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Nerja is a municipality of southern Spain, in the province of Málaga. Having a population of more than 21,000 the city is at the Costa del Sol, touching Mediterranean Sea in the comarca of La Axarquia. The history of the city starts from the Nerja caves with primitive paintings, which were discovered in 1920. Except that, the remains from the Roman settlements exist within the municipality as well. In the 8th century, the Arabs took over the area and named the city “Narixa” which means “abundant spring”. The area was then renowned for its silk and agricultural products until the 10th century.

What the Town Offers Today

The area has many historical sights, amusing beaches, sports’ points, rivers and so on. You can go kayaking, and snorkeling at beaches, visit the exotic churches, capture the beauty of the ruins and the museums, hike the hills, take a swim, take the challenge of canyoning, have an enjoying nightlife, bike along the trails, go to the waterfalls, take your family shopping, or simply bask sun along the coast. The town offers all you can think of; altitude, water and even sports or history.

CuddlyNest To Add Comfort to Your Vacations

With extreme sports on the platter a day full of fun, you need an accommodation where you can feel at home and relax as much as you want and with as many facilities as possible. CuddlyNest is what provides you with that element of comfort and relaxation with enough facilities and options to choose from. The options differ in the accessibility, number of guests/companions you are bringing along, the facilities you require and the views. You can get a beach facing villa, a hill facing house or an apartment at the center of the city to reside in for your stay in the town.

Travelling to Nerja

If you are set to visit the town of activities, all you need to do is to get a flight to Málaga – Costa del Sol Airport which is approximately 50 min from the town if you are travelling by a car. You can rent a car, or take the bus transfer as they have the most comfortable and economical buses. A train to Málaga takes 6 minutes from the town.

Beaches of Nerja

Nerja is known for its beach life and safe creeks. The tourists come from all four directions to enjoy the pleasant summers at the beach of the city. The beaches have mouth-watering eateries, facilities of kayaking, and snorkeling and whatever you wish for. You can play outdoor games with your friends or families, bath in the sun, surf the tides, swim in the Mediterranean Sea or just read a novel at the coast or delight your taste buds at a pub while watching the most beautiful sunset at the horizon. The amusing beaches of the town are mentioned below:

  • Burriana
  • Carabeillo
  • Carabeo
  • Cliffs of Maro – Cerro Gordo
  • Playa de Maro
  • Playa de Burriana
  • Playa Torrecilla
  • Playa El Playazo
  • Playa el Salón
  • Playa la Caletilla
  • Playa de la Calahonda
  • Cascada de Maro
  • Cala Barranco de Maro
  • Playazo Beach
  • Playa de la Torrecilla


Sports at Nerja

Apart from Beaches, the town offers a soccer stadium and watersports. You can explore the things you want to do on your own and indulge in activities which set your soul on fire, wherever you want. You can cycle along the trails, hike the slopes, go kayaking, canyoning or snorkeling or go to the famous soccer stadium and get the thrill to watch a live match. All that Nerja offers is all what you seek. Some of the spots to indulge in these sports are listed below:

  • Enrique López Cuenca Sports Stadium
  • Burriana Beach (for Scuba Diving and Kayaking)
  • Fuenta del Esparto (For biking trails and Hiking)
  • Maro Kayak Nerja


Churches of Nerja

Apart from adventurous, and amusing, the town is religious and divine as well. The whitewashed churches of the town are a sight worth beholding. These churches work together to unify people (locals and foreigners) under the religion of love; love of God. They work in peace and the auspicious celebrations here are worth to travel for. The oldest of the churches date to the 17th century and the latest constructions date to late 20th century. The famous churches of the town are:

  • Church of El Salvador
  • Church of The Marvels of Maro
  • San Miguel’s Church


Other Landmarks of Nerja

If you think that beaches and sports is all that Nerja offers, then you might be mistaken. The town offers what you seek from it. Some of the most famous landmarks are discussed below.

Caves of Nerja

The caves of Nerja are a series of caverns, stretching for almost 5 km, which serve as amphitheater when concerts are held here. This is Spain’s popular tourist attraction. Rediscovered in 1959, the caves have two natural entrances in whole. One is of the sinkhole named “La Mina” (through which these caves were discovered). The third entrance to the caves was artificially created in 1960 to allow easy access to the wonder. The cave is divided into two parts known as “Nerja I” and “Nerja II”. Nerja â…  has a show gallery which is accessed through a staircase and concrete pathways, whereas Nerja II consists of Upper Gallery (discovered in 1960) and New Gallery (discovered in 1969)

Museo de Nerja

The museum is the center for knowing the History and Cultural Heritage of the city. It isn’t just a place to explore the history of Nerja but it also hosts concerts, theatres, children’s workshops, book presentations, poetic recitations, and art exhibitions. The best thing about the museum is that it is entirely dedicated to the people with reduced mobility and thus can be accessed with ramps and elevators. The contents of the museum are available in texts translated in braille, typological models, descriptive audio guides and sign guides for the deaf and dumb people’s ease.

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