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Okay, Venice is best known for its canals and gondolas. Why visit Venice? Because it is a city both unreal and real ... wrapped in a light fog, Venice is a beautiful city and very pleasant to visit. The city is much more than a postcard subject and the backdrop of films.

The founders of the city built it on pillars that slowly sank into the water. The city of Venice has a rich history and offers many things to do and see. Venice is located at the bottom of the Adriatic, it rests in the middle of a lagoon, on an archipelago of 118 small islands separated by 177 channels, and counts 584 bridges. It is 4 km from the mainland, to which it is joined by a railway bridge and road. There are so many interesting places to visit in Venice. We searched and we offer suggestions that hopefully reflects the best of Venice.

Vacation rental at Venice:

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Tourist attractions at Venice:

1.    St. Mark's Square

This is the place that is the most emblematic of the city, who did not see it at the cinema with its 12,583 pigeons? This is the main square of Venice, a central meeting place for locals, but especially tourists. You will have to go there to go to the Basilica of the same name, the clock, the Doge's Palace ... it is the hub of Venice and it is always full of tourists.

2.    Cannaregio

When you arrive in Venice, you will find Cannaregio, it is here that the Ponte della Libertà arrives, which connects the city to the mainland and the bridge of the Lagunes of the railway. This charming Sestiere, or if you prefer ... Venice neighborhood has neither the intimidating splendor of San Marco and the price of accommodations reflects this reality. One-third of Venetians live there and the neighborhood still resists mass tourism. The place has its architectural treasures such as the sumptuous Ca 'd'Oro, a beautiful 15th-century Venetian mansion. 

To take a walk and do some shopping, we suggest the Strada Nuova. The latter was drawn between several houses in 1872 and it allows you to go directly to the station of Santa Lucia. It is a street like everywhere with its various stores of clothes, shoes, food, restaurants, and cafes. It is a very good place to buy handicrafts and souvenirs. This pedestrian street is particularly appreciated by the Venetians, as well as the few tourists who frequent it who do their shopping as well as their daily walk. It is also in Cannaregio that you will find the Ghetto. This place, created in the 16th century for the Jewish community, now houses only 300 Jews, the others being scattered throughout the city. The place that stands out for its tallest buildings in Venice, is still modest. He inspired Hugo Pratt and Luchino Visconti who shot several scenes of Senso.

3.    Customs tip

Perfectly triangular in shape, the Punta della Dogana building is at the end of the Dorsoduro district and separates the Grand Canal from the Giudecca Canal. It's a bit like Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the entire Saint Mark Basin. Customs was here in the fifteenth century and had the function of inspecting all the goods arriving in Venice. The building has since been converted into a museum and opened to the public in June 2009.

4.    Castello

Castello takes its name from an old fortress now disappeared that was on the island Saint Pierre. It is the largest district of the city and Arsenal occupies an important place. You will discover the sobriety of the houses where the workers of Arsenal lodged as opposed to the pomp of the palaces of the grand canal.

You will experience the popular life in this area less frequented by tourists. If you opt for shopping on via Garibaldi, expect to be the target of the shopkeepers ... like on the 5th street in Playa Del Carmen. A walk is required on the banks of the Schiavoni. The shore starts at the Paglia bridge next to the Ducal Palace, in the way you will see the Palazzo dei Prigioni, or if you prefer the New Prison. The beach of Lido

The Venice Lido is one of Venetians' favorite places during the summer period. The beach of Lido owes its reputation to the natural dunes of fine golden sand, as well as its clear and calm water. Its beaches have great charm and elegance, if you like the beach, you must come here on your trip to Venice. Several rows of bungalows arranged and numbered are distinguished in form and color depending on the establishment of belonging.

See here it is here that the Beach culture began at the beginning of the last century. You will quickly understand that everything you have seen elsewhere, was ... borrowed here and with more or less success.

5.    St. Mark's Basilica

There is no entrance fee and if you want to avoid the long queue, you can book a visit time on the internet and that too is free of charge. You can maximize your stay in Venice. You can go to the rooftop and admire St Mark's Square or head straight to the Campanile. Do you want a fantastic view of Piazza and the city? Take the elevator to the top of the Campanile. The roof of the basilica gives you the most interesting and memorable view of the magnificent Piazza.

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