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Spain is a country located in the southwestern portion of England, surrounding the small country of Portugal on two sides. In Spain, they speak Spanish, one of the world’s most spoken languages. The country is the sixth largest in Europe.

Spain has a long, interesting history much like the rest of Europe. It’s also known for its fantastic churches and architecture. There is still much to see outside, with many beautiful islands, mountains, and plants. The climate has warm or hot, and dry weather in the summertime, making it a popular vacation destination for residents of Europe.


There are dozens of cities and regions where the traveler can see both ancient remains and the natural sights of the countryside.

Here are additional suggestions for your trip:


  • Barcelona: Barcelona is the capital of the community of Catalonia. It is also its second most populous region in Spain. There is plenty to see and do in Barcelona, including the 22 District, Sagrada Familia, The Castle of the Three Dragons, and Palau National. West Barcelona Hotel is a popular place to stay, and many tourists like to head to the beach after a long day of sightseeing.
  • Valencia: This is Spain’s third largest metro region. This city combines ancient buildings with modern space-age museums and performing arts centers. For relaxation, there is the Malva-Rosa Beach. 
  • Bilbao: This city is located in the province of Biscay in the Basque country. Much of the city is comprised of Art Nouveau architecture, but ancient remains have been found on Mount Malmaison. The Iberdrola Tower is a modern building those houses the most important businesses in the country.
  • Malaga: The is the capital of the Province of Malaga and is located as far south in Spain as you can get. Its history goes back 2800 years, earning the distinction of being one of the oldest cities in the world today. From the Gibralfaro you’ll be able to see the city for miles and snap some stunning photographs.
  • Madrid: Madrid is the capital city of Spain with a population of 3.2 million people. Must-see sights include Gran Via Street and the large Plaza Mayor. The Royal Palace is stunning, and the Almudena Cathedral has some amazing architecture.
  • Seville: This is the capital of Andalusia in the Province of Seville. It’s located slightly inland from the southwestern coast. St. Mary of the See Cathedral is a popular traveler’s destination. Plaza de Espana is where all the travelers visit, and where you can also see the Maria Luisa Park. Other regions worth visiting include the Isabel II Triana Bridge.


    Spain has an excellent transportation network, including the AVE high-speed trains that can get you from location to location. When in Spain you’ll enjoy its delicious food, such as tapas. There are also many wine orchards where wineries produce a large volume of wine for the world. While it’s been influenced by a Roman heritage, this country is considered a modern Western country, with some of the best healthcare in the world.  

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