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                                                        About Verona

Do you remember where the famous Romeo Juliet play was set up? It was in Verona. The city is famous for this play.  But little do you know, it has a lot to offer than this story of two lovers. It has a rich culture and a history which is strong and mysterious.


Most cities in Italy are famous for its romantic sites. Venice and Rome are on the top of the list. Verona is underrated in that case. It is equally beautiful. It can instantly make you fall in love with this city of Verona.


If you are unsure about visiting Verona, on your tour to Italy, you should definitely add this place to your go-to list. You will regret missing this place.

Once you visit Verona, you will not want to come back. You will love this place so much that you will plan a trip to Verona every once in a while.


A great quality of Verona is that. It is equally beautiful like Venice, but without the canal. The city of Verona is without the hassle and the buzz of numerous tourists. You can have a calming time here in Verona and enjoy the place as much as you want.

Italy is full of the sites that UNESCO declared as national heritage, Verona is one of them. 


The city of Verona is the second largest municipality in northern Italy. Italy has 7 provincial capitals. Verona is one of them.


People talk about the great history of Verona, whereas the actual history remains a mystery. It is not in the books, neither written anywhere else. Everyone has their one theory about history.


Also, the play of Romeo and Juliet was set by Shakespeare here in the city of Verona, where nobody can be sure whether he visited here or not.

Weather in Verona

The weather here is hot in summer and quite cool in winter. There is humidity throughout the year. Whereas in summers it is more. You can visit here throughout the tear. The weather is not extreme here. It stays moderate.

Accommodation in Verona

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Now that you are sorted with the accommodation, you can now list down the places to visit in Verona.

Attractions in Verona

Italy is a place which has the quality to make the tourists fall in love with it. So, it is the same with Verona. This gorgeous town has a lot to offer. The attractions here are numerous. You can not stop yourself from falling for this city.

Let's talk about some of the few attractions in the city of Verona

Visit Centro Storico

It is an ancient and historic place, where you can go out and wander along the walls of the Centro Storico. The city of Verona is full of sights, where you can visit and have a ton of amazing photos at all these wonderful places.

Piazza Bra

You can go here and spend your day at the lovely cafes on this piazza. It is the significant place of Verona. Many tourists love to start their tour from here. It is where the

You can visit here right after you visit Centro Storico. This is a must go to a place.Centro Storico.

Verona Arena

Adjacent to piazza there is a Verona arena. It is another historic place. The history of Italy, Verona dates back to the roman. The Verona arena is a remain of Romans. This is another place that people love to visit.

You can find people here taking pictures and capturing history.

Torre Dei Lamberti

If you want to experience the best view of Italy, you should go to Torre Dei Lamberti. You can have a great view from the top of this tower. You can either take the stairs or the elevator to the top. This view is worth all the stairs.

Piazza DelleErbe

Another gorgeous spot is Piazza DelleErbe. You can visit here and have a great time for your vacation you should not skip this place.

Juliette's house

How can you miss out on Juliette's house? You will not want to skip this house, from the historic and scenic Shakespeare play. This house will remind you of the grand play of history. This play is the evergreen and loved the play of history.

You might be ready about seeing the great amount of crowd here. But it will be worth it for sure.

Ponte Pietra

It is one of the bridges across the city of Verona. You can walk across the bridge, and take loads of pictures. You will surely love your time here and will not regret your time spent here in the calamity and less crowded place. It will surely grant you peace.

Church of St. Anastasia

The church is always a must visit. This is a Gothic Cathedral. It is a 13th-century church.  This stunner is a must go a place.

You can spend a day here, sightseeing and visiting all the stunning places.


You will love to see an amazing place here. Above mentioned places are not the only place in Verona. You can find even more places which are definitely stunning and are worth a visiting. You can also go to visit the restaurants here. The restaurants here serve quality food. Italian food is very delicious, and you will love to have it in the city of Verona.

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