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Campos is a famous municipality in Spain that is located on the island of Majorca. It borders with four different municipalities in the country that include Ses Salines, Porreres, Llucmajor, Santanyí, and Felanitx. The town of Campos is a perfect place to enjoy your holidays wandering around its endless attractions with your beloved ones. Campos actually represents the old charm of Mallorca with its traditional stone buildings and winding streets.

The town was built by King Jaume II in 1300 AD during the Saracen and Roman settlements. The ancient buildings in the town like the ‘Church of Saint Julia’ and others still depict that era. The world famous painting of Christ by Bartolome Estaban Murillo (a Sevillian artist) is also housed in the Church of Saint Julia.

Today, you can observe the municipality as a perfect tourist city. There has been a revival of the dairy industry and windmills in Campos and tourism is also sharing a lot to its economy. To accommodate both local and foreign tourists, it has also got various big and small vacation rentals.

What Campos Offers You

The municipality offers you endless natural sceneries and historical places. Its town gives you access to nearby mountains, forests, and national parks also. The 3km long beach, ‘Es Trenc’ also attracts thousands of tourists to this particular town every year. The beautiful sandy beach is un-spoilt and the water is also crystal clear.

Apart from spending peaceful days near its beach with your beloved ones, you can also go for hiking and biking to become more active in your journey. From Campos, you can also go for cycling in Mallorca that is one of the most famous cycling attractions in Europe.

Since Campos is close to the sea, you can also enjoy sailing and watersports. In case you love to do something thrilling or adventurous, you can go towards the east and south of the island where you can discover lots of caves and inlets.


CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Campos

For your ultimate vacation experience, CuddlyNest offers online advance booking of vacation rentals in Campos. Once you have got the vacation rentals booked prior to your arrival here in this town, you can easily plan other things and can enjoy your holidays with more comfort. No matter the coastline, mountains, historical buildings, or any other sort of attractions in Campos, we have vacation rentals for you near all of these at affordable rates.

We are committed to reducing the current home-sharing market problems not only in Spain but also in Italy, Switzerland, France, Mexico, America, and many other countries. We book houses, apartments, resorts, villas, condos, cabins, and all other rental properties for our guests, at the most competitive rates. We also facilitate the hosts in Campos by sending tourists to their vacation rentals throughout the years in and around Campos

Es Trenc

It’s one of the few beaches in Europe that are still un-spoilt and entertain tourists with their crystal clear waters. Not attached with any resort, it’s a fantastic beach with 3km long golden sand. The beach is often compared with the famous Caribbean beach. Despite its remote location, the beach still receives thousands of tourists every year.
Though there is no resort at this beach, you can still find all kinds of beach facilities like sunbeds, parasols, toilets, ramps for special people, and guards on duty. There are restaurants also that offer delicious local food in Spain.

CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals near this beach. Artestruz Farm

It’s a famous farm where you can meet Ostrich and some other animals. After spending a wonderful night our vacation rental, you can spend a wonderful day here with your friends or family while feeding and enjoying with lots of ostriches. The farm is run by a small family that has maintained it with great care. The family is quite friendly and welcoming. They also have great knowledge about wildlife, particular about ostriches. Most importantly, on your visit to this farm, don’t forget to eat the big omelet of an ostrich egg.

Salinas d'Es Trenc

These saltworks of Es Trenc are also worth visiting. The year of modeling of man and nature on Mallorca have brought this unique salt lake surrounded by lots of birds and beautiful scenes. You should visit this particular salt place with your friends or family as you all will be learning so many new and exciting things about salt.


Shopping happens to be one of the essentials things to do on a trip. Since Campos is largely a residential town, it offers lots of shopping options to its visitors. From day-to-day basic needs to its unique items, you can find everything at its shops.

You can also visit other neighboring towns for shopping Like Palma city, Lluchmayor, Manacor, and others. The two most famous local productions of the town that you must try are ‘Sobrasada’ and ‘Piris’. In case you are visiting Campos on Thursday or Saturday, you can also go in its weekly markets.


Travel and food go side by side in every country. Throughout in Spain, every big and small city entertains its tourists with beautiful attractions and delicious foods. After spending a wonderful night in a vacation rental, what a tourist looks for in the morning is delicious food and the need for good food remains till the end of the day.

Campos has also got many restaurants where you can enjoy fresh, local, and seasonal dishes. The most famous Spanish restaurant is the town is ‘Moli de Vent'. Other than that, there are many other restaurants also that serve various local dishes. In case you like Japanese food, Campos has got a top-class Japanese restaurant named as ‘Kairiku'. For the Mediterranean, ‘Tess de Mar' is the right choice for you.

So, pack your bags now and visit Campos to spend your vacations with your beloved ones in complete peace and harmony. Most importantly, before you fly, don’t forget to book vacation rentals in Campos through CuddlyNest!

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