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Are you planning your next backpack adventure in Southeast Asia? Well, of course, you have probably already planned to go through the inevitable, classic tour through Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. And if you move a little towards the Philippines.... But what to do in the Philippines? Imagine white sand beaches, extraordinary underwater wildlife, exciting adventures, and fabulous hostels, with the added bonus of an opportunity to meet the world and return with unforgettable memories. It does not sound too bad like that, right?

Vacation rental at the Philippines:

Are you seeking to visit the amazing Philippines? Cuddlynest is here for making your trip memorable with its highly cost-effective and facilitating vacation rental service. You can book an entire house, apartment, condo, cabin or villa of 1-6 beds at $30-$100 for your stay with your family at this scenic country by opting for its hassle-free service.

Tourist attractions at the Philippines:

Swim with whale sharks in Donsol:

Meet the Gulliver of the Oceans! Donsol is located in the coastal province of Sorsogon and offers thrill seekers the chance to dive with one of the largest sharks in the world: the whale shark. Sometimes able to reach the honorable size of 20m long (a bus, what!), These breathtaking creatures may seem scary, yet they feed mainly on plankton, so we stop marking! You will not have to compromise your green values ​​either: at Donsol, diving with sharks is ethical and respects the fauna and flora. Swimming with sharks is THE activity not to be missed under any circumstances in the Philippines so go ahead, throw yourself in the water!!!

Paddle Board on the Loboc River:

Admittedly, the Paddle Board is not necessarily the most graceful activity, but let yourself float along the peaceful river Loboc, surrounded by the lush jungle of Bohol, well it allows us to forget that we look a bit silly to stagger on our board. This is without a doubt one of the must-see places in the Philippines, and it is also an unforgettable experience! And above all do not miss the waterfalls breathtaking at the end of the visit, just to take a full view.

Stroll from island to island:

The Philippines can boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: moving from island to island is, therefore, o- Bli-ge if you go to the archipelago side. Explore breathtaking lagoons and discover their Achelous fish and sea creatures while enjoying the spectacular Filipino beaches. In this area, the islands of Cebu and Pamilican are particularly impressive, but we talk about it in detail a little lower (suspense, suspense).

Canyoning in Cebu and see Kawasan Falls:

Do you need a powerful dose of adrenaline? So, embark on a day of canyoning on Cebu Island. We warn you; this activity requires a lot of energy resources: we walk, we climb, we swim, AND we make a call back in the magnificent creeks and canyon streams. Well, of course, you will be accompanied by a group in order to help each other to progress in the canyon - otherwise, we do not get out of it.

Make the Zipline in El Nido:

Not far from the palm-fringed beach of Las Cabanas, you will find the start of the El Nido zip line. Take off to enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical treasures below ... And a high-speed flight on a zip line 750 meters long! If you're crazy about thrilling trips, you'll surely love these youth hostels for adrenaline junkies. Slide between two islands, your toes are skimming the top of palm trees ...

Kayaking in the El Nido lagoons:

There are a lot of lagoons to die for in the Philippines, but some are well hidden! The Secret Lagoon of El Nido is one of those little-known jewels and is accessible only by a small cave ... Not the kind of place on which one falls by chance! You will find complex rock formations and clear blue waters that the Philippines has the secret. Enter a virgin territory of human presence and enjoy this natural preserve still preserved.

Water sports on Pamalican Island:

Lovers of aquatic life, we go snorkeling - aka snorkeling for regulars - or a kayak trip around the island of Pamalican. Armed with your mask and snorkel, dive into the rainbow of multicolored fish that you can find around this tiny island. Swim with the dolphins: and be careful; we are not talking about a swimming pool in Marineland with two poor neurasthenic dolphins, far from it!

Vamos a la playa (in the Philippines):

With all these islands to explore, the Philippines offers travelers a respectable number of mesmerizing beaches. Yes, we know, we've already told you about a lot of fabulous beaches, but the Philippine coastline is SO BEAUTIFUL that he deserved to have his paragraph dedicated to him. Some are more popular than others among tourists, like the fa-bu-leuse White Beach. But we advise the real fanatics of the trip away from spots recommended by the guides to discover beaches perhaps less known but just as charming. Go fishing for info with the locals or other travelers; you will surely get anecdotes, good stories to tell or tips to find THE beach that will enchant your stay.

Diving in Bocaray

Do not worry, when we talk about scuba diving; we're talking about something a little more modern than diving into a combination inspired by the design of a tin can, trend nineteenth century: it would be rather the small unknown brother (and much more connected) of scuba diving. So we play it little mermaid, and we go down under the océan visit the seabed surrounded by his new friend's scales! The helmet is super lightweight and allows you to move freely and admire multicolored corals and tropical fish just a few inches from your face. Head to Bocaray beach where you will be accompanied by an underwater photographer who takes pictures to make envy any traveler worthy of the name.

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