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Do you want to take a break from work and relax? Do you want to plan a vacation with your friends and family? Do you think you need to grant yourself a retreat?

Here we have a plan for you. Pack your bags and visit the gorgeous town in Spain, known as Torremolinos.

Located in the municipality of Andalus and belonging to the province of Malaga, Torremolinos is one of the oldest and one of the early civilized regions in Spain. It is a perfect holiday spot for you and your loved ones. It is one of the favorite places for tourist in the South of Spain.

A city with around 70 thousand inhabitants, making it the sixth largest city of Malaga. It is sited 7km away from the international airport of the province of Malaga.

People are fascinated by the sandy beaches here and all the other happenings, including the nightlife of the city which will bring stars in your eyes.

Weather of Torremolinos

Although the place is in the Mediterranean region, therefore it is expected to be warm. You can visit here during the spring when the weather is neither cold nor hot. It is still a little warm, but the scorching sunlight will not drain you the way it would during the months of June and July.

During the spring the weather here is around 15-24 degrees Celsius.

CuddlyNest and Accommodations

Now that you are finally deciding for a vacation you would want a place for accommodation. And if you want to save yourself from the hassle of finding a place to stay, Cuddlynest is at your service.

We provide the best vacation rental in your budget and according to the facilities you want in a place. Cuddlynest will offer you the finest plans for your vacation. It will also provide you a choice about the accommodation you would want. Cuddlynest is the premium holiday partner for you, trying to make your holiday and the trip to Torremolinos even better.

You will surely not forget the greatest vacations spent here at Torremolinos with your vacation partner, CuddlyNest.


Attraction in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is one of the most sophisticated cities in Spain. It is filled with a lot of spots, made for the tourist. It is fully equipped with the best and international level amenities to satisfy the tourists. You will surely enjoy your vacations here in the best vacation rentals by CuddlyNest, world-class food, and the ambiance which will make you love the food even more, shining and fully living nightlife, where you will see the people enjoying the best time of their life on the beats and the astonishing Mediterranean beaches.

Beaches in Torremolinos

This place in Spain is well-known for the sandy beaches, where you can spend your day, surfing, enjoying and relaxing. Beach is the ultimate spot for a retreat, where you can have your one time. It is recommended to visit the beaches of Torremolinos in spring and summers to enjoy the most you can on the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Torremolinos.

It has the Mediterranean climate, which makes the city warn but the beaches wilder.

Some of the famous beaches of Torremolinos are,

Playa de Bajondillo, Torremolinos

Covered with the commercial area, shopping markets, apartment,and hotels. This beach is famous for the hassle and him disturbance it has. You can not only enjoy the beaming sun, but also spend some money during shopping.

La Carihuela, Torremolinos

Known for the rocks it has. Carved with the continuous hitting of the water. It is famous for the gigantic rock with some cracks and hole cause due to the water of the sea.

The sea facing is the most delightful part of the visit here.

Restaurants in Torremolinos

You will never be disappointed by the eating option in Torremolinos. You will have never-ending options to dine at. You can also get the food delivered. The food here can be of many cuisines. It can either be Mediterranean food. Italian and Spanish are the specialties here.

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