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Are you leaving for Mauritius? In the Indian Ocean, there is an island state known as the Republic of Mauritius is an island state in the Indian Ocean, 870 kilometers east of Madagascar and 170 kilometers from Reunion Island. As part of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius was in the course of its history, the subject of European greed: Dutch (Mauritius, 1638-1710), French (the Isle of France, 1715-1810) and English (Mauritius, 1810-1968) before independence in 1968. As a result, French and English are the two official languages used by the majority of the 1,259,838 people in the population of Mauritius.

Vacation rental at Mauritius:

This volcanic island of 2 040 km² and 177 kilometers of coastline surrounded by a coral reef, its paradisiac beaches, its hiking and its tropical climate dominated by the trade winds, will not fail to seduce those who come to visit Mauritius. If you are planning to visit this scenic and picturesque place any time sooner, then make sure that you take care of two important things. Firstly, you should acquaint yourself with all the information about the things and places that you can enjoy there. Secondly, you need to opt for a reliable vacation rental service for making your trip extremely stress-free and memorable. Cuddlynest is the most acknowledged and renowned name in this regard. Sign up today and book an entire house, villa, condo, apartment, or cabin of 1-4 beds at $23-$98. You will be enjoying all the facilities and amenities during your stay. The impeccable support and services that you will be getting are simply priceless. We believe in providing you with experiences that you are going to cherish for years to come!

Tourist attractions at Mauritius:

1. Deer Island:
Deer Island is one of the jewels of Trou d'Eau Douce lagoon, east of the island. Visiting Mauritius without going there would be a shame. The islet is uninhabited and is one of the most beautiful on the island. Want to bask while watching the time pass on a beach paradise of fine sand and in front of a lagoon of turquoise water? You are in the right place: lazing, swimming, water activities, walks in a mangrove setting: although very touristy, it is the quintessence of well-being! You can even enjoy this tour on an all-inclusive tour including roundtrip transportation to the Island, a welcome cocktail and a lunch at a seafood restaurant. 

2. The Tea Route:
What to do in Mauritius after the beaches? Make a culinary and cultural trip to colonial Mauritius by rediscovering the tea culture! On the program, an 8-hour excursion that takes you to the south of the island for several stops including the Domaine des Aubineaux, an old colonial house (from 1872), former stables, a distillery of essential oils, then Bois Cheri : harvesting and cultivation of tea, visit of the tea factory and production processes. Finally, after the residence of Saint-Aubin, discover the sugar factory and the distillery of rum, then finally finish with the House of vanilla: we already have the taste buds that salivate!

3. Black River Gorges National Park:
It is the largest natural park of the island, a must for you who come to visit

Mauritius. Spread over 6 754 hectares, it is the ideal haven for nature and hiking lovers. Rainforest, waterfalls, choppy and calm rivers, and splendid overhanging views: the forest is home to 300 endemic plant species and nine endemic bird species.

On the coast, go to meet dolphins and cetaceans! Swim, observe, live the moment ... Enjoy this unique and privileged moment around a tour of 6 hours that he is sure will not leave you anytime soon.

4. Belle Mare Beach:
Located at the north-east of the island, the beach of Belle Mare is one of the paradisiac beaches essential to see to visit Mauritius. Several luxury hotels dot the ten kilometers of beach and somewhat distort the idyllic landscape, but it offers a well-preserved nature. 

5. Flic en Flac Beach:
Head West Coast, Flic en Flac Beach. The beach of Flic en Flac is a long cordon of white sand and end of ten kilometers, wet by turquoise water which will make the dream more than one. It is a very popular beach and very popular with locals and tourists. The surrounding area is lined with hotels, bars, and restaurants.

6. Trou aux Biches Beach:
A few hotels, shops, and especially a paradisiac beach in the north-west of Mauritius: yes, you are at the beach of Trou aux Biches, basking in a postcard decor composed of coconut trees, immaculate white sand bordered by a blue lagoon piercing and calm like stagnant water. What to do in Mauritius else, if not rest and bubble in the sun?

7. Le Morne Brabant:
Located south-west of the island, the Morne Brabant Mountain rises 555 meters above sea level on a peninsula above the sea, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008, under the name "Cultural Landscape of Morne". Former sanctuary for slaves chestnuts, the site became a place of commemoration of the colonial period of Mauritius. The public beach - many are private and belong to the hotels - is wilder than the tourist beaches of the north of the island, making it an ideal place to rest.

8. Port Louis:
Continuing the tour to visit Mauritius, do not miss visiting Port Louis, the capital. Walking around Port Louis will be less likely to see historical landmarks than to enjoy local life. The streets and monuments still trace the history and culture of Mauritius. To see to visit Port Louis: the museum of Aapeavasi Ghat, the Citadel Port Louis, markets, some museums, hike on Mount Pouce, walk on the Place d'Armes and see the central market.

For the sportier activities, opt for the visit in Dodo Trail format which offers a 10-hour course in the footsteps of the famous race of the capital. On the program, the discovery of all the must-haves of Port-Louis, the trail side in less of course.

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