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Manacor is a town and municipality in the judicial district of Manacor, comarca of Llevant, province and autonomous community of Balearic Islands, Spain. Having a total population of around 41,000, the town has the busiest streets markets on the island. The town is further divided into 3 areas; the flat region of the Pla, where the town of Manacor stands; the Serra de Llevant and the Marina, which is formed by white gritty stone and inclines down to the sea. Worldly-renowned for the beauty of its caves, the municipality is the birthplace of the sports legend “Rafael Nadal”. The town receives thousands of tourists annually because of the several tourist attractions and the things that the town has to offer.

The earliest settlements in the region are known to date back to 2000-1200 BC. The artificial caves as burial places and constructions like naveta, scattered into the region are proves to the theory. Evidences of megalithic Talaiot culture is found in the region as well. The origin of the town of Manacor dates back to the time before the Islamic dominance as well. The coast of Porto Cristo has evidences that it was once used as a Roman port. The remains found in the region prove the existence of Christian community of the lovely piece of land as well. The first convent on the land was that of Saint Vincent Ferrer who came to Manacor in the first quarter of the 15th century. The most ancient church in the locality was said to be constructed in the 13th century and that also over an Arab mosque. Manacor received the title of a constitutional town in the first quarter of the 20th century.

What The Town Offers Today

With such a rich history, Manacor is a town of fun, enjoyment and wisdom. The beaches of the municipality was worth a visit with all the activities that they offer, the museums are mind-blowing with respect to their architecture and knowledge, the caves will leave you awestruck and dazzled, the churches will renew your faith in God and purity of religion, the winery will make you want to travel the piece of land again and the taste will remain on your tongue till your last breath. In short, Manacor is all you want to have in your vacation, a full-package of fun, excitement, love, and enjoyment.

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The town of Manacor is a nerve calming piece of land. Here, the activities are many and so are the rentals or hotels and motels. But none of them can beat the standards of CuddlyNest. CuddlyNest allows you to relax at the coastal town as if you were at your home. Our accommodations would make you to prolong your stay in the town and have more fun with your friends or family. The options at CuddlyNest’s websites differ in sizes, localities and facilities. The spacious villas and houses available at CuddlyNest have facilities like dishwasher, TV, iron, BBQ Grill, Shared Pool, Internet and much more. The accommodations have a beach or a city view which means you can wake up to the most splendid of views on Earth and get energized for the day. They can accommodate up to 12 people. The cozy houses or spacious villas at CuddlyNest might make you to prolong your stay in the town of Manacor or revisit.

Travelling to Manacor

Manacor is in the judicial district of Manacor, comarca of Llevant, province and autonomous community of Balearic Islands, east of Spain. Travelling to the coastal town is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to get a flight to Palma de Mallorca Airport, which is the nearest airport from Manacor, with a distance of less than 50km between the airport and the village. Then, you can rent a car, pick a train, or share a shuttle to the vacation rental you chose from CuddlyNest, drop off your luggage, take a nap and enjoy in the locality.

Beaches of Manacor

The town of Manacor has enough water for you to enjoy with. At the beaches, you can enjoy famous mouth-watering cuisine of Balearic Islands while viewing the tides, surf on them, kitesurf, take a quadbike and ride along the beach, play with your friends and family on the beach sand or simply get a bit tan. Apart from this, there, you can learn surfing or kitesurfing, get fitness training, learn yoga, go stand-up paddling, skate, take the challenge of mountain biking, and so much more. These activities of the beaches are economical and are a tourist attraction. You can enjoy the tides, fish in the open sea and have as much fun as you want. These beaches are children-friendly and the coastline doesn’t have any kind of interruption and is still safe for your family and friends. Some of the spots are mentioned below:

  • S'illot
  • Cala Morlanda
  • Cala Petita
  • Porto Cristo
  • Cala Anguila
  • Cala Mendia
  • s'Estany d'en Mas
  • Cala Falcó
  • Cala Varques
  • Cala Sequer
  • Cala Magraner
  • Cala Virgili
  • Cala Bota
  • Cala Antena
  • Cala Domingos
  • Cala Murada


Museums of Manacor

The old historical town of Manacor invested in itself making it one of the tourist destinations of Balearic Islands by construction of museums in its premises. These museums speak for themselves. Most of them are preachers of lessons from history. The most known one is known to be the Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience. This museum is dedicated to the life and achievements of the famous tennis legend Rafael Nadal. The museum is built at the birthplace of the player and is one of the most famous tourist attractions. These museums are what draw all the tourists to the old city of Manacor and ask them to stay making them fall of the historical beauty. The museums of the city are listed below:

  • Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience
  • Museu d’Historia de Manacor
  • Torre dels Enagistes I Museu de Manacor


Caves of Manacor

Manacor is also famous for the caves that it has by the coast. These caves are major tourist attractions. The guided tour of these caves will satisfy your crave for a mystical experience. The tour ends with a classical concert performed by musicians on a boat. The beautiful caves of Manacor are mentioned below:

  • Cuevas del Drach
  • Coves dels Hams

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