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The glorious northern coast of Mallorca in Spain is home to some amazing holiday destinations including the lovely town of C’an Picafort. Located near Alucida Bay in Santa Margalida, this coastal town is renowned for its wild beauty that draws millions of visitors each year. Blessed with a mila climate throughout the year, C’an Picafort is a welcome relief from extreme weather in other parts of the world. This region is famous as having several settlements that existed since the Bronze Age making this town historically significant and attracting archaeologists as well as holiday makers. This town started out as a quaint fishing village that fulfilled local demand and exported to nearby towns of Spain. C’an Picafort’s natural diversity has amazed ecologists and researchers who are working on conservation projects to preserve the populations of precious native species of flora and fauna. The wetlands along Mallorca’s coast in particular are significant to maintaining the ecological balance and most are under national protection. These areas are ideal for bird watching as a large number of birds come here to feed and nest. In addition to fantastic beaches for swimming, diving, boating and water sports C’an Picafort has lush forests that are perfect for hiking and gaining knowledge about the wildlife thriving in them.       

Vacation rentals in C’an Picafort

Get the most out of your trip to Mallorca by saving big on vacation rentals in C’an Picafort with CuddlyNest. The advanced search filter on our website allows you to find accommodation based on number and type of room and property. You will also be able to browse apartments, villas and houses in C’an Picafort that are closest to the places that you wish to visit during your stay in town.

Tourist attractions in C’an Picafort

Since the town has developed into a flourishing tourist destination, there are an increasing number of recreational opportunities for visitors who have different interests. Whether you are fascinated by history, religion, wildlife, landscapes or adventure sports C’an Picafort has something to keep you entertained the whole time you are there.

Half day tour to the Caves of Drach in Mallorca

The spectacular Porto Cristo Caves of Drach located on the eastern coast of Mallorca are exciting to explore with their fantastic rock formations while the guide shares information on how the caves came to exist. The caves are large enough that the excursion has been planned for half a day of thrill and fun. While some duration of this excursion is undoubtedly spent on travelling to and from your pickup point, you get 80 minutes walking through the caves. Pictures are allowed but you should not be using flash of any kind. You may wish to cross Lake Martel in a boat and most certainly won’t want to miss the amazing classical music concert inside the caves. Sunrise is the most beautiful time of the day for a natural light show.  

Alcudia Dolphin Watching and Sunrise Boat Trip

Since Europe is striving to end the cruel abuse of dolphins and whales in captivity, you may watch them play happily in their natural habitat instead. This is only reserved from May to October when it is the best time to see dolphins. The organizers will have you picked up from C’an Picafort and take you to the Cape of Formentor via boat. This is like a pleasure boating experience but when you add beautiful dolphins and a yummy breakfast  to the mix, it becomes unforgettable. You will be cruising the wide ocean for nearly 3 to 3 and a half hours appreciating the blue expanse. It is forbidden by Spanish law to feed wild dolphins or swim with them for their own protection.   

Island Tour

This excursion is perfect for people who want to explore Mallorca in various ways. First, you will drive through the majestic Tramuntana Mountains on a bus seeing enjoying the fascinating limestone formations, beautiful Mortitx Valley and ancient Lluc Monastery. Then travelling along the famous road to La Calobra where you will take an amazing 40-minute boat trip to Puerto Soller. Here you will have free time for eating, shopping or relaxing on the beach. This is followed by a 25-minute trip to the Soller Village on the Soller Tram. After exploring the village you will hop on to the wooden Soller Railway running since 1912 that will take you to Son Reus in 40 minutes. Return trip and travel insurance is included in this Island Tour package.

Boat Trip to Formentor Beach

Your journey will begin the Alucida Port where you will be thrilled to get on a glass bottom boat that allows you to see the wildlife swimming below. In the first part, you will be able to see the natural and cultural sites in Alucida’s coast. In pleasant weather, the excursion will be extended to the beautiful Coll Baix Beach. You will be cruising around the Pollensa Bay to reach Formentor Beach where you can relax for an hour. There are places to eat, drink and shop. You may rent sun beds and umbrellas to sunbathe or go for a swim in the ocean. The amazing 4-hour boat ride and 1-hour exploration of Formentor Beach is included in a reasonable package.   

Unique Interactive Farming Experience

Those who wish to learn more about the agricultural production in Mallorca will absolutely love this excursion to a quaint farm known locally as a “finca”. Situated near the amazing Albufereta Natural Park in the outskirts of Alucida, the people who run the farm will show you what an average day is like for them. The activities you will be participating in totally depend on the time of the year so you may ask ahead and plan accordingly if there is something you are especially interested in. You might be taught how to prepare the land, sow seeds, plant crops and carry out a harvest. This is perfect for those who wish to simply enjoy the glorious countryside of Alucida avoiding big crowds.     

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