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The Kingdom of Morocco is located along the western coastline of northern Africa. Its capital city is Rabat, with Casablanca being its largest city. Marrakech is another destination popular with travelers. Arabic, Berber, and French are most commonly spoken here, with Sunni Islam the predominant religion. Morocco has a notable medieval heritage that has melded with its traditional Islamic mosques and architecture.

Despite being a small country, over 33 million people live in Morocco. There are many sights to see in Morocco, but perhaps it’s best known for beaches, shopping, and beautiful cultural heritage. To be able to shop in Morocco you’ll need to purchase Moroccan dirhams.


While the locals generally don’t drink, there are still plenty of locals bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy yourself. Perhaps more popular are the coffee bars where you can sip delicious drinks while chatting with the locals and learning more about the country.

Here are some stops to make on your trip:


  • Casablanca: This is the city from the popular film. Today it’s still a major cruise port in the city, but you can also take a short trip around the port in one of the many to hire boats.
  • Marrakech: This city used to be an imperial city and today is the economic center of the country. This is the perfect location for shopping and learning about its culture and history. You can add a one or two-day excursion onto your trip to see everything.
  • The Majorelle Botanical Garden: These beautiful gardens in Marrakech are popular with the tourists. Today, Pierre Berge, a fashion designer from the Yves Saint-Laurent line, owns them. After they had been purchased in 1980, they gave the city a considerable boost in tourism.
  • Atlas and Rif Mountains: There are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air in Morocco. You can head into the mountains for hiking during the optimum seasons between March to November. The government has noted that tourists enjoy these activities and is working at creating, even more, trails.
  • Koutoubia Mosque: Also located in Marrakech, this mosque is the tallest in the city. This mosque is noted for its many different names, but the most notable in English is the Mosque of the Booksellers. It was built from 1184 to 1199 under Berber rule. The tower has curved windows and decorative arches. It's located in a large plaza where you can see many gardens. It’s also worth visiting in the evening as it’s floodlit in the dark.
  • Kasbah of the Udayas: Located in Rabat, this Kasbah is an ancient royal fort built during the 12th century. It was created to look over the sea to see invaders and provide protection. It looks much like a medieval castle would, and is accessed by a long row of stone steps. On the site, there is also a palace and a mosque.



After a long day of taking buses around Morocco, you can head to the Marrakech Medina. Here is where you’ll find plenty of entertainment, restaurants, and a marketplace. 

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