy a comfy and relaxing trip by opting for this service. So, what are you waiting? Sign up for Cudlynest today and enjoy the utmost cost-effective, efficient and hassle-free services!

Tourist attractions at Bibione:

The beach!

This city offers a wide range of leisure's to you. Thanks to its direct proximity to the sea and its vast coastline, Bibione offers leisure and water sports such as jet skiing, swimming, sea excursions, and many others. Another highlight of Bibione: its spas. Mud baths, saunas, steam rooms, massage, and curative treatments, Bibione has developed the reputation of its spas and their recognized quality. So, in order to enjoy nature and make memories with your family at the exquisite place you need to visit beach at Bibione. Believe it that you have to make it a priority!

The port of Baseleghe is the port of Bibione:

It is accessible from the lagoon of the same name. A waterway connects even the Po with the Venice lagoon to Monfalcone, offering you great opportunities for sea excursions. The port of Bibione has 400 seats. For boating enthusiasts, be aware that the port of Bibione also houses a yachting club.

Recreational activities at Bibione:

In Bibione, there are enough options to go out! From cozy restaurants on the beach to night clubs in the center. In the historic center, you will find cozy bars and pubs to get through the evenings and nights. Perfect for the youngsters! Families enjoy themselves here all day in the many playgrounds, the swimming pools and of course on the beach. In the morning is the perfect time to explore the city on foot, in the afternoon you can relax under a parasol on a beach. You are going to love the amazing sites and adventures that this fantastic place has to offer and your family will be thanking you for years to come for this visit.

Sports at Bibione:

In addition to entertainment options, this city is a mecca for sports enthusiasts. Sports facilities can be found throughout the city, from football to pétanque fields, everything has been thought of. Water sports enthusiasts cannot get lucky here either. Bibione is a paradise for water surfing, kite surfing, and many more water sports! In short; a paradise for young, old, families and athletes! The city has the motto "exercise" and tries to satisfy both inveterate sportspeople and holidaymakers who could enjoy this break from too! In the city center is a mini golf and petanque or horseback riding!

The market of Bibione:

But the city does not only offer sports activities. Go on a stroll in the market of Bibione on Tuesday, or stroll around Piazzale Zenith, opposite the beach. It is the liveliest place in the city where you will find playgrounds for children, Zumba classes and all the spots where you stablished symbiosis with the nature that surrounds it. That's why the city encourages visitors to take the little queen for their walks and to discover the surrounding nature. Bike trails in town and on the beach are a treat to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the city. A walk of 30 kilometers awaits you along the sublime beaches.

As an idyllic destination with the essential component of producers produces multiple fruits and meats. The most typical vegetable of Bibione is asparagus. Once your hunger is calmed and your palate ecstatic, enjoy the excitement of Bibione.  


Endlessly in its picturesque streets covered with canals and the charm buildings, this city is rich in monumental value. It is through these monuments that you retrace the centuries of history of this city that has ruled the most famous masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period. The city itself deserves a stay so you can spend an eternity to discover and capture trying and see prices skyrocketing. Near Bibione, do not miss the visit of Caorle. This small town has the distinction of being older than most cities along this coast, most of Udine. As a university town, Udine is therefore very lively. This is where you will find the largest concentration of cafes, bars, and restaurants of all kinds.

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