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Located at the foot of the Randa Hills in Spain, the Llucmajor town is an underrated treasure among popular holiday resorts of this region. Therefore, people who want to avoid crowded cities and towns will love to visit this place. Those who have a keen interest in history, religion and culture should definitely venture out to Llucmajor. It is situated in an ideal position since it is pretty close to major towns and resorts situated near the Son San Joan Airport. Abundant in wild and quiet beaches, this is one town that is perfect for a romantic private getaway. Not only do the glorious beaches here provide amazing views of the vast ocean but you can also see the lovely south coast of Majorca from rising behind the cliffs around the beaches. Tourists may not realize how ancient the settlement here with the first records dating way back to 1259. This religious record was related to the establishment of the first church on the island. After changing hands between various rulers, Llucmajor finally gained independence in 1349 in a historic battle between Mallorca’s James II and Aragon’s Peter IV. Slowly, more and more industries emerged with the residents excelling in craftsmanship in various sectors. The town was famous for its premium shoemaking and work with materials including wood, stone and iron. This is evidenced by the beautiful structures and buildings scattered across the island. While tourism is gradually developing here, most of the people are involved in agriculture especially the farming of fruits and nuts.       

Vacation rentals in Llucmajor

More than hotels, visitors prefer to stay at vacation rentals in Llucmajor in Mallorca. This is because they are more affordable and the hosts are flexible in their offerings. There are several amazing apartments, villas and houses in Llucmajor where you can relax in complete comfort. Use the search filter on the CuddlyNest’s website to find the most suitable place for yourself.  

Tourist attractions in Llucmajor

Visit the fabulous beaches like Sa Cova Baixa and Cala Pi to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, water sports and beach volleyball. Lovers of golf will be thrilled to learn that there is not one but two fantastic golf courses in this region. There are rich forests and gorgeous mountains where you may hike for miles in the wild. This is a coveted place among cyclists owing to its 400km cycling trails through wonderful landscapes. Those keen on history will enjoy visiting historical landmarks such as the 16th century fortifications and prehistoric village of Capocorb Vell, the oldest sit in Mallorca.  

Discover Mallorca

There are several ways to explore the fascinating areas in Mallorca so this excursion offers you the unique opportunity to check out the amazing sights by bus, train, tram and boat. Your journey begins by spiraling around the heavenly Tramuntana Mountains breathing in the fresh air and taking in the soul-soothing greenery on a bus. This route will take you to La Calobra which is known as one of the natural treasures of Majorca. Visitors love to gather at the lovely Pareis stream, relax at La Calobra or enjoy delicious food at the eateries. Then you will experience a marvelous boat ride to Puerto Soller that lasts 40 minutes. The Soller Tram is one of the main attractions in these parts offering incredible views of the surrounding countryside. This is followed by the old wooden Soller Train that takes you to Palma before the return trip.



Son Antem Golf Club

You may reach the Marriott Golf Resort & Spa through the motorway since the Son Antem Golf Club there is only a 20-minute drive away from there. Situated in the southeast part of the island this golf course is ideal for beginners and experts. It offers amazing views making your experience even more special. The famous Spanish designer Francisco López Segalés is responsible for arranging two 18-hole courses here. It’s a true pleasure to stroll through the lush courses with the three lakes being a refreshing sight. Challenge yourself and your friends to an exciting game. Owing to its reputation, the Son Antem Golf Club has hosted many significant European tournaments like the PGA Tour Spain. Enjoy the wildlife thriving around the lovely olive and almond trees in different sections of the golf club.

Traditional Festivals

You may schedule your trip to Llucmajor to coincide with the amazing festivals taking place here every year. Let’s take a look at some of these colorful cultural activities that reflect the soul of the island. The Eve of Sant Antoni Abat involves the burning of the devil’s effigy since he tried to seduce an Egyptian monk the desert by posing as a woman. It’s a night of delicious barbeque and splendid bonfires. St. Sebastian’s Festival is dedicated to the patron saint of Palma and also has several bonfires burning in town with great food and music. There are two large carnivals held on the island namely, Sa Rua and Sa Rueta. The Grape Harvest Festival is a time to express gratitude and celebrate the abundance of provisions. It takes place in the second half of September annually and includes carnivals as well.   

Capocorb Vell

The Talaiotic civilization thrived in Mallorca around 1300-800BC but all that is left of them today is the ruins nearly 10km south of Llucmajor. This is a huge attraction for archaeologists and historians who study prehistoric times. Although there is no written language that may be attributed to these people, there are burial sites as well as fortifications. They were primarily sheep herders and this tradition continues to this day on the island.  

Ermita Sant Honorat

This chapel dedicated to Sain Honorat was built in 1394 almost halfway up the Randa Mountain in Mallorca. While the original monastery is not open to the public nowadays but you may visit the small church there. The hermitage looks beautiful and offers incredible views from its high location. It is the perfect spot to meditate and enjoy the peaceful beauty of this area.  

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